Thursday, 21 May 2020

Celeste Three Is Missing by Chris Calder

Title: Celeste Three Is Missing
Author: Chris Calder
Genre: Thriller
Publication Date: July 2019

The world’s first earth-orbit passenger plane, the sensational Celeste Three, takes off from its base in Arizona, also the only place where it is designed land. On a routine flight the craft disappears.

On board is Viktor Karenkov, billionaire oil magnate who has used his wealth to evade prosecution for a murder he committed years earlier. Gregory Topozian, the murdered man’s friend, has been waiting for a chance to bring Karenkov to justice. With dogged determination and considerable ingenuity, he conceives an audacious plan.

Getting the craft down in total secrecy is key. And someone has to pay the huge costs involved.

Author Bio:

After ten happy years of retirement in rural France, Chris Calder is back in England. He came late to writing novels, penning his first whilst incarcerated in a French hospital following cancer surgery. At the time he spoke little French. Unable to communicate effectively with the staff, he spent his time fleshing out his first novel. Five more have followed; light thrillers leavened with humour. Best of all, the cancer is now history.

Chris knows that readers of fiction expect to be diverted and entertained. He loves feedback and believes passionately that taking on board readers’ views improves what he does. You can email him at Go on, he’d love to hear from you.

Guest Post by Chris Calder:

Where was I born?

A simple question but, strangely, one to which I cannot give a straight answer. The reason is that I was born in India, in a city that is now in Pakistan. A different country, so I could have answered with either.

But memories of my childhood in a distant place at a historically interesting time have proved invaluable for providing the backdrop to my next novel. The provisional title is Growing Apart and it is about twin boys born in India at the end of the British Raj, as I was. They were the result of a clandestine affair between an English civil servant and a vivacious Anglo-Indian girl who dies in childbirth, at a time when the father is on leave in England.

One twin is adopted and raised in India, the other is taken by his natural father to be raised in England, unaware of the existence of his brother. And all this happens between the years 1936 and 1962. I suppose that would be classed as ‘history’ by most readers today!

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