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Embassy by S. Alex Martin

Title: Embassy
Series: Recovery #1
Author: S. Alex Martin
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Date: January 2014
Pages: 330

Arman Lance was supposed to travel the galaxy with his father, not watch him die. He was supposed to experience the adventures from his father’s stories, not isolate himself from the world. He was going to join the Embassy Program, fly across the galaxy, and find Ladia Purnell, a girl from another planet whom he loved years before.

Clinging to his fading hopes and dreams, Arman joins the Embassy Program to fulfill that last promise. If he can reach Ladia, he’ll never have to worry, never have to feel alone. But it doesn’t take long for his plan to fall apart when he’s confronted by his fellow Embassy recruit, Glacia Haverns, the ever-smiling adrenaline junkie who decides it’s her job to show Arman there’s more to life than chasing a desperate obsession.

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About The Author:

S. Alex Martin grew up fascinated with astronomy and reading Harry Potter. His books reflect his vision for the future of humanity in the way of space exploration. He hopes to help inspire that same love of the final frontier in another generation to do his part to help progress humanity a little further.

In the words of Stephen Hawking: "There should be no boundary to human endeavor."

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Interview with S. Alex Martin:

Hi Alex, welcome to Just Books.
Would you kick off by telling us a little about yourself and your background, please?
I started writing science-fiction novels when I was 11 years old, so it’s been a little longer than 14 years now. I’ve written six novels in total, and am in the process of writing my seventh, the fourth installment of my current series. I graduated college from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as an English major and Mathematics minor, but now I’m a full-time science communicator and educator. In June, I traveled to Finland to speak at an international science education conference, and hope to attend the global conference in Malaysia next year. I also founded a program called Sidewalk Science Center in Savannah, Georgia, where I literally set up a table on a sidewalk in a popular park and let people engage with science demonstrations every weekend. It has since led me to begin founding a science center in Savannah. I’m in the beginning stages of this process. As of this writing, I’ve held meetings with the CEO of the local non-profit Coastal Heritage Society, have toured a potential site for the center, and am writing a proposal that I will present to the Board of Directors. All in all, it’s been a VERY busy summer!

When did you start writing for publication, what made you decide to put your work out there to be read by others?
I’ve been writing for publication ever since my first novel, although I no longer sell my first three novels. Only Embassy, Resonance, and Perihelid are for sale (I began writing this series in 2013). More recently, the reason I want other people to read my work is because I’ve seen my books impact people. I’ve cried from some of the stories people have emailed me with. Seeing how people relate to these characters and emotions is so amazing, and I want to continue giving that reassurance and relatability to people. These books also kind of outline the future I want to see, and am working to create. Had it not been for me writing this series, my science education program never would have been created, and I probably wouldn’t be living in Savannah, working to build a science center. You never know where life will take you, and writing these books has put me at the head of founding an educational institution. It’s crazy!

What gets your creative juices flowing?
Music. I love tropical house music, and getting those vibes flowing through me gets my brain going. Just slip on the headphones, drink a coffee, and go. I also need to be in a coffee shop. I hate writing and editing in my house. It’s not fun. It doesn’t feel...write.

What’s the best writing advice you’ve been given?
Honestly, just start. There’s really nothing else any other writer has told me that is universally true. If you want to write a book, just do it. Just throw some words on the page and see where it goes. All the other rules can be broken.

Tell us about your writing routine; what’s a typical writing day for you?
Go to a coffee shop, order a coffee. Sit down, usually next to or facing a window. Let my coffee cool off a bit, start drinking it, and then begin writing. I use the “cool down” time to think about, reflect on, and plan for what I want to write that day. Write for two-three hours, leave. Pretty simple!

The best thing about being an author is….
Being in the world you’re writing. Connecting with the characters as pieces of yourself. Recognizing your emotions, your ideals, your thoughts and insecurities. Figuring out who you are. I’ve learned so much about myself. Writing books has helped shape who I am and what I stand for, and there’s nothing I would change about that. Writing helps me evolve every day, and I’d rather be changing and improving myself, rather than standing still. I’ve gotten to meet lots of cool people, do lots of cool things, and have experiences I don’t know if I could have had were it not for writing books.

Give us an insight into your main character. What makes him special?
He’s a guy who’s been through a lot and often plays himself off as the victim of his circumstances. He doesn’t like being held accountable for his thoughts and actions, and in a way, hates himself for being that way. He’s resistant to change, but begins to see the value in it, and from there on out, constantly works to improve himself...even if he’s not always able to. He’s not much of a likeable character at first, honestly, as most reviewers point out. That’s what makes him unique, though. You root for him not because he’s always the best/funniest/friendliest person, but because he’s making an effort to be better than he used to be. He falls short a lot, but he also rises above his flaws a lot. He’s human. We all are.

What do you like to do when you're not writing or working?
I do my best to travel. More like...hike. I’m starting to travel more, though, which is good. Traveling is good for you. *stuffs writing materials and work materials out of sight in suitcase* Yeah. I’m...not doing either of those things.

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
Writing the end of Perihelid. I’m switching narration style and narrators for the final few books in the series, and leaving Arman behind is just...I’m going to be missing a piece of my identity as I move forward. I truly will be. This character saw so much of my life, the worst and the best, and now he’ll forever be on the sidelines. There’s really nothing else in my life I can think of that tops that, honestly.

What is your favourite book and why?

The series His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman. It was one of the first trilogies I ever read, and I just fell in love. One of those pieces of my childhood I will always cherish. I bought The Book of Dust, but haven’t read it yet.

Quick fire round:
➢Are you right- or left-handed?

➢What words and/or phrases do you use very frequently?
“Prolly” (probably), “lemme” (let me), “see” (see you later/goodbye). Anything that ends in “-ly.” I love the evolution of language, and truly believe “prolly” will replace “probably” in the future. I just have a feeling. Also, I never use “lol.” I can’t stand that at all.

➢Are you generally introverted or extroverted?
Generally introverted, but I’m prolly more of an ambivert at this point thanks to my science stuff. Talking to hundreds of people on a weekly basis does that to you. But in other scenarios, when I’m not working, I like staying invisible (though it is cool when people recognize me as the science guy). But yeah, I try to blend in with crowds. I even act like a tourist in my own city unless I frequent a place.

➢Name three things you consider yourself to be very good at.
Networking, recognizing emotions, and gathering knowledge.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
If you’re ever in Savannah, Georgia, come visit my science center! Even if you haven’t read my books, I’d love to meet you! Just visit to find me!

Thank you for joining us. Have a great tour!

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