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Awa and the Dreamrealm by Isa Pearl Ritchie

Title: Awa and the Dreamrealm
Series: Dreamweavers Book 1
Author: Isa Pearl Ritchie
Genre: Fantasy with a lucid dreaming theme
Target Age: Children / MG / YA (ages 8-14)
Publication Date: 1st November 2019

What if dreams are more real than waking life?

Life is already complicated enough for Awa Bryant when she starts having weird dreams – waking dreams – and strange coincidences start appearing in her real life.

She meets dreamcharmer, Veila, a quirky glowing creature who helps to guide Awa through the mysterious Dreamrealm.

At first the Dreamrealm is a glorious escape from Awa's daily struggles but something is not right... Soon Awa discovers she has a bigger quest, and everything she cares about is at stake. Will she be brave enough to face her fears and save her friends?

Author Bio:

Isa Pearl Ritchie is a New Zealand writer. As a child, she loved creating imaginary worlds. She has completed a PhD on food sovereignty in Aotearoa. Her second novel, Fishing for Māui, was selected as one of the top books of 2018 in the New Zealand Listener and was a finalist in the NZ Booklovers Award for Best Adult Fiction Book 2019. Awa and the Dreamrealm is her first book for young people.

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VanOps: The Lost Power by Avanti Centrae

Title: VanOps: The Lost Power
Series: VanOps #1
Author: Avanti Centrae
Genre: Thriller
Publication Date: November 9th 2019
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Number of Pages: 308
ISBN: 1644371960 (ISBN13: 9781644371961)

Da Vinci Code meets Tomb Raider in this award-winning thriller that #1 NYT's author James Rollins called, "Full of action and suspense."

Spain 1057: During a thunderous battle, the first King of Aragon wrestles Alexander the Great's priceless Egyptian weapon from the Moors, but finds it holds a terrifying and mysterious power.

A thousand years later, on a hushed, fog-shrouded, Napa morning, gunshots and the sound of breaking glass rip through the silence. Maddy Marshall, an app designer and aikido instructor, and her twin brother, Will Argones, an engineer, quickly run toward the sound. Horrified, they discover a sniper's bullet has found its human target.

Before the pool of blood on the living room floor is dry, the twins are sent on an arcane quest to recover Alexander's ancient weapon. Joined by a VanOps covert agent, they soon discover the rifle's sights are now set on them. No place is safe, a wrong move means death, and even a simple phone call is off limits if they are to survive.

From a medieval Spanish castle, they follow a time-worn trail, starting at a secret warren under the streets of Jerusalem. But if the killer finds the weapon first, it will be used to cripple the United States' eye-in-the-sky early warning systems, allowing the Russians to swoop in and prey on the vulnerable nation.

Can Maddy learn to wield the power of the dangerous weapon in time to stop the Russian scheme? Failure means the fragile world peace will be forever shattered…



Napa Valley, California, June 25, 8:56 a.m., Present Day

Through the crosshairs of his long-barreled sweetheart, Ivan scanned the wood-casement window of the vineyard’s stone-walled residence, and waited for his intended target to walk into view. His movements were slow and meticulous.

Lying in the loft of an old barn, he calculated range, altitude, temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, and humidity. His skin was irritated by the coarse hay that surrounded him, but he ignored the sensation and focused on his calculations. Click. He made a minor adjustment on his rifle to account for the drop of the round due to air density. And another for windage.

Although misty rivers of fog swirled into gray whirlpools around the winery, the computer enhanced scope of his Springfield EBR allowed him to visually lock onto the home’s large bank of windows. Human movement flickered behind the glass.

He didn’t want to pull the trigger. Nevertheless, Ivan waited for the perfect moment, the perfect shot.


8:57 a.m.

As she headed toward her father’s vineyard, Maddy drove as fast as she dared down a familiar tree-lined Napa country lane. Today, she didn’t recognize the road. It looked eerie and unnatural. The area was draped in sheets of fog from yesterday’s unseasonable rain, and the silver half-light gave the trees an ethereal patina.

“Sensei, would you kill someone if you had to?” AJ asked.

Surprised, Maddy frowned. “I’m not a sensei yet, remember?” She paused for a moment before she replied to his query. “Where did that question come from?”

“We were talking about it in the locker room at the dojo after class. We know aikido is about non-violence, but what if you don’t have a choice?” His voice dropped to a dramatic whisper. “What if it was kill or be killed?”

Maddy shook her head. The things children thought about. “I would always look for another way.”

She glanced over at AJ, glad she’d brought him along today. His ears stuck out and his face was dotted with freckles. She found him adorable.
“Okay. Can martial arts masters light paper on fire with just their hands?”

Maddy halted the car at a stop sign and peered through the swirling patchy-dense fog, trying to get her bearings while she figured out how to answer this question. The mist distorted everything. She turned right.

Without warning, a smothering mass of black rustling feathers flew toward the car. She flinched in her seat and A VANOPS: THE LOST POWER 9 slammed on the car brakes. Her heart pounded. She stopped breathing and scanned the road ahead of her. After a long moment, she realized with chagrin that she had just scared a bunch of ugly, red-faced black turkey vultures into flight by turning onto a new road after a stop sign.

She took a deep breath. It wasn’t like her to be so jumpy. She was, after all, shodan, a first-dan black belt. But the sudden movement of wings, obscured through the morning’s foggy haze, had pulled her off balance. Maddy gave the car some gas and it inched forward down the road.

Maddy looked over at AJ.

“Are you okay?”

AJ laughed. “I’m okay. But that scared you!”

“Did not!” Maddy replied, twisting her ponytail.

“Did too—I saw you jump! And you smashed on the brakes.”

Maddy grinned for a moment at the childish banter and AJ’s creative language. It could be a happy day, in spite of everything. She loved AJ, she and Vincent had even talked about adopting him. Vincent, her former fiancé. Of course, that was before the breakup. Since then, she’d been feeling brittle, and the nightmare last night didn’t help. The dream was gut-wrenching. Although the sensation had faded in the dim light of morning, much of it lingered like a bad relationship. That dream was probably why she was on edge and had jumped at the thrashing wings.

She looked at the dash clock—only a few minutes late. Heart still beating faster than normal, she turned down the long shadowy driveway of the once proud vineyard.


9:02 a.m.

Up in the old barn, Ivan was close to the target, only seventy meters from the glass curtain that separated him from his quarry. Although the misty morning limited his visibility, he felt confident in his ability to execute the task Baron Sokolov had assigned to him.

Ivan recalled much longer-range kills. Two months ago, from a nearby skyscraper, he’d eliminated a traitorous spy during a French soccer match, piercing the man’s forehead as directed. His record was just under two thousand meters, one hundred fifty meters shy of the longest recorded sniper kill in history. But he reminded himself to stay vigilant and cautious, traits that had earned him medals as one of Russia’s most accurate shooters.

Being watchful was his nature. It was the silver lining of his disorder, congenital analgesia, which made him insensitive to pain. My gift from Mother, he thought.

Ivan wondered where on his body he would mark this job. His left arm was covered in sets of hash marks—scars, where he had marked his kills. He started scarring himself in school to impress the other children, and in time it had become a blood ritual after a task to remind himself to be careful, that he too could die. After this morning, it would be time to add another scar. At one hundred and fifty-five confirmed kills, he had scars on both thighs, both arms, and was running out of room for the marks.

Soon he would catch up to the kills his grandmother had recorded during World War II. After Germany had invaded, U VANOPS: THE LOST POWER 11 she had volunteered for the military and had one hundred and seventy-nine confirmed kills to her credit. Impressive. He remembered how she had taught him to shoot when he was young. She had a fondness for killing rabbits and he could still picture their crimson blood sprayed on the bright Siberian snow. However, patience was her favorite lesson and it had served him well.

A puff of wind tugged at a windmill in the distance, and the melancholy creak of metal scratching metal disturbed the morning silence. He held his breath and listened for any sound to indicate he’d been discovered. There was nothing further, only an unnatural, muted quiet.

Focused on his breathing and the window, he continued to wait for a clean shot.

He was tired of killing, but he had to do his job. This last job. Or his son would die.

Excerpt from VanOps: The Lost Power by Avanti Centrae. Copyright 2019 by Avanti Centrae. Reproduced with permission from Avanti Centrae. All rights reserved.

Critical Praise for VanOps: The Lost Power:

"Avanti Centrae’s VanOps: The Lost Power opens a tantalizing new series that combines historical mystery and cutting-edge science into a masterwork of international intrigue—with the promise of more to follow. Written with a dynamic, cinematic style and full of action and suspense, here’s a book that defines page-turner. Don’t miss this riveting debut!”
~ James Rollins, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Crucible
“Just a good ole’ fashioned rip-roaring adventure from start to finish. Enjoy the ride.”
~ Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author
“A high-stakes, daring adventure charged with suspense and mystery!”
~ Ann Charles, USA TODAY bestselling author of the Deadwood Mystery Series
“The writing is superb. Easy to read and captivating. There is a mixture of mystery and action that keeps me turning pages. Readers who like Indiana Jones, or the books by James Patterson, Tom Clancy, and Vince Flynn, will enjoy Centrae’s first installment in her VanOps series.”
~ John Bernstein, Professional Reviewer

Author Bio:

International award-winning author who blends intrigue, history, science, and mystery into nonstop thrillers.

Avanti Centrae is the author of the international award-winning VanOps thriller series. An avid world-traveler, she's studied aikido, been a river raft guide, and thrives on adventure. Her book, The Lost Power, took home a genre grand prize blue ribbon at the Chanticleer International Book Awards, and an Honorable Mention at the 2018 Hollywood Book Festival. She resides in Northern California with her family and German Shepherds.

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Murder in the Multiverse by R. E. McLean

Title: Murder in the Multiverse
Series: Multiverse Investigations Mysteries Book 1
Author: R. E. McLean
Genre: Comic sci-fi mystery
Publication Date: 22nd November 2019

The Multiverse Investigations Unit - fighting crime across the Multiverse

Alex Strand is finding her way as the newest and most ginger member of the University of Berkeley Physics Faculty.

But when the murder of reclusive internet billionaire Claire Pope proves insoluble, she’s recruited to the top-secret Multiverse Investigations Unit.

Hidden in the parking lot of San Francisco Police HQ, the unit investigates murders by sending officers to parallel universes in which the victim is still alive – for now.

Alex needs to prove herself. With the help of the mysterious Sarita Jones, the bizarrely-bearded Sergeant Mike Long and Schrödinger the quantum cat, can she track down the murderer, prevent the same crime from happening in a parallel version of San Francisco, and get back before closing time?

Author Bio:

Greetings, budding Multiverse Investigator!

My name's RE McLean and I'm the author of the Multiverse Investigations Unit books and stories.

When I'm not fighting off quantum cats, jumping between parallel universes and wondering how my character got turned into a ten-foot rabbit, I spend my time geeking out with my two sons, laughing at my (very stupid but totally unquantum) cats and planning the next story.

Do YOU have what it takes to become a Multiverse Investigator?

Join Alex Strand and her team of oddballs as they hop between universes, solve crimes, and always get back before closing time. And find out how Alex's cat Schrödinger became a quantum cat in his EXCLUSIVE origins story. All at

Guest Post by R. E. McLean:

The Conundrum of the Locked Room Mystery

Locked room mysteries. They’re a classic of the mystery genre. If your victim was in a locked room, car, train carriage or any other sealed space, and the door was locked from the inside, how can the killer possibly have got in and killed them?

My book Murder in the Multiverse centres on a locked room mystery. Reclusive billionaire Claire Pope is killed in her luxury San Francisco apartment - and all seven-and-a-half locks to her front door are bolted. (The half lock is significant, of course.)

Claire is a hermit. She would never forget to lock her door. She rarely lets anyone into her apartment, preferring to conduct business over the internet. But she’s recently had a (very expensive) mattress delivered. Could one of the delivery men have stayed behind and killed her?

Or does her final thought - the word you - give us a clue to her killer? Does she know him? Could she have once been married to him?

The San Francisco PD certainly thinks so. Its main suspect is Sean Wolf, Claire’s ex-husband. But he’s a world-famous dancer, and was on stage at the time of the murder. And there’s that locked door.

This leads the cops to consider that there may be something unusual about this crime. Which is where the Multiverse Investigations Unit comes in.

The MIU is a top secret police unit based in a Tardis-like VW pop-top campervan in the SFPD parking lot. It solves crimes in this universe by sending officers to worlds where the crime hasn’t been committed - yet.

The MIU has recently lost its resident physicist in mysterious circumstances. So it needs a replacement. Alex Strand, geeky physics postdoc with a liking of the Cheeky Girls and a very unusual cat, is their prime candidate. She’s a physics genius, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

Can Alex get along with the team? Will her new partner Mike Long (whose facial hair changes shape every time he jumps between universes) ever accept her? Will she be able to hide her crush on Sarita Jones, the mysterious materials scientist?

Alex is sent to Silicon City, a high-tech version of San Francisco, where people plug directly into the internet and you can conjure up a plate of cookies just by thinking about it. As the case progresses she realizes that her quantum cat Shrodinger holds the key to solving the mystery…

Can she catch the killer, prevent Claire Pope from being murdered twice, and get back before closing time? And will her love of haggises save her from a grizzly end in Silicon City?
You can find out by reading Murder in the Multiverse, the first in the Multiverse Investigations series.

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The Moon Hunters by Anya Pavelle

Title: The Moon Hunters
Author: Anya Pavelle
Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian Fiction/Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
Publication Date: 9/5/19
Publisher: Chandra Press

The Pestilence sweeps the globe with terrifying speed. A group of survivors finds an island sanctuary.

Three generations later, no one has heard from the outside world in years. The old radio only crackles with static. The Pestilence either finished its job or the world tore itself apart.

In the Village of Lehom, Leilani has been called to court as a Virtue by the King. Going to court means losing her independence and self-respect. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a choice.

Leilani decides to take a stand; the King be damned. She plans a daring escape and sets in motion a series of events that will shake the foundation of her village and the island to its core.

For fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Gender Game comes a captivating new story like no other.


      In case you’re curious, my reader, about how we ended up stranded in this boat, it all began one fateful day back on the island, when my fall from daughter of a prince to criminal began. That was only about three months ago, but it feels like an eternity. I remember most the images of shattered pottery littering the dirt floor of my family’s cooking pavilion, my best friend Dirmisu’s tears, and a nasty bruise on my arm.
      Before daylight sullied my mood that morning, I imagined myself as a mermaid under the sea, piercing the water’s surface under a full moon and sky of stars. Dawn appeared as a fusion of pink sunrise and blue moontrap, the lamps fueled by iridescent plankton, that we used at night. In the world of sun and sand, my surroundings glowed pink as the sun’s rays reflected off the inlaid mother of pearl carvings on the support beams of my room. My cocoon hummed with birdsong, and a sea breeze crept through the large fabric-covered window that dominated the wall across from my bed. That light, while beautiful to the eye, exposed all the things wrong with my life: broken dishes, temper tantrums, and bruises. Night’s darkness was beautiful because it made the impossible possible by obscuring my life’s ugliness.
      My youngest brother Gisnen’s voice barreled into my room, startling me awake. “Leilani,” he whined as he banged on my bedroom door. “Dirmisu needs help with breakfast!”
      Groaning, I rolled on my mattress of woven palm leaves and cotilk, a fabric Samsara had created from infusing the old cotton plant with silk-like strength and iridescence. “I’m coming!” I yelled back.
      Just make it through breakfast. You’ll be at the library soon. That’s what I told myself every morning as I got ready for my twin brother Irin’s scrutiny. Women’s assets musn’t tempt men, so I bound my breasts before tying my iridescent persimmon sarong. I completed my morning routine by brushing my teeth, gathering my hair in a chignon, applying light cosmetics, and placing the key to the spice cabinet around my neck.
      Taking a deep breath, I walked down the hallway, past the home’s three other bedrooms, the women’s bathing room, and the men’s bathing room, until I reached our back covered porch, which opened onto our family’s ancestral spirit garden, where our dead rested in the ground. My family also ate meals in this sacred space. As usual, my family members, who were seated around the table, didn’t even look up as I passed by. My two brothers discussed male-world topics, and my grandmother looked blankly at her favorite gold bracelet. They didn’t need me, but Dirmisu did, so I headed to the detached cooking pavilion. There, my best friend and servant frowned at an array of four eggs, two sliced mangoes, milk of coconut, honey, and quinoa flour, the goods that the food distributor had brought to our kitchen that morning.
      My friend’s eyes lit up when I approached. “You look like a fiery barracuda in that persimmon robe.”
      “I wish I had a barracuda’s power,” I said, feeling guilty because my finery contrasted so vividly with her simple gray robe. “Well, dare we hope today my brother doesn’t throw a tantrum about your cooking?”

My Review:

An intriguing story set on Ani Island, where a group of survivors settled to escape from a world-wide plague.

At the beginning of the story, Leilani and Jenay have been rescued from a small boat by the crew of H.M.S. Kentucky Maru. The rest of the book switches between past and present as Leilani tells her story to the ship's doctor, Deanne.

Leilani has been raised in one of the small villages on the island, under a strict male-dominated regime. She is a strong and independent woman, who starts to question her upbringing when forced to give up a job she loves to become a Virtue at court. Her experiences at court go from bad to worse and her plans to escape are thwarted by the king, who brands her a criminal.

The Moon Hunters was an engaging post-apocalyptic/dystopian read, with superb world-building, dimensional characters, and a storyline kept me interested from start to finish.

( I received a complimentary copy of the book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.)

About the Author:

Anya Pavelle was born in Massachusetts but eventually settled in Florida, where she currently lives with her husband and dog. She’s a trained art historian who sees the quiet beauty in nature, art, and literature. Anya has been imagining new worlds since she was six years old and like many morbidly curious people, she’s obsessed with dystopian literature. The Moon Hunters is her first foray into science fiction. She’s currently working on the sequel and also plans on writing a prequel. In addition to writing, Anya loves traveling the world, SCUBA diving, relaxing with her friends and family, and finally, curling up with a new book and a glass of wine on a moon-lit humid night.

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The White & Gold People by Segun Starchild

Title: The White & Gold People
Author: Segun Starchild
Genre: Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: 5th August 2019
Publisher: *

A dress causes a huge debate across the world as some see it as black and blue and others see it as white and gold. The white and gold people suddenly start to get even stranger visions and develop super human abilities making the black and blue people seem old and inadequate. The government try to quarantine and control their power but the white and gold people react setting the stage for a war between the rival groups.

Excerpt taken from Chapter 21 - The Eclipse:

After using the sun to heal their hyper-luminescence in the start of the book, the Goldies make solar gazing part of their daily ritual to keep their powers charged. When they hear a total eclipse is coming, they can’t help but look to the heavens again for more answers.

      She asked her spirit guides to give her a nudge when it was the right time to look up at the sun as she didn’t want to put herself at risk.
      Then it happened. Some wavy lines of alternating light and dark appeared on the ground and she felt a sharp cutting pain in her gut to confirm it was time. It was the shadow bands; they were one minute away from the eclipse and now was the time to supercharge their energy.
      “NOW!” She sent the message out, not just to those physically present in her group, but to all those who were spiritually in contact with her and had watched her video. Their heads turned up to gaze at the sun. They could feel the energy absorbed by their eyes and pulsing through their bodies again.
      The sun was such a powerful orb, even with the moon in its way, but their Goldie eyes adjusted, and absorbed the energy, distributing it to the millions of cells in each of their bodies. The seconds went by and the shadow bands subsided, as they entered totality.
      As expected, the sky went dark, the temperature fell, causing the hair on their bodies to stand up and their nipples to harden. No noise could be heard from the animals as they’d also stopped to observe. The Goldies continued looking up at the sun, enjoying the moment as they knew that it would soon come to an end. Their eyes were opened, to receive and channel the divine light, to use it as a force of good.
      Totality lasted for two minutes and forty-one seconds. Laura made her entire being connect with the planets, she used her senses to feel when it was time to pull away, being responsible for those she had lured in to her cult like ceremony.

Author Bio:

Segun Starchild is a writer whose previous works include ‘Black Egyptians’, ‘The Capability Test’ & ‘Kamun vs. Leviathan’. He is a self confessed seeker of ‘The Truth’ and has a great hunger to know the mysteries of life. He has studied the esoteric mysteries of great sages to gain a reputable amount of wisdom and has the blessing of taking a journey through life with confidence and true knowledge of self and kind. He hails from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and is for the unification of the African continent. Segun currently lives in London, working in IT Development and Support and the director of Akasha Publishing Ltd.

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Magical Beasts series by Geoffrey Saign

Series: Magical Beasts
Author: Geoffrey Saign
Genre: YA Fantasy

Guardian, The Choice
Book 1

A demon haunts Samantha Green's dreams.
And she fears it's coming for her...

When wildlife prodigy Sam and her crush—quirky handsome Jake—are attacked by a dragon assassin, Sam discovers her secret past. A past connected to a supernatural giant cat and a glowing faerie.

Sam is quickly pulled into a high stakes battle for the world. Everyone, including a creepy ancient villain, wants her supernatural staff, which she doesn’t know how to use. Sophisticated ninja dragons, a kong-sized gorilla, and mysterious beasts offer help—but are they friends or enemies? Sam has a big heart, but will her love for all creatures tear her life apart?

To survive the hardest choice she's ever made, Sam will have to unlock the hidden power inside her.

Ready or not, Sam is about to find out if she has what it takes to be a guardian…

Guardian: The Choice is the new exciting start of a magic-filled fantasy four book series starring a powerful heroine, a tough brawny hero, and a slew of not-so-friendly magical beasts.

IAN BOTY awards = Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards

CHOICE won the Young Adult category.
Guardian: The Choice was selected as Finalist in “Fantasy,” and “Young Adult” category winner!
And Guardian: The Choice was selected as the “Outstanding Young Adult” category winner!

On sale for $0.99 during the tour
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Guardian, The Quest
Book 2

Sam and Jake must capture a magical golden dragon—or Jake dies. Can Sam can save the man she loves? And will she have to die to do it?

But everyone wants the golden dragon, including the powerful Evil One, who has been hiding for centuries and has sworn to destroy all of life. No one can be trusted. Death Matches and ancient secrets test the guardians as never before.

Sam fears that whatever she does, she won’t be able to save Jake…nor stop the Evil One.

On sale for $2.99 during the tour

Excerpt from Guardian, The Quest:

“What are we running from, Biggie?” yells Jake.

“Uncle Biggie not sure!” The big guy keeps running.

I step on one of the papery skins and slide, and then stumble over a leg bone lying on the ground. I hurtle forward off balance, crashing into the lower section of a giant rib cage.

“Ugh!” My shoulder hurts, but I squeeze between two ribs, run through the chest cavity, and slip out between ribs on the other side. I spot Jake to my left and veer after him.

A rumble fills my ears and I pump my legs faster. I weave around some skeletons and jump over bones scattered on the ground. I risk a glance back. A mass of indistinct shapes is flowing like water through the boneyard, quickly catching up to us.

Something is chasing us. A herd of large somethings.

Up ahead Ridge waves urgently to us. He’s standing beneath a thick, giant skull missing its lower jaw. Cerac must already be inside.

Uncle Biggie races past Ridge with the crocle-lion, ducking beneath the teeth of the upper jaw bone. Jake follows. Ridge must have decided to make a stand there. I’m disappointed and surprised that Biggie and Jake left me behind.

A deep roar splits the air. I check over my shoulder. I was wrong. I’m not being hunted. But something is hunting everything else.

The stampede sounds like a small earthquake and the ground trembles beneath my feet. A writhing mass of monster-sized snakes, lizards, and mammals—some with golden eyes—are jumping, leaping, and crawling in a crazed pattern behind me.

I estimate the distance to Ridge, and how quickly the mass of bodies is moving toward me.

I’m not going to make it.

Author Bio:

Geoffrey Saign’s love of wildlife led him to write the award-winning fantasy series, Magical Beasts. He often experiences the magic of nature and wildlife while hiking and swimming. He has a degree in biology and has assisted in field research on hummingbirds and humpback whales.

Geoff loves to sail big boats, hike, and cook—and he infuses all of his writing with his passion for nature. As a swimmer he considers himself fortunate to live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota.

Geoffrey Saign will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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The Devil and Dayna Dalton by Brit Lunden

Title: The Devil and Dayna Dalton
Series: Book 9: A Bulwark Anthology
Author: Brit Lunden
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: September 30, 2019
Publisher: Chelshire, Inc.

Reporter Dayna Dalton’s reputation has been ruined since birth. The daughter of wild child, Becky Dalton, is expected to follow her mother’s footsteps; never given a chance to prove she’s different. Dayna’s been in love with Clay Finnes since she was a teenager. Her unrequited love for Sheriff Finnes leaves her empty. He’s happily married and unavailable. Instead, Dayna finds herself stuck in the revolving door of bad relationships. But this is Bulwark, Georgia, a town where strange things are always happening. Dayna is doomed to this loveless life until she can find someone who will appreciate the depth of her character. Can she overcome her fears and look beyond her own perceptions to accept a greater love?

*Contains Sexual Content*


Chapter 4

“The devil is in the details.”

         It was a steady beep that woke her.Dayna struggled to open her eyes. Her lids were heavy, as if they had been glued shut. She panicked for a minute, thinking she might have died and they had sealed her eyes. She lifted a hand to rub her face and felt the tug of something tethering her. She pulled, then moaned from the sharp pain near her elbow.
         Brisk hands tucked her arm under a sheet next to her side. She turned to find Jenna Finnes adjusting an IV line.
         Their eyes met, and Jenna said in a flat tone, “Don’t yank the IV out.” She walked over to a whiteboard, erased someone’s name, and printed her own, her face grim.
         Dayna cleared her throat. Before she got any words out, Jenna spoke without turning around. “They brought you in last night. Minor abrasions. Sprained ankle, nothing serious.” She turned around, and her face held no warmth. “Whoever you were rolling around in the woods with left you there.”
         “I wasn’t…” Dayna coughed. Her throat hurt when she spoke. Jenna poured her a cup of water.
         “Whatever.” Clay’s wife shrugged. “You were out for a long time. There’s a bump on your head, but the CAT scan was negative.”
         Dayna took the water with one hand. The other cautiously touched a tender bump on the side of her skull.
         “When can I get out of here?” Dayna asked.
         “They’re not going to let you drive home, not that your car is here anyway. The doctor will give you more information when he stops by.” Jenna walked toward the door.
         “Jenna,” Dayna called after her, “who brought me in?”
         “Sherry and Terence found you.” Jenna answered without looking at her.
         Dayna could feel hatred emanating from the rigid stance of the nurse’s body and closed face. She could not stop herself from calling her name again. “Jenna?” Jenna turned, her eyes unfriendly. “How’s Clay doing?”
         Jenna pulled open the door and left without another word.

About the Author:

Brit Lunden is a prolific author who’s written over 50 books in assorted genres under different pen names. Bulwark was her first effort in adult fiction and was chosen by several of her fellow authors as the basis for a new series, A Bulwark Anthology. Using her characters, they are creating new denizens in spin-off stories to this bizarre town. Brit Lunden lives on Long Island in a house full of helpful ghosts.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

ExtraNormal by Suzanne V. Reese

Title: ExtraNormal
Series: The ExtraNormal Chronicles, Book 1
Author: Suzanne V. Reese
Genre: YA Sci-fi Romance

They told me it would be easy—just blend in, observe, and keep to myself. They didn't tell me that failure would cost me everything.

Mira Johns is pretty much like any other teenage girl. Which is why it's a shock when she's selected ahead of six hundred other candidates to be the first student ever to travel from the planet Nreim to Earth. Even though she’s only there to observe, she’s given what feels like a million rules that are mostly intended to keep her away from the planet’s primitive males. But after she finds one mysterious boy too irresistible for stupid rules, she realizes they have a connection that transcends their two planets—and puts both their lives in danger. When a series of serious accidents makes it clear that someone wants to force her return, Mira decides her only hope is to uncover the truth to why she, the most mediocre of candidates, was actually chosen for this assignment—before the agency discovers her secret and sends her back home.


A short time later, however, while entering the classroom to my next period, I gained an appreciation for those rules. I timed my entrance poorly and found myself wedged between two males in the choir room door.

Keddil, my trainer, had warned me about primitive neo-human male pheromones. Repeatedly. I’d thought he was just exaggerating to make sure I kept my distance. Which I definitely would be doing in from now on. I gasped, which filled my mouth with the most offensive odor I’d ever encountered.

I wriggled forward until my shoulders released so I could lunge out of the way. I paused to allow the haze in my head to clear, but I was still too close.

Several females were gathering on the far side of the room, so I hurried in that direction and climbed to the top row, where I plopped myself into the first available seat. A female sat down beside me and smiled, displaying a jumble of metal and pink bands on her teeth. I smiled back but didn’t want to stare, so I turned my attention to the odd parade of bodies entering the room: hair colors and skin tones by the dozens. Spots on one: freckles? Wounds on another…blemishes. No, pimples. Maybe zits?

It was the most beautiful display of diversity I’d ever seen. Even with their flaws, every single neo-human had something distinctive, something that made them who they are. I would have killed for that.

Author Bio:

A decade ago, author Suzanne V. Reese had a string of land-mark events—published her first novel, outlined her second novel (while daydreaming in a university science class), graduated from that university, became a grandmother, and then topped it all with a late-stage breast cancer diagnosis.

That second novel, ExtraNormal, YA speculative fiction, became her therapy during a long and difficult treatment program. It was published a few years later with the encouragement of her incredibly supportive friends and family. Despite little marketing, the book quickly became an Amazon best-seller.

Suzanne then made the difficult decision to ensure her long-term existence by focusing on her health rather than continue with the series. Happily, to celebrate her ten-year survival and end-of-treatment mark, she is releasing an updated version of the best-selling novel ExtraNormal, this time to be soon followed by the remaining books in the ExtraNormal Chronicles.

Suzanne has a degree in communications from Utah State University, as well as certifications in nutrition and holistic health. She is the founder of Story Igniters, which offers courses that help readers find their real-life superpowers. She lives with her husband in Draper, Utah, where she enjoys doting on her seven grandchildren.

Note: Because this is my ten-year cancerversary, I will be donating author proceeds during launch week to cancer research. (The Huntsman Cancer Research program, where 100% of donations go towards research. They are also the center that treated me.)

Suzanne V. Reese will be awarding a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Follow the tour and comment.
The more you comment, the better your chances of winning.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Edj of the Empire: Herrig's World by Timothy Burns

Title: Edj of the Empire: Herrig's World
Series: Empire of Ninety Nine Stars Book 1
Author: Timothy Burns
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Date: 10/10/2019
Publisher: Chandra Press

A routine mission to a backwater world turns into a fight to save the empire.

Edj Dumarc LaRand Bronacious Tarkle, the son of Emperor Risherd Fontanue LaRand Bronacious Tarkle, and the Crown Prince and Heir to the Crystal Throne of the Empire of the Ninety-Nine Stars is on his way to Herrig’s World, a remote planet that rarely warrants attention. However, production of the ore critical to anti-grave tech, minzite, has recently cratered.

There are many ways to address the decline. The navy could be sent in to investigate, but they never do anything small. An official auditor could be dispatched, but he would inevitably find several perfectly good reasons for the decline and file a report saying, oh well, that's just the way it is. Or Edj could go and make a few quiet, discrete inquiries and find out precisely who is profiting. It seemed so simple when his father asked him to investigate matters.

But nothing is ever simple. What Edj uncovers on Herrig’s World is a plot to destroy the foundation of the Empire. With a mindbender named Mala and his loyal android companion, JD, in tow, Edj begins an adventure across the Ninety-Nine stars to stop the conspiracy in its tracks. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they expect. With his ship barely functional, and the odds stacked against him, can Edj save the Empire before time runs out?


Coming to consciousness in a trash-strewn alley behind a dive bar on a rough-and-tumble mining world was quite a rude awakening, let me tell you. I suppose it beat the alternative, though - not waking up at all. Not that Sam would've let that happen.

I could tell there would be a knot on the back of my head even before I managed to convince my hand to undertake the monumental task of venturing up there to check it out, and I was right. I didn't expect that hand to come away bloody, but that it did so didn't really surprise me, either.

It had been one of those nights.

I suppose I'd better back up a little bit since I don't know who might end up reading this account. First off, I am Prince Edj Dumarc LaRand Bronacious Tarkle, son of Emperor Risherd Fontanue LaRand Bronacious Tarkle, Crown Prince and Heir to the Crystal Throne of the Empire of the Ninety-Nine Stars.

Yep, that Prince Edj. You might have heard of me, but if not, that's okay. You'd be surprised how many Imperial subjects don't even know they are Imperial subjects, much less who their next monarch will be. And you know what? That doesn't bother me one bit.

See, I know something that all those pompous, overdressed, kowtowing arrogant fools back at my Father's court can't even begin to comprehend: the average person couldn't care less what goes on in the Glittering Palace. What concerns them are their day-to-day affairs, not what's happening light-years away to people they've never met and who think themselves so much better than the commoners that, if they ever did meet them, would treat them like dirt anyway. Less than dirt, really. Dirt has value, while commoners are simply numbers in a database.

I guess that explains what I was doing out there on the very rim of the Empire. I don't have any more to do with those self-important, ego-inflated aristocrats than I absolutely have to. Don't get me wrong, now - I love my father. It's all the fools he's surrounded by I can't stand. And since in an Empire the size of the Ninety-Nine Stars there are always a ton of minor situations that need attention before they become major problems, I can always find reasons to be anywhere other than Alphum.

Like, for instance, on Herrig's World.

The reason I put myself in dangerous situations is not because I want to die. It's because I want to really live. Since I know I'll keep on breathing until I reach a ripe old, old age, my challenge is to make my life worth something.

And how can I know this, I can hear you asking.

It's because Sam won't let me die.

About the Author:

Mr. Burns is a factory worker who sidelines as a carpenter, computer technician and jack of many trades handyman whose primary interest is hard science-fiction. He has read and loved that genre all his life and has always dreamed of writing books that others would enjoy reading as much as he himself enjoyed those of the great S/F masters. He is very interested in high technology and tries to impart accuracy and plausibility into his work. Other reading and writing interests include fantasy, magic, the paranormal, the Norse runes and nature-centered religions. He lives in northern Mississippi.

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Monday, 18 November 2019

Soteria: The Crisis Forge by Roberto Arcoleo

Title: Soteria: The Crisis Forge
Author: Roberto Arcoleo
Genre: Science Fiction/Romantic Science Fiction
Publication Date: 7/5/2019
Publisher: Chandra Press

An asteroid on a collision course with Earth. 
Twins from another planet sent to stop it.

With a vibrant art movement, thriving music scene, and culture of change, 1960s Manhattan is pulsating with energy. Twins Mark and Jason appear human, but they have been given powers beyond anyone’s imagination. The city embraces them and they dive headlong into all it has to offer.

As the time for them to fulfill their mission grows near, the twins sense that something is wrong. Have they been sent to Earth to save it or to be eliminated? With the fate of both planets in the balance, and everything they’ve grown to love on the line, can Mark and Jason unravel the truth before time runs out?

If you enjoy a tantalizing journey into Manhattan in the 1960s, aliens among us, and rogue AIs, you'll love Soteria: The Crisis Forge.


      As her ship approached the planet, the ability to communicate faded. Tripton-4 was a unique world; a small moon nestled within an array of giants, and the only planet in the known universe to have an ocean above its atmosphere.
      It appeared to all who observed it from afar as a planet consisting solely of water. From space, it looked foreboding, a violent planet with ominous storms and tumultuous seas. Any onlooker could only imagine it as a planet inhabited, if at all, by the simplest of life forms and surely unsuitable for colonization. This illusion had protected the Triptonians for millennia, allowing them to develop in peace.
      But this floating ocean had not always existed. The advanced technologies of the Triptonians had enabled them to take advantage of the planet’s unique positioning to create the anomaly. Their civilization had discovered the moon thousands of centrons ago. Needing to flee a dying world, they saw this new planet as an opportunity and a chance for a peaceful existence. They employed a force field on the surface that was enhanced by the moon’s multi-level magnetic core. This, coupled with the gravitational effects of the surrounding planets and duel suns, enabled the aberration to occur: a floating ocean. The terraforming had taken generations to complete, but theirs was a patient race. While leaving Tripton-3 had been a difficult and heart wrenching experience for this playful and peaceful race, the pride in their accomplishment in creating this new home was a source of great joy.
      Within the ocean, an array of glowing and transparent organisms now swarmed like luminous dancers. Their movements sent soft melodies into the atmosphere below that were often heard by the population, cascading over the plains as well as the crowded streets. In the morning hours, misty deep hums were heard, the echoes of gentle movements of Sermathabees, the large, lolloping, transparent beasts of the sea. As they moved, their breaths brought forth a deep hallowing hum that rolled and sank.
      The sound would vibrate down through the water, enchanting those below as they awoke to the day.
      As the planet’s two suns set, and the rays of light seeped through the clouds, diffusely tinted magical colors would appear in the evening glow. Then the population would hear the cries of the soaring Gulathabees, their giant wings sending down warm breezes from the swirling waters above. With these lumbering beasts, the population experienced a knowing state of tranquility, and lived their shrouded peaceful existence for thousands of centrons.
      Passing through the ocean always brought unease to Allaceia, even though she knew that her ship would be guided with complete safety through the protected channels. While this allayed her fears, the awe of it all never diminished.

About the Author:

Roberto Arcoleo was born in New York City, Queens to be exact, into a working-class Italian-American family. Roberto’s father was a hardworking, grumpy, and reserved restaurateur, his mother a warmhearted, talkative hairdresser.

Roberto was a bit of both. He grew up in Astoria in a two-bedroom ground-floor apartment with one younger brother, his parents, and an invalid grandmother. His early years were tumultuous and confused. Roberto never felt that he fit into the molds that were laid before him. His early extended family home life was chaotic, and his teenage years were worse. After the Catholic grammar school, he continued on to a Catholic high school. He hated them both.

As a teenager, Roberto felt more and more apart from his surroundings. He withdrew into his own world. To onlookers he seemed full of bravado, but he was timid and reserved at heart, always feeling out of place. He started lashing out at the world with violence as mark of distinction. He found a home within street gangs and hard drugs at fourteen. Roberto started living on the streets at fifteen, but was soon taken in by a schoolteacher uncle who lived on Long Island. His uncle held him captive from his own devices until he graduated high school. Later, in college, he studied psychology hoping to find answers. Still troubled, he didn’t find the answers he needed in the text. He gave up his clinical ambitions for more underground alternatives. The same uncle gave him his first camera, and he discovered photography.

Under a name other than Arcoleo, he obtained recognition as an artist. He received his MFA from Brooklyn college and later saw his art reviewed in the New York Times. Roberto’s work has been acquired by major collections. Among them Brooklyn Museum, the Chrysler Museum, the Museum of Fine arts in Houston and the Museum de l’Eysee, Lausanne Switzerland. He was the first artist working in photography to be given a one-person exhibition at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art; he was awarded a stay at the American Academy in Rome; and his work is presently in the National Gallery of Art.

He always had an urge to write and his late mother was always asking for his first novel. He told her he had to wait until he was called from a special place.

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