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Electric Eclectic

The Authors and their Novelettes 

The Orb
The Orb is a fast-paced, urban action, speculative fantasy adventure.
After stealing the Orb from the Librarians, she is on her way to meet the Cardinal who has promised to pay fifty thousand pounds to lay his hands on the Orb.
But the Librarians what their treasure back and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that happens.
However, they are not the only ones chasing the Orb. Both the Paladin and Mamluk would like the opportunity to taste the secret powers the Orb holds.

Three Floors Up
Three Floors Up is the story of one man's psychosis and its effects on all who enter his world, and why the ones he chooses never leave.
This is a tale of dark doings, of murder and distorted perceptions.
Not to be read by the faint of heart.

North to Maynard
North to Maynard is a tale of an urban spirit, a ghost in the machine story for these modern 'tech' times.
It exposes something which could happen to any one of us, at any time.... even during a road trip, when you are travelling North to Maynard.

Mechanical Mike
I had much so much fun in creating this story it has encouraged me to venture into writing more tales in the realms of science fiction.
Mechanical Mike is a fun tale, a modern pulp fictional story of Metal Robotics, Nazi-occupied France and Love. Enjoy

Miriam's Hex
A dark comedy of greed, selfishness and latent curses.
Be careful of what you wish for, it may just come true....

A Cry in the Night
To the world Rick has it all, but inside he is burning out, on the edge of depression and a breakdown he crawls into a bottle.
In the apartment below, a lonesome, solitary figure is always in tears.
Can Rick comfort Gemma as she comes to terms with her past? In return can she help Rick face his own demons?
Past and future collide in this romantic story of heartache, passions and possible futures.

Down by the River
What happened that night down by the river?
When Shelby's best friend goes missing, she has to return to her hometown to search for her. As soon as she steps off the bus, she knows it is too late. Her visions are vague but the sense of foreboding is not.
What is Mary-Jo's boyfriend not saying and why is Sheriff Rawden Hughes so convinced he is guilty.

Distant Time
Imagine visiting a village that has just been invaded by German WW2 soldiers. Now imagine you are no longer invisible.
What would you do if you woke to find yourself in a strange place not knowing who you were? Running outside, you find yourself caught up in a war. Not only that - you run for your life and come face to face with yourself.
Julie is time travelling and something has gone drastically wrong. Read this thrilling adventure where the future needs evidence from the past.

One Christmas
"My name is Tina and I want to tell you about what happened to us one Christmas. My story is sad and funny and ultimately the happy ending we all love."
Life is full of ups and downs and even when things are bad, there is always humour, because life is like that.

Phantom Footprints
Scarlett has awoken in hospital, she has no memory of the accident, no recollection of events leading up to it. But she remembers Travis - or is he a mere figment of her imagination? Makayla thinks so. Strange things, unexplainable happenings begin to torment Scarlett. Is she losing her mind? Others, including Makayla, suspect this is so. But her vision of Travis is unequivocal, he must be real, he is real. Is Scarlett the only one who believes this?

Chantilly Lace
A group of friends from my teenage years asked. “when are you writing A Fifty Shades of Grey?”
I replied, “I’m starting tomorrow, and you guys have starring roles.
'Chantilly Lace' is the result. Not as seductive, more a snapshot of a besotted guy, an enraged husband and a manipulating attractive girl.
Designed to entertain, but still with a twist in the tail.

Operation Debt Recovery
Brandon is meandering through life. His dreams of a big house, a modern car, and a lovely girl to share it with, is a fantasy. It's not happening, his job is boring, and his bank account is dismal. Something has to change. Perhaps a holiday in Las Vegas might provide some inspiration, a kick start to a new future.
Or maybe it's the start of a trip to Hell. Brandon never foresaw the can of worms an exciting week in vibrant Vegas would unlock.

Ain't she sweet
Life in post-Depression America was a combination of people desperate to survive at any cost and people who clung to their morality. Sometimes the lines between right and wrong blurred. Through it all, families stood strong and enjoyed the simple pleasures life offered. To a couple of brothers in mid-America, rules were sometimes made to be broken, two quarters were treasures to be saved for a rainy day, secrets were kept, and lives were dramatically changed.

Burned Toast
After escaping an abusive relationship, Melly builds a new life, far from her abuser. But, some men just won't take no for an answer. What happens when Melly awakens in a strange place and comes face to face with the monster from her past? Is she strong enough to survive? Or is Jim angry enough to put an end to her running? "A gut-wrenchingly harsh emotional roller-coaster..."

April Showers
April showers may bring May flowers. In this small town, an April flood brings more than flowers to the surface. Some secrets are exposed. But what about those that remain concealed beneath the surface of a bucolic countryside?

Dark at the Top of the Stairs
In true crime noir style, two hard-boiled detectives investigate the apparently accidental death of a wealthy older man. Found lying dead at the bottom of the stairs in his expensive home, the only other person at home was his wife. While it looks like an accident, the detectives smell a rat. But, even when the crime is solved and the bad guys are wrapped up in neat packages, the story isn't over.

Old Habits
Gaunt Thibideaux is a man of habits. You know what they say; old habits die hard. Some habits are good, some are bad, and some are just plain unique. What happens when one person's habit impacts the lives of others?

An uncertain 22-year-old stepping out of his comfort zone.
An elderly woman with a vibrant past on a long ride home.
They cross paths on a bus trip along the U.S. Southeastern coastline, a journey that takes both of them on a shocking and unexpected ride.

The reign of Hatshepsut, the first female Pharaoh in Egyptian history, is threatened by the actions of her stepson, Prince Thutmosis. But Hatshepsut's daughter, Neferure, takes matters into her own hands to ensure the path of destiny her mother began

Seed Money
Even the most intelligent man can be fooled by a beautiful woman. Beneath the mask of loveliness, something dark may hide. Sooner or later the monster is exposed. Will the revelation come too late?

The Chaconne
The dead don't rest easy when injustice exists. When the restless spirit of his world-famous soprano mother struggles to expose the truth of her murder, Ted must open himself to her message. Someone still living knows the answer. Can Ted find the killer and bring peace to his mother's spirit?

Maggie's Gravy Train

When a young girl takes a ride on a gravy train with her mother, she finds unexpected adventures and mysteries waiting for her as they glide down the cookie track. What happens to the track, and why do the biscuit wheels crumble at one point, and turn to mush near the Ferry Land station? Who is behind the mayhem in the land of Eat-a-Lot? Find out as this charming children's adventure unfolds before your very eyes.

Mark of the Hyena
Mark of the Hyena is a cautionary tale of conflicting civilizations and the flaw of baseless pride by strangers in strange lands.

Morris Morris
Morris Morris is a man who believed the exciting life he had once had enjoyed, was ending. A chance meeting with Sheila, an ensuing romance, a friend’s death, and an unusual business idea, transforms Morris Morris.
Getting to know Morris Morris may save you a bundle of money!

Loysa's Carabao
Loysa was a young girl growing up in a poor family who survived by rice farming. On the day a new water buffalo was born, her life changed. The young calf was gangly, legs much too long and a body much to thin. He was called Payat. Loysa had plans for this new member of the family. In her mind, he was not meant for working in the fields. This is Loysa'a story.


"Electric Eclectic books are specially created to make it easy for people to find new storyworlds to escape into"
Paul White, Founder

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