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Seven Electric Eclectic Novelettes

Electric Eclectic novelettes are short reads aimed at those who love reading but don’t have a lot of time and a way of introducing you to new authors.

Each book is just £1/£1/€1

An uncertain 22-year-old stepping out of his comfort zone.

An elderly woman with a vibrant past on a long ride home.

They cross paths on a bus trip along the U.S. Southeastern coastline, a journey that takes both of them on a shocking and unexpected ride.


Daniel leaves his privilaged and sheltered life, and his comfort zone, for a long trip by bus to meet his fiancee.
On the trip he meets Cassandra Smalls, a ‘nice, quiet church lady’, who has lived life to the fullest.
As they tell each other about their lives, Daniel realises that his life doesn’t have to mirror his parents’ lives and that he can change it.
Life is what you make it!
AMBERGRIS is a poignant and inspiring short story that introduced me to author, Rush Leaming.

In true crime noir style, two hard-boiled detectives investigate the apparently accidental death of a wealthy older man. Found lying dead at the bottom of the stairs in his expensive home, the only other person at home was his wife. While it looks like an accident, the detectives smell a rat. But, even when the crime is solved and the bad guys are wrapped up in neat packages, the story isn’t over.


Was it an accident or was it murder? Follow the investigation with detectives, Lou and Joe.
Dark at the Top of the Stairs is told from Lou’s point of view in classic noir detective style.
With dark humour, unforgettable characters and an unexpected twist at the end, this is a great read and ‘would be’ an excellent introduction to Elizabeth Horton-Newton writing.
I say would be, as I’ve previously discovered and read two of Elizabeth’s books!

The reign of Hatshepsut, the first female Pharaoh in Egyptian history, is threatened by the actions of her stepson, Prince Thutmosis. But Hatshepsut’s daughter, Neferure, takes matters into her own hands to ensure the path of destiny her mother began.


Chelsea Freeman has a strong feeling of Deja-Vu when she visits Valley of the Kings for the first time. Suddenly transported back in time to the fifteenth year of Hatshepsut’s reign, she experiences a few days as Neferure, daughter of the first female Pharoah.
As a fan of Markie Madden’s Undead Unit series, I was tempted to read Liberty, and found the story a wonderful mix of fiction and well-researched history. The detailed and descriptive writing lets you visualise the setting as you follow along with the intrigue and rivalry of the Pharaohs ‘court’.
Liberty reveals another side to the authors writing, as well as her obvious love of Ancient Egypt.

A dark tale of greed, selfishness and latent curses, laced with black humour, in a light-hearted way.

Although there could be lessons learnt from Miriam’s Hex, it is intended to be a simple, enjoyable tale of witchery and mischieve…or not.


How often do we say things like “I hope you choke” or “I wish you were dead”? We don’t really mean it (most of the time)… this story may make you think twice about wishing someone ill.
In Miriam’s Hex, we meet a nagging wife, Miriam and her henpecked husband, Peter. Both were great characters, one to be hated and the other to sympathise with.
I enjoyed this dark and fast-paced tale in which Miriam’s off-hand comments have dire consequences for Peter, but is it coincidence or is it deliberate? You decide!

“My name is Tina and I want to tell you about what happened to us one Christmas. My story is sad and funny and ultimately the happy ending we all love.”

Life is full of ups and downs and even when things are bad, there is always humour, because life is like that.


Tina is a wonderful character and easy to relate to. Her story is superbly told in this wonderful and poignant story about a family coping with tragedy. Sad, humourous, uplifting, and filled with hope.
An emotional story, about ordinary people with normal lives, that’s easy to imagine being a part of.
Karen Mossman has an amazing talent for taking ‘everyday’ situations and turning them into relatable and interesting tales that are a joy to read.

A short novelette. Brandon is meandering through life. His dreams of a big house, a modern car, and a lovely girl to share it with, is a fantasy. It’s not happening, his job is boring, and his bank account is dismal. Something has to change. Perhaps a holiday in Las Vegas might provide some inspiration, a kick start to a new future.

Or maybe it’s the start of a trip to Hell. Brandon never foresaw the can of worms an exciting week in vibrant Vegas would unlock.


Brandon is not satisfied with his mundane life and boring job, he wants more… more money, more excitement.
His trip to Vegas proves not to be as positive as he intends, and the repercussions send him into a downward spiral of debt and despair. Losing his job could be the final straw, but fate has a way of intervening.
Operation Debt Recovery is an interesting read, with a wonderful twist, or two, and you can’t help but root for Brandon, at the same time as berating him for his folly!
Ian Welch is a ‘new-to-me’ author, and I will definitely be adding a couple of his books to my to-read list!

The dead don’t rest easy when injustice exists. When the restless spirit of his world-famous soprano mother struggles to expose the truth of her murder, Ted must open himself to her message. Someone still living knows the answer. Can Ted find the killer and bring peace to his mother’s spirit?


Ted is being haunted by his mother who wants him to find her real killer.
This is a spooky tale from new-to-me author, Neil Douglas Newton.
It’s an interesting and compelling tale of an estranged family with an unexpected ending

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