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The Tempted Series by B Truly

Series: The Tempted Series
Author: B Truly
Genre: Dystopian Romance
Age category: New Adult

Temptation Trials Revolution
Book #1
Publication Date: July 13, 2018

There are always two sides to a story. Can love withstand the ultimate temptation?

A new Regime has arisen from the havoc and destruction of World War III.

Society now has to follow the strict mandates, reign under the dictatorship of His Highest Eminence or suffer the consequences.

Tobias and Kincade are part of a cryptic organization that’s trying to uncover the secrets behind the Regime. Something is suspicious with the new world order—why else would they want to control the most powerful emotion of love? With mandatory arranged marriages at the age of twenty-one, the only way to fight for love is through the Temptation Trials—a government-sponsored reality TV show.

Kincade and Tobias know the rules, but after they meet the women of their dreams, they face a difficult decision. With their impending birthdays around the corner, the guys have to decide if they will bend to the Regime’s will or fight for their relationships.

Lust, mistaken for love, will lead down a treacherous path. They soon learn that the spirit may be willing, but the flesh is weak.

Can love redeem them or is lust too tempting?

This book can be read before or after Temptation Trials Part I. Find out the guy’s POV in a new story that unravels through the Trials.


Chapter 9

* * * Tobias * * *

      The television in the commons area of the Op hummed the classical music that announced Channel 1, the station that broadcasted the most information for the Regime.
      Evan, Susan, and I rushed in to see what the fuss was about. A few others came in as well. Rafi and Eric were already in there. “Something must have happened. This is an unscheduled broadcast,” Rafi informed us.
      On screen, top anchorwoman Wendy Berry wore a fine pin-striped pants suit. Her co-anchorman, Pablo Rodriguez, sat beside her. Wendy jumped right down to business. “Good afternoon, United Origins. We have an important update. I have unfortunate news about the governor’s daughter, Cindy Johansson.”
      “Ah, shit,” Rafi exclaimed.
      My thoughts exactly.
      “Cindy was involved in a robbery on her way home and she was killed,” Wendy continued.
      Susan covered her hand over her mouth. “That’s horrible.”
      On screen, Pablo shifted his weight, then he balled his fists. Scrunching my nose, I said, “Something feels off about this. The crime rate is low with the cruel punishments for breaking the law. A robbery seems unlikely.”
      “I gotta agree,” Eric jumped in. “I don’t think it’s as simple as Cindy being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”
      “It’s tragic. Cindy will be missed,” Wendy added. “The person responsible for her death is being apprehended.”
      Pablo narrowed his eyes at Wendy. “Why is he looking at her like that?” asked Rafi.
      I was wondering the same thing myself.
      “This isn’t right,” Pablo murmured.
      “Excuse me?” Wendy raised her eyebrow.
      Pablo turned to her. “We’re supposed to report the facts.”
      Wendy’s eyes dilated. “We are.”
      “No, you’re twisting the facts.”
      “I beg your pardon?” Wendy sneered.
      “What the hell’s going on?” Rafi chimed in. “Pablo is calling her out—his own co-anchor!”
      “Pipe down, Rafi, so we can hear,” Eric told him.
      “Pablo, I’m not sure what you’re referring to.” Wendy stood firm. “This is the information that we’ve been given.”
      That’s when Pablo got bold. I respected him, though. “We both know Cindy wasn’t murdered in a robbery. She was devastated that she didn’t get accepted onto the Temptation Trials show, her only chance to fight for love. Cindy was depressed about her arranged marriage, so she committed suicide.”
      A low humming grew very loud, and what happened within the next few seconds was hard to make out. Pablo’s head smacked against the table in front of him, and then he flew backward, disappearing from the set. The humming sound was blaring now, and the station went black.

      Our gang was silent for a moment, dazed by what had just gone down, and then Rafi yelled, “Holy shit! Did you guys see that?”
      “It was so fast, I’m not sure what I saw,” Evan said.
      “This is awful,” Susan added, placing her palm against her forehead.
      “It seems Pablo wanted to be truthful and got yanked off the set for doing so,” I sighed. “Let’s pull up a replay of it to find out more.”
      “That’s a good idea,” my Uncle Marcus agreed, just coming into the commons area.
      My crew and I rushed into the IT room to review the footage. With our high-tech equipment we could slow down and enhance in great detail what happened in the blur of seconds. I prompted in the instructions on the computer. Everyone waited in anticipation for it to load.
      “All right, let’s see exactly what occurred.” I hit play.
      In slow motion, an enforcer ran in and slammed Pablo’s head against the podium. He had no time to recover before the official yanked him backward by his hair, off the set.
      Evan whistled, and Rafi exclaimed, “I can’t fucking believe this!”
      “This is bad.” I put my two cents in.
      “How can the Regime cover this up?” asked Susan.
      “I’m sure they’ll find a way,” Marcus replied. “I’m going to reach out to the other branches to see what I can find out. They will probably want me to put a team together to investigate further. I’ll keep you guys posted.” Marcus spun on his heels.
      “Evan, pull up station 1 on a monitor in here. I’m going to probe this footage more—see if anything else comes up,” I told him.
      The gang tossed back and forth about the outcome. Going over the footage in more detail, I didn’t come across anything else new—except that I guaranteed Pablo had a broken nose with the force of the blow he’d taken.
      “Do you guys understand that Cindy committed suicide because she was going to be forced to marry someone that she didn’t love?” Susan asked.
      “It’s very sad,” I replied. “Even worse, they are trying to pretend that Cindy was robbed and murdered—all so society doesn’t question how fucked up their arranged marriage system is.”
      “Someone with her prestige killing herself over the matter would cause massive riots,” Alice chimed in. “It would read as: ‘people are so unhappy about the Regime’s marriage law that it’s driving them to take their own lives.’”
      “Yeah, her being the governor’s daughter would stir a ruckus, so they’re desperate to cover it up,” Evan added.
      “They’ll do anything to prove that their world order works best.” Rafi’s brow knitted. “I will bet money that Wendy will return and just pretend like nothing happened.”
      “I’ll bet you fifty bucks that she makes up a crazy excuse for Pablo,” Evan countered.
      “You’re on,” Rafi said. “What’s your wager, Tim?”
      “Twenty on her acting like nothing happened.”
      “What about you, Susan?” Rafi smiled at her.
      “I am too upset about this craziness to joke about it.”
      “I’m not thrilled, either,” Rafi replied. “I’m just trying to lighten the mood. What about you, Tobias?”
      “I’m not betting, either. The chick just offed herself. But I think Wendy will make up a cover story—not just act like Pablo was never there.”
      Other members in the room put their wagers in or just voiced their opinions as Channel 1 buzzed back to life.

      Wendy showed her pretty face on screen. “Good afternoon, United Origins. Sorry for the brief interruption. Mr. Pablo Rodriguez seems to have suffered a stroke. He’s getting medical attention.”
      “Really?” Rafi commented. “They expect us to buy into that?”
      “Due to his unfortunate condition, Pablo was confused, babbling nonsense regarding Cindy Johansson. She was indeed a victim of robbery and her attacker will be prosecuted.”
      “This is a crock of shit,” I added. “They’re trying to play us for fools, giving us a bullshit excuse. Just as I knew they would.”
      Wendy flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Governor Johansson will be speaking on the matter soon. Our condolences and prayers go out to their family.”
      Wendy wore a phoney-sympathetic expression as Channel 1’s theme music came on, signaling the program was going off the air.

Temptation Trials Rebellion
Book #2
Publication Date: November 30, 2018

Can love defeat the greatest temptation ... lust?

In a post-apocalyptic nation where the land of the free is now run under a dictatorship, there is one factor that holds the key to keeping world order—love. The new Regime controls the emotions of the heart. It’s their most vital law. At the age of twenty-one, every citizen is forced into an arranged marriage. The only way to escape the arrangement is to enter the Temptation Trials—a government-sponsored reality TV show where the loyalties of the contestants are tested by Tempters and Temptresses who are impossible to resist.

Catalina enters the Trials as a Temptress in hopes that she can win the funds to save her brother. Sahara’s been ridiculed in the eyes of the public. By being a Temptress, she’ll be able to have a fresh start. The Regime promises that if she fulfills her role on the show they will wipe her slate clean.

The problem is that the Trials are rigged for failure. In all the prior seasons, love’s rival, lust, has proven to be more powerful. No contestant has ever won the Temptation Trials and be allowed to stay with their chosen partner. Lutheran Eminence, the world’s dictator, has shown that he’s the ultimate matchmaker.

As the Temptation Ball approaches, conflict is at an all-time high. Most couples are too hurt by betrayal to reconcile. With the odds stacked against them, Kincade and Tobias try to mend their relationships, hoping that the greater good will prevail.

Attempting to uncover the true meaning of love may cost the contestants more than they bargained for—it may cost their souls.

About the Author:

B. Truly has wanted to be an author since she was fifteen years old and is grateful to have accomplished this dream. She has very vivid dreams and a wild imagination. She likes to read, watch tons of TV shows, and movies. She’s addicted to romance and gets a thrill out of action and sci-fi. She writes New Adult and Adult, Romance. Sci-fi, Dystopian, and Paranormal genres.

B. Truly likes to explore different elements of sci-fi romance, and create various realms of reality. She also loves creating impossible situations for her characters to grow from and try to overcome.

B. Truly has three wonderful children and a husband who defines the person that she is today. She works full-time as an Ultrasound technologist in Houston, Texas.

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