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The Coven Rescue by Lily Luchesi

Some rules are made to be broken.

With peace restored in the Coven once again, Harley Sinclair is more than ready to turn twenty, leave her teens behind, and start moving forward from all the heartbreak.

But paranormal law enforcement captures and imprisons her boyfriend, and she will do everything in her power to get him back. Alongside her half brother, her cousin, and her father, Harley's going to test the limits of her powers and fight against the company who controls all paranormal creatures.

When she uncovers a plot so dark, masquerading under the guise of the Light, she finds that there is even more at stake than one man's freedom. The fate of the Coven is once again left in her hands, and this time she's not sure she can win.


      Harley was suddenly feeling closed in, and the air in the room was oppressive. Knowing the signs of sensory overload, she needed air. Skirting around the room and avoiding the dancers, she spotted a little balcony and slipped outside, closing the door behind her. She took a deep breath of the cool night air and closed her eyes.
      She was ashamed of herself for acting like a silly little girl. I told him I didn’t want anything exclusive, I told him I didn’t want to dance. So I have no business being upset.
      “Then why do I feel like someone punched me in the gut?” she whispered aloud.
      The door to the balcony slid open and she jumped, and her mind automatically made her think it was a threat. Magic sparked in her hand until she saw that it was only Caelum and she took a breath.
      “I saw you leave. Are you okay?” he asked. His golden eyes shone brightly in the darkness.
      She nodded. “You can go back to your guests. I just needed a minute and I’ll be going.”
      Caelum waved his hand and the curtains on the inside closed, so no one could see them. “I only hosted this party so I could spend time with you in public.”
      “Well, that backfired,” she replied. “But you have plenty of other people lavishing you with attention.”
      Caelum sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Maybe I haven’t been clear enough, Harley. I don’t want their attention. I want yours, undivided and intense.” He walked closer, and she braced her arms against the wrought iron of the balcony, the cool metal soothing her anxiety as she felt it through the sleeves of her dress.
      “I’m not going to fight anyone else for your attention,” she said. “I don’t want a public relationship so soon after James, and if you can’t handle that, I’m sorry.”
      He cocked his head toward the window. “They can all go to Hell for all I care.” His hands covered hers on the iron balcony and he pressed his lips down on hers lightly, just a quick brush that sent shivers down her spine.
      “I’m not used to feeling this way,” she said, her voice hushed. “Jealous, I mean.”
      “There’s no need,” Caelum said. “I’m yours. Only yours as long as you’ll have me.”
      He leaned down and kissed her again, and this time she believed him.

Chapter Four

      That night, Caelum couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about Harley, how sad and alone she had looked out on the balcony. He hated himself for letting her feel jealous. Initially he had only danced with Kimberly to get some emotion out of Harley, but it had backfired on him. He wanted to ignite her passion, not her sadness.
      He got out of bed and went to his living room, where there were pictures of the people he’d loved on the mantle above the fireplace.
      One of them was him and Draven, taken by Daphne the night Draven had proposed to him. Draven’s head was on Caelum’s shoulder, his arm draped across the other one. Neither of them were smiling, but they both had stars in their eyes.
      “Draven, I’m sorry,” he said softly. “I don’t mean to hurt people, but it seems that’s all I’ve ever done. When Nick told me you were gone, I thought I was going to die … again. Being with her, with Harley, is the only time I don’t feel like there’s a knife in my heart. But I seem to be doing everything wrong.
      “I probably don’t deserve her, especially not after all the things I did to Salem, but I want her.” He placed his head against the mantle, feeling tears slip down his cheeks. “I don’t want to hurt anymore, Fangs.”
      Fangs was his nickname for his half-vampire fiancé. Only he was allowed to call Draven that, and Draven had always blushed prettily every time he did so.
      Caelum knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep that night. It was a sad side-effect he’d had since he was young. When he knew people were disappointed in him in any way, he’d get terrible insomnia. It was because of his perfectionist parents, that he knew, but it had a lasting effect on him.
      He dressed and decided to go to the castle library that night and get ready to go and find faeries. At least that sounded like a fun job to do.
      The walk wasn’t very long, and it was so quiet he could hear the small critters in the forest nearby, the sound of the wind in the castle battlements. His lynx abilities had always made him able to see, hear, and smell better than an average wizard, and many times they had saved his life.
      Nights like this one, they helped calm his nerves. He walked slowly, along the forest edge, and breathed in the clear, crisp night air. There was a noise and he paused, head cocked as he let some of his animal instincts take over.
      Faeries and elves talk, he thought. I wonder if any of the elves would be willing to answer some questions? Unless they remember me. Then they might bite.
      As boys, he, Michael, and Robert Ainsley had terrorised the elves, chasing them and performing practice spells and charms on them. Elves lived for centuries, but perhaps they wouldn’t recognise him. It was worth a try.
      “Lux,” he cast, sending light ahead of him to light his way. He made sure not to make it be too bright, lest he scare the elves off. Leaves crunched under his feet, and he breathed deeply of the beautiful scent of the forest.
      Magicians were most comfortable in nature, which was why so many Covens were in out of the way places like this one in Scotland. He remembered taking a trip to Chicago to visit the Grand Coven there when he was a boy with his parents. He’d hated it. It was all high steel and stone, pollution and violence. Maybe American magicians were different.
      He wandered off the main path, as he knew elves were unlikely to linger where many humans walked. His generated light was just enough to see so he didn’t walk into a tree or trip on a root or fallen branch. Despite the twists and turns he took off the path, he knew he wouldn’t get lost. Shifting into a lynx would help him return back to the Coven without any hassle.
      There was a noise up ahead and to his left, so he walked that way. “Hello?” he called. “Anyone there?” If it is a bloody deer, I’m going to be mortified.
      A giggle. Did elves giggle? He knew faeries did, but if there were any faeries in here, he’d see them sparkling in the near blackness of the forest.
      “Hello?” he called, sterner this time. “I’m not here to hurt you, I just want to know if you’ve seen any faeries lately.” Elves were talkative and helpful, which was why the UK PID often used them as couriers. The problem was, they had to trust you first. If they didn’t, they could play deadly pranks until you succumbed in the forest.
      At least, that was the lore. Caelum had no idea if it was true or not, but tonight was not the night to take any chances.
      The good angel on his shoulder, which sounded quite like Draven, was telling him to turn back. The evil angel, who sounded suspiciously like Michael, was telling him to keep going and see who or what was giggling.
      I have seen too many human horror movies to think that this is a good idea, he thought as he continued on, toward the sound.
      “Scaip,” a little voice said. It was soft like a child, but had a gravelly edge that set Caelum’s teeth on edge.
      It was a spell, that much he knew, but it was said in Gaelic. While Gaelic spells were an optional class at the castle, he hadn’t taken it. Latin was good enough for him.
His light spell dispersed at the utterance of the word, and he was left in nearly pitch black darkness. A shiver went down his spine, and he heard leaves rustling as something, or some things, moved closer.
      “Lux,” he cast again, sending the ball of light high in the sky to illuminate more of his surroundings. When his eyes adjusted to the light, he immediately wished he had stayed in the dark—literally.
      In the trees, on the ground, all around him, were dryadali, the evil imps created by Robert Mor Munro when he subjected elves to Dark magic. Dryadali made whomever locked eyes with them relive a repressed memory, usually one that was frightening or generally unpleasant. When the victim was good and scared, lost in their own mind’s Hell, the dryadali would eat them.
      Caelum swore under his breath and shut his eyes, but that would do him no good if he couldn’t see to fight them off.
      “Argentum ferrum,” he cast, sending shards of silver flying in every direction he could. Silver killed most evil creatures, and the evil elves were no exception. The silver hit a few of them, but there were at least eight more waiting to devour him. He needed a better game plan, and he needed one quickly.
      “Ego beatus,” he cast, a protection spell which helped guard one’s mind from the dryadalis’ magic. He repeated it, feeling his heart beat in his throat.
       “Crus moventur,” someone cast.
      A grown person, speaking a known hex. It was a male, but that was all Caelum could gleam. He couldn’t see where the man was, or know why he’d hexed him.
      Caelum fell on his back and looked up into the glowing, large red eyes of a dryadalis. Oh no, he thought, as the Dark magic consumed his mind.

About the Author:

Lily Luchesi is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of the Paranormal Detectives Series, published by Vamptasy Publishing. She also has short stories included in multiple bestselling anthologies, and a successful dark erotica retelling of Dracula.

Her Coven Series has successfully topped Amazon's Hot New Releases list consecutively.

She is also the editor, curator and contributing author of Vamptasy Publishing's Damsels of Distress anthology, which celebrates strong female characters in horror and paranormal fiction.

She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and now resides in Arizona. Ever since she was a toddler her mother noticed her tendency for being interested in all things "dark". At two she became infatuated with vampires and ghosts, and that infatuation turned into a lifestyle. She is also an out member of the LGBT+ community. When she's not writing, she's going to rock concerts, getting tattooed, watching the CW, or reading manga. And drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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Where Sleeping Lies Lie by M. Naidoo

Title: Where Sleeping Lies Lie
Author: M. Naidoo
Genre: Romantic Suspense

“Two men... two worlds... one desperate promise...”

If Anna had only known how the simple push of a button would turn her life upside down, she would never have pressed ‘Play.’

Just 22 seconds into the recording she’s hit by the realization that, if the voice in the thick German accent is right, she has been living with an unthinkable lie for the past thirty years.

There is only one way to find out: Follow the instruction left by a dead person and head back to Germany, to a life Anna has next to no conscious memory of.

To her surprise, she finds an unexpected ally in Peter, an old childhood friend whose law degree and language skills prove to be more than useful. Besides, he has the most gorgeous blue eyes and the uncanny ability to push Anna's buttons without the slightest effort. At every turn, their search for answers is littered with more lies and revelations.

Anna must ultimately decide whether even the noblest of ends, truly justify the means and whether some secrets should better stay buried.

“Mystery, history, and a twist at every turn. Brilliant characters and prolific storytelling... irresistible!”


"God, I can't even imagine." The weight of what Martha had lived through had made Anna feel queasy. She needed water.

"No, you can't."

She hadn't noticed how Peter was leaning forward, rubbing the back of his head, or how his voice had taken on a frigid undertone.

"Losing a child? I mean how do you get up in the morning?" Anna picked up her glass from the table.

"You don't—not for a long time." Anna froze. As she turned to look at Peter, his eyes, blank and dark, were fixed onto the candleholder in the center of the coffee table. She let herself fall back onto the sofa under the weight of the realization.

"When?" As if it would make a difference how much time had gone by.

"Nine years ago, in August." He turned his head to look at her. Anna didn't know what to say. What could she say?

"Her name was Sophie, the happiest, smartest, funniest, most loving three-year-old you will ever meet. One minute she's running and laughing, the next she's hooked up to machines with doctors telling you she won't ever wake up again." The pain she had felt in his voice had turned to bitterness.

"I'm so-"

"Sorry for my loss?" He finished her sentence. "That's what they all said, doctors, nurses, family, friends… everyone."

"What else were they going to say?"

"Nothing. Because there wasn't anything, anyone could say that would have brought her back. Words were just a waste of time."

"What about her mom?" Anna couldn't help but ask.

"Gone." He paused. "Without Sophie… we couldn't pick up the pieces."

Author Bio:

M.Naidoo lives in Northern California with her husband, two daughters, and three dogs. Born and raised in Germany, she was able to draw on a wealth of memories and passed down stories for Where Sleeping Lies Lie.

When she is not in front of her computer, pounding out story lines and characters, she enjoys reading, movies, spending time with her family, and long walks on the beach - her proverbial 'happy place'. M's love for the shore line and ocean shine through in the vivid descriptions of the coast in her debut novel The Pelican.

"Juggling my life as a writer and a full-time 'real' job has its challenges. I don't get to spend half as much time as I'd like doing what I love, and there are never enough hours in the day. Still, I feel extremely lucky to be following my passion, and I am enjoying every minute of it. Getting here has been one heck of a ride!"

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Delivered by Eva Charles

Title: Delivered
Series: The Devil’s Duet #2
Author: Eva Charles
Genre: Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense
Publication Date: March 21, 2019

Gabrielle Duval belongs to me.
I've made sure of that.

Now it's time to eliminate the man who kept us apart.
My father.
The devil himself.

His reign of terror ends here.
On my terms.

Free in Kindle Unlimited

Also Available:

The Devil’s Duet #1

Author Bio:

A confirmed city-girl, Eva moved to rural Western Massachusetts in 2014. She found herself living in the woods with no job, no friends (unless you count the turkey, deer, and coyote roaming the backyard), and no children underfoot, wondering what on earth she had been thinking. But as it turned out, it was the perfect setting to take all those yarns spinning in her head and weave them into steamy love stories.

A romantic at heart, Eva looks forward to date night all week. The perfect evening includes well-crafted cocktails, a fabulous perfume, Cherry Garcia ice cream, and her husband, of course. If you add good friends, live jazz, and impossible shoes, she will follow you anywhere.

Eva holds a BA from Boston College, and a JD from the Washington College of Law. She spent a career working in domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and civil rights. Aspects of this work often find their way into her books.

When she's not writing sexy stories, trying to squeeze information out of her tight-lipped sons, or playing with the two cutest dogs you've ever seen, Eva's creating chapters in her own love story.

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The Greenmen by Linden Forster

Title: The Greenmen
Series: The Hero's Arc #2
Author: Linden Forster
Genre: NA / Adult Fantasy / Satire
Publication Date: 27th April 2019

Aereon has found the Creators.

He’s crossed seas and mountains to find them, tangled with dwarves and ogres along the way, finally had to tangle with an irate yeti to rescue them and now they tell him that they really weren’t in any great need of help.

As far as they are concerned, they were getting on just fine before Aereon showed up. In fact, now they have King Victarian searching for them, all thanks to Aereon’s mouth.

The trio, along with two dwarves, Volris and Silvor who have joined their party, must move. Aereon must get the Creators back home and fulfil his duty. Local woodsman, Lars, has agreed to guide them through Oak’s Wood, but even he cannot know what lies in wait for them within.

Publication Date: 27th April

While waiting for The Greenmen to become available,
please do take a look at the first book in the series
Divine Invention

Author Bio:

Linden Forster began writing at the age of seventeen. Divine Invention was his debut novel and it took seven years from the idea conjuring at the back of an English class to reaching the page.

Since then, writing has become his dream and passion. The Greenmen is the second in his fantasy series, The Hero’s Arc.

He is a lover of nature and enjoys walks in the country and often ventures out armed with a notepad and pen.

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In Search of a Witch's Soul by D. Lieber

Title: In Search of a Witch's Soul
Author: D. Lieber
Genre: Urban Fantasy Noir
Publication Date: March 5, 2019
Publisher: Ink & Magick

Human, private detective Anna Caill isn’t keen on the prohibition of magic enacted by the 18th Amendment, but she won’t deny it’s good for business. The coppers couldn’t care less about the witches’ problems, giving her any number of clients to choose from.

When mysterious witch Jesse Hunt saunters into her office, he and his case will test her limits. While a killer stalks the magical underworld, Anna is hired to find Jesse’s friend, the high priest of an ancient coven.

As her case unravels, Anna is forced to confront her addiction to a dark spell in this urban fantasy noir.

AmazonB&NKoboiBooks • Books 2 Read


      The violet will-o’-the-wisp led us to a large basement, which seemed to act as storage. I continued to tail Jesse when he entered a concrete stairwell. Our footsteps echoed as we climbed to the third floor.
      We entered a hallway with industrial gray carpet and doors with tarnished brass numbers. Jesse’s keys tinkled flatly as he pulled them out of his pocket and opened a door at the end of the hall labeled, “310.”
      “Make yourself at home,” he suggested as he flicked on the light and removed his hat and overcoat. I hung my coat next to his on a hook near the door. His apartment was what one would expect from someone who didn’t have much. The place opened into a living room, sparsely furnished with the type of tables and seats landlords bought in bulk to make their pre-furnished rentals passable. On the right, there was a short hall with two doors, no doubt leading to a bedroom and bathroom. Ahead was a bar with two stools, behind which was a small kitchen. The walls were a dingy white, the way walls look when someone who smokes like a chimney moves out and a thin coat of paint tries to cover the evidence. The only decoration was an unwound clock above the radio.

Author Bio:

D. writes stories she wants to read. Her love of the worlds of fiction led her to earn a Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University.

When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, crafting, watching anime, Korean television, Bollywood, or old movies. She may also be getting her geek on while planning her next steampunk cosplay with friends.

She lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John) and cat (Yin).

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Clarissa’s Warning by Isobel Blackthorn

Title: Clarissa’s Warning
Author: Isobel Blackthorn
Genre: Gothic mystery
Publication Date: 30th November 2018

Clarissa’s Warning is a haunted-house gothic mystery set on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

A lottery jackpot changes Claire Bennett’s life.

She buys an ancient stone ruin on the island of her dreams. Her mystic aunt Clarissa warns her of danger, but Claire pays no heed.

Soon after moving to the idyllic island, Claire is confronted by a mystery. As the sinister story of her home slowly uncovers, Claire enters a world of inexplicable events and ordeals. Someone or something doesn't want her there.

But is it really a curse, or is there something else behind the events?

My Review:

A slow-paced and pleasant read.

We spend a few months with Claire after she wins the lottery and buys an ancient ruin on Fuerteventura. Her intention is to restore the house to its former glory and live on the idyllic island.

At first, Claire doesn't believe her occultist Aunt Clarissa's warning of danger but starts to rethink that, when she discovers the locals won't work on the building, and strange things start to happen at the site.

Her interest in the history of her future home is piqued by Paco, a local photographer, who has his own reasons for being interested in the building.

With spooky happenings, mystery, and a budding romance, alongside interesting characters, I enjoyed the overall story, but I found myself pulled out of the tale, occasionally, by the overly descriptive details of the renovation and the island. The book, at times, seemed as much a travel guide as a supernatural mystery.

Author Bio:

Isobel Blackthorn is a prolific novelist of brilliant, original fiction across a range of genres, including dark psychological thrillers, gripping mystery novels, captivating travel fiction, and hilarious dark satire.

Isobel holds a PhD in Western Esotericism and carries a lifelong passion for the Canary Islands, Spain. A Londoner originally, Isobel currently lives near Melbourne, Australia, with her little white cat.

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Return by A.L. Brown

Title: Return
Series: Fable Ranger, Book 2
Author: A.L. Brown
Genre: MG Fairy Tale, MG Fantasy
Publication Date: February 2019
Publisher: Dingbat Publishing

Casey is home! But not for long…

Casey’s short-lived return to the real world is followed by a rapid scramble back to Lorealia to tackle Dovetail and more of his mischief. This time, it’s a family affair — not just to save the missing godmothers, but to rescue her sister Leslie as well.

Snow White is now Snow Leslie, trapped in an off-script fairy tale that’s doomed to spiral into a never ever after with the rest of Lorealia if Casey, her father, and Charlie-boy fail their mission to stop a war.

And has the book finally realized it made a mistake in choosing Casey as the Fable Ranger after all? Why is it rejecting her?

Don’t miss this final installment of the exciting Fable Ranger duology.

Other Books in the Fable Ranger Series:


Take care what you wish for. You just might get it.

Twelve-year-old Casey doesn’t think life could get any more unfair. Plans for her special basketball tournament are tossed aside by her sister’s wedding plans. She even has to be a bridesmaid now, with all the lace and silk and—oh, the horror! All she wants is an escape, but she never imagined she’d be swept away to a world of Mother Goose rhymes, fairy tales, stories of Arabian Nights, and oh, by the way, all but one fairy godmother has been kidnapped.

Casey learns she’s been summoned as the Fable Ranger to lead the search and rescue of the missing wish-makers. But she’s not the hero they want. In the world of fairy tales, damsels aren’t meant to swoop in and save the day.

Now all Casey wants is to go home, but the veil between worlds is on lockdown. Taking fate into her own hands, she embarks on an airship flight to find the phoenix tears that can open her way home. Her journey would’ve gone as smooth as the perfect layup if it weren’t for that pesky bounty the evil Dovetail has placed on her head. But if Casey fails, the Arabian Nights will disappear forever—and leave her trapped in a world unraveling one fairy tale at a time.


Explaining things would be hard, but I had to make them understand. No telling what evil plans Dovetail had brewing — worse yet if he’d already put them into action. I didn’t know why he wanted to bring Lorealia to some spiraling, awful happily never after, but he seemed bent on making it so. Dad and I needed to get back there quick, fast, and in a major hurry to keep it from happening.

Oh, Frankenstein. Please believe me. Here goes. “This is going to sound weird, but I was summoned by mistake, I think. Or maybe not. Still unsure about that part. It has to do with the book of Lorealia.”

“Isn’t that the book you read to us all the time, Dad?” Leslie asked, interrupting me. “The one with the Mother Goose rhymes, fairy tales, all kinds of legends, and everything? That’s just a book.” She waved her hand, dismissing my words.

Dad opened his mouth to speak but clapped his lips shut. From the way his brows stitched together, I could tell he was struggling to find the right words. I understood his pain all too well.

Leslie looked from Dad to me then back to Dad again, giggling nervously. “It is just a book, right?”

About the Author:

Angela Brown is a lover of books - from classics to steampunk and everything in between. She's published Neverlove and They All Fall Down of the Shadow Jumpers series, Frailties of the Bond and Atone of the NEO Chronicles, and Beacon, a YA urban fantasy dystopian published by Evernight Teen publishing.

As A.L. Brown, she dove into the world of middle grade story telling with the release of Fable Ranger Summons via Dingbat Publishing, an MG fairy tale mash up where it takes more than a wish to keep the legends of Arabian Nights and Sleeping Beauty from spiraling into disastrous never ever afters. This tale concludes with its now available sequel, Fable Ranger Return, where tackling Dovetail’s mischief and saving missing godmothers becomes a family affair.

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Once in a Forest by Adriana Pernetz

Title: Once in a Forest
Author: Adriana Pernetz
Genre: Children's Book
Publication Date: July 2018
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing

Once in a Forest is a timeless narrative, both amusing and insightful — a perfect tool for teaching children the value of friendship and camaraderie in life.

Animals in the forest are having a hard time accepting each other's differences. One day, an unlikely friendship shows the forest that differences are what the woodland creatures need to bring happiness to all.

About the Author:

Adriana Pernetz has been a school teacher for 23 years. She taught in Venezuela before moving to Texas in 1997. She has a degree in Pedagogical Sciences from La Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Venezuela) and a Masters in Bilingual Education from Southern Methodist University (United States). She presently teaches 2nd-grade dual language in GarlandISD, Texas.

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Raw Honey by Amy Cecil

Title: Raw Honey
Series: Knights of Silence MC (book 4)
Author: Amy Cecil
Genre: Romantic Suspense

When your life spirals out of control you do one of two things: you let it or you stand up and defeat the demons that threaten you.

Amanda Benson faced a similar experience and ran from it, leaving Edinboro without a trace. She worked hard to get her life together and realized that to fully succeed in building a new life she had to go back and face the old one.

When she arrives back in town, a chance encounter changes her life. She’s given a home, a job, and a family. She believes that she is on the right track. That is, until she falls in love with the man that made it all happen.

Nothing can take away the heartbreak that she suffers while she watches him love the woman from his past. Not even the comfort she finds in the arms of another man can take away the pain.

Desperately searching for a love to last a lifetime, Amanda is too blind to see that the man who truly loves her is the man that she believes will destroy her.

Jealousy threatens to take hold and—if she isn’t careful— will ultimately destroy her and any chance she may have at having her own happy ever after.

Only 99¢ for release day!

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Ice by Amy Cecil

After escaping from the button-down life he never wanted, Caden Jackson is finally free. But freedom comes with a price, and the price Caden paid was the woman he loved.

Emma Baylee has loved Caden all her life, but his choices have left her vulnerable and alone. Now, desperate for help finding her missing friend, Emma must suppress her feelings and return to the man she’s always loved.

Betrayals are exposed as truths come to light. Will Caden and Emma be able to rekindle their relationship? Or, in the end, will Caden’s choices separate them forever?

Please note: This book is intended for mature audiences.

*Free for limited time only*

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This Strange Hell by C. J. Sutton

Title: This Strange Hell
Author: C. J. Sutton
Genre: Thriller
Publication Date: 15th March 2019
Publisher: Crooked Cat Books

A suited man runs from a burning tower in Melbourne as bodies rain down upon him.

Before the city’s millions can compose, he boards a train into the countryside. Hiding his identity and changing his appearance, the man finds his way to Sulley Ridge, a lawless town in the heart of the harsh Victorian outback.

The following day, a burned man wakes up in a hospital bed. Surging with rage, he speaks a name. Within an hour, the suited man’s face is across every screen in the country. It’s the greatest manhunt Australia has ever seen.

But as he tries to camouflage in Sulley Ridge, he soon realises the town has its own problems. Under the iron fist of a violent leader, the locals are trapped within slow and torturous decay…

As we learn more about the night of the burning tower, the connection between the suited man and the burned man threatens to leave a trail of destruction across the state.

Here is the story of a man on the run from his past, as the line between sanity and evil is danced upon.

Here is the tale of This Strange Hell.

Author Bio:

C.J. Sutton is a writer based in Melbourne, Australia. He holds a Masters in journalism and creative writing and supports the value of study through correspondence. His fictional writing delves into the unpredictability of the human mind and the fears that drive us.

As a professional writer C. J. Sutton has worked within the hustle and bustle of newsrooms, the competitive offices of advertising and the trenches of marketing. But his interest in creating new characters and worlds has seen a move into fiction, which has always pleaded for complete attention. Dortmund Hibernate was his debut novel, released by Crooked Cat Books on July 18. It is available now -