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Completion by Andréa Fehsenfeld

Title: Completion
Author: Andréa Fehsenfeld
Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Publication Date: April 25th, 2018

Everything comes full circle, with a price.

From award winning TV Producer Andréa Fehsenfeld, COMPLETION is a dark tale of destinies and desires, and fans of Gillian Flynn's multilayered mysteries and Stephen King's contemporary suspense will be in familiar territory with this atmospheric debut where nothing, and no one, is what it seems.

Damien Hester seeks release from his troubled past through flame and fire. But this pyromaniac can't stay ahead of the law forever. When he ignites something beyond his control, his carefully constructed world comes crashing down and the consequences are far reaching. Now on the run, his path takes a dark turn in New Mexico and he finds himself on a mysterious cult compound. Off the grid and suddenly caught between two feuding members - Addy, a beautiful follower and Garrett, the enigmatic leader - is Damien the missing link they've been waiting for? Or will he prove to be everyone's undoing?

A riveting exploration about identity and the powerful forces of our pasts, COMPLETION unfolds through the alternating viewpoints of Damien and Addy as their secrets and broken histories start to unravel, their destinies entwine with Garrett’s, and everything comes full circle…with a price.


He jingles through a wad of keys from his pocket, using three different ones to open three different locks.

“Inside,” he says. “And shoes off.”

I slip out of the flip flops and stutter over the threshold.

“Don’t touch anything,” he warns, and closes the door behind me.

Click. Click. Click.

The locks fall into position.

My eyeball is slow to adjust from the brightness outside. At first glance, it’s just an average room you’d find in an average house where nothing crazy is going on - like killing people - but the hint of pine, clean and antiseptic, hangs cold like a guillotine. Two couches face each other in the far corner and in front of me an Ikea-grade dining table is bare except for a pitcher of water, two glasses and a plate of cookies. Something about the set up reminds me of an interrogation, and my hand tightens on the doorknob. It’s the only connection to outside, a world that now seems light years away.

Don’t think about that.

Instead, a vision of a torture chamber enters my mind, and I’m so pre-occupied trying to get rid of it that I don’t see the door on the far wall until it opens and I almost have a heart attack at the age of twenty-one.

Author Bio:

An award winning TV producer, Andréa has delivered over 180 TV commercials, series and movies for Fortune 500 companies, including the multi-million dollar unscripted series “Peak Season” – MTV Canada’s highest rated series debut.

A life long book lover, in 2015 she decided to channel her storytelling skills into writing fiction. COMPLETION is her debut novel.

Andréa’s brand – Cool Stories for Cool People – reflects her readers and what they’ll find in her books: unconventional characters with a dash of wild and crazy.

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