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Beyond the Moon by R.J. Wood

Title: Beyond the Moon
Series: The Voyages of Jake Flynn #2
Author: R.J. Wood
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction/ Sword and Space/ Space Fantasy
Age category: Middle Grade/ Young Adult
Release Date: June 1, 2018

Beyond the Moon picks up after the battle above the ice planet Nystal, where Earth-kid Jake Flynn and crew have recently escaped from the Crimson Cabal. Their voyages continue on the other side of the galaxy where magic has displaced technology and monsters are real. Jake continues to grow in his new abilities to channel energy and fly tall wooden ships in space, but struggles with having been named the Justicar, a prophesied champion of the light. Pushing forward, he sets course for new planets in search of allies who will stand with him and help stop the cabal from resurrecting a long dead queen. To succeed, Jake must learn more about channeling and how to balance his new and unwelcome responsibilities with the continued search for his missing parents and a way home to Earth.

Aided and mentored by the young Life Magian, Starla Silvertree, her aged protector, Ottomeyer Riversend, and assisted by veteran sailors Jehnna Marik and Captain Billy Goldbar, Jake must make heavyweight decisions with deadly consequences.

Unicorns, ghost ships, pirates, space battles, magi wielding lightning and fire, dinosaurs, and a Valkyrie – Jake must face them all in this epic sword and space adventure. By the end, Jake will take another step toward adulthood, discover truths about his parents’ fate, suffer the death of a comrade, and muster the courage to charge into a final showdown with the terrifying snake-woman, Celia Sable.


         Far from civilization, in a clearing surrounded by the wild leafage and vines of an ancient rainforest, sat a wide pool fed by a stony creek. Near and far the calls of birds and animals mixed with the sounds of gurgling water in an endless discord. The air was warm and humid, made more so than usual by a furious rain shower just an hour before. Normalcy ended here. The vegetation was not the expected shades of green and yellow, but rather a tie dye of fantastic colors that ran the rainbow spectrum. This was not Earth, it was the Calico Jungle of the planet Abongo.
         Jake Flynn stood on a red blanket of thick moss that ran along the bank of the natural pond. His hands were shoved deep within his pockets while he reflected on the past few weeks. The last of the wounded crewmen had died that morning, and the full responsibility for what had happened in the battle above Nystal washed over him. He stood there lost in thought for a long while, until bright sunshine broke through upon the pool. A perfect reflection of the vibrant foliage formed on the still water. This caught his eye, and he glanced up at the light, but it had little effect on his mood that better matched the brooding darkness under the jungle canopy. He took a deep breath for a moment of relief.
         Jake returned to his purpose. He reached down and picked up a stone from a small pile he had gathered earlier. The smooth rock hurtled out over the pond with a tight twist as it went. Splunk! It landed with a splash that sent a short spray of water up into the air. He reached down for another stone. This one skipped thrice before it submerged. Perfect circles atop the water rippled toward the banks of the pond. Jake watched the rings expand until he became captured again by his own thoughts. Once more the sounds of battle and the cries of the injured returned. He stood frozen there well after the water had become motionless once more.
         It was not until the clouds above closed in again that Jake emerged from his inner self. The image on the pond was gone now and replaced by an ebony sheen. Footsteps met his ear and he turned his head. Someone was coming. The bushes rustled, and he prepared to bolt. Out came a girl his own age, Jehnna Marik. She held in her arms a shaggy house cat with a large head.
         Jehnna took one look at Jake and exhaled in a huff.
         “You still worrying about the carpenter’s mate?” she asked as she came forward.
         Jake had already heard Jehnna’s opinion on the matter. Mourn the loss, but move on. It was a sentiment shared by the rest of his companions as well. None of them seemed to understand. Being a Corsair, a Cosmic Magian who could power and fly ships, and having people look up to him as the ‘Justicar’ was a lot of pressure for a twelve-year-old.
         “Where did you get that cat?” he asked. Jehnna motioned back the way she had come.
         “Back there, up the ridge a way by a cave. It was limping. Poor thing. It had a thorn in its paw, but I got it out. It bled a little, but seems fine now. It’s a baby you know.”
         The cub resembled an earth tiger, but its fur was a speckled grey save for a pink spot on its wounded forepaw. Jake’s eyes widened and he looked around.
         “Jehn, put it down,” he said with new found caution. “We have to get out of here.”
         “What are you talking about?”
         “Now, Jehn!”
         She bristled.
         “Don’t order me around like I’m one of your sailors. If you want me to do something, ask, nicely!”
         The loud snarl of a big feline rumbled from the ridge up behind Jehnna and the jungle grew quieter.
         “What was that?” Jehnna asked, her eyes wide.

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“A resourceful boy takes a glowing sailboat across the stars to search for his long-missing parents and becomes the target of pirates and an evil cabal with a sinister agenda.”


About the Author:

R. J. Wood has been creating stories and adventures for others since 1979. A bard at heart, he trained in Drama (BA) and History (MA) while at university. He currently lives near Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State with his wife and children. There he does a little fishing, some adventuring, and of course, his writing.

Like everyone of my generation and beyond I have been heavily influenced by film. I like to think of my books as movies in my mind. I developed my creative writing through fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal RPGs. My degree in drama helps me with story, characters, and especially dialogue. Having an advanced history degree is excellent for plots and characters, but it also helps me with world building.

Guest Post by R.J. Wood:

Items from My Bucket List.

For my post today I have selected to share a few items from my bucket list. In case you don’t know, a bucket list is a series of items that you would like to do or experience before you die or ‘kick the bucket.’ I really do not have a formal list per se, but if I did, or when I do, here are a few things that would be on it.

The first is related to my writing. I think that I would enjoy visiting a national convention related to the genre(s) that I enjoy writing in, namely the speculative genres of science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal. If you have read Destiny’s Gambit or Beyond the Moon, then you will learn that I mesh up Science Fiction and Fantasy in this series similar to Star Wars. In my case, the technology is less and the magic more. At such a convention, I would be able to attend panels and workshops, and perhaps meet a few of my peers. Fans are always welcome.

The second item on my list feeds my inner historian. I would like to visit Gettysburg, stand on little round top and walk the mile of Pickett’s Charge. I also would like to walk Omaha beach in Normandy. There is something humbling about battlefields and deeds done there by normal people put into an abnormal situation. I want to pay my respects and let the spirits know that what they did there has not been forgotten.

The third item on my list indulges a bit of my inner astronaut. I would like to watch one of the Nasa or SpaceX launches live. I missed watching the Space Shuttles launch, but perhaps I have an opportunity to be there when the manned mission to Mars launches in my lifetime. That would be something special.

For my last item, I choose something that comes out of writing The Voyages of Jake Flynn series and my inner maritime historian. I would like to not just visit, but sail upon a tall wooden sailing vessel, preferably a large warship such as a ship of the line or frigate. I understand that there are replicas of these 18th century ships, and organizations that provide this service.

No, I did not have anything amazing like making the best seller list, or winning a Pulitzer. I’m not really fame seeker. I enjoy my anonymity.

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