Saturday, 21 April 2018

From Wrath To Ruin by Justin Enos

Title: From Wrath To Ruin
Author: Justin Enos
Genre: Fantasy

In the great city of Hohvenlor, a rivalry between two powerful merchants has simmered for many years. Now, the son of one merchant, spurned by the daughter of the other, vengefully stokes the fires of that rivalry. Soon, retribution follows retribution until the conflict threatens to turn the streets of Hohvenlor into a battlefield. Into the midst of this inferno of hostility comes Tijodrin, a man who is no stranger to violence and bloodshed. Exiled from his homeland for reasons he keeps to himself, Tijodrin wanders the land as a mercenary, selling his skills with a blade to those who have the coin to pay. Within the walls of Hohvenlor, Tijodrin finds no shortage of enemies and faces danger from many corners. Can he survive the endless plotting of the vindictive merchants and the swords of their bloodthirsty henchmen, as well as the lurking daggers of the shadowy assassin's guild?

Meet The Author:

Growing up in a military family, Justin Enos was lucky enough to get to see a lot of the world as a child. Born in Thailand, he subsequently lived in Kentucky, Maryland, Vermont, California, Germany and Virginia. He hasn’t stopped moving around as an adult either, calling Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Thailand again, and now Portland, Oregon home.

Justin began devouring books at a young age and his interest in writing followed soon after. Never much of a student, he could at least count on his creative writing abilities to gain him some top marks. Fantasy novels were his main love as a teenager and that led to what has now become a long-term interest in fantasy writing. After publishing a couple of short stories in fantasy magazines that no one has ever heard of, he buckled down and began working on his first novel.

“From Wrath To Ruin” is the first in what will eventually be an ongoing series of books. Inspired in part by the Conan novels written by both Robert E. Howard and Robert Jordan, each of Justin’s books will be stand alone stories.

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading From Wreath to Ruin. The main character Tijodrin keeps you wondering if he is a good or bad guy. His adventures keeps you on the edge of your seat. There is also a hot romance in between battle scenes. I highly recommend this book by Justin Enos.