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Servant of Rage by A.Z. Anthony

Title: Servant of Rage
Series: Bloodrage Trilogy #1
Author: A.Z. Anthony
Publication date: April 3rd 2018
Genres: Adult, Fantasy

To kill an heir is to claim their power. But at what cost?

As the khan’s fiercest headhunters, brothers Subei and Bataar are feared across the steppe. When they’re struck by lightning from a freak storm, however, they awake to find unnatural powers growing within them. And what’s more, they’re not alone.

All across the land other “heirs of the ancestors” have been imbued with these powers. Some call it a gift. Others, a curse. The khan calls it opportunity.

Under the tutelage of two infamous women – one a conqueror, the other a monk – the brothers are sent to the lands of the mighty Zhong empire to hunt heirs and consume their power for the good of the khanate.

With each kill, their powers grow. But so too does something else, boiling beneath the surface until it breaks free in uncontrollable fits of violence. As these so called bloodrages grow stronger and last longer, Subei and Bataar must weigh their duty, and their honor, against the unnatural madness growing within.


         Here was a problem. The power was growing stronger. He could feel it rising. What was once the faintest stirring deep down inside had become a constant, buzzing excitement. It was always on his mind, refused to be forgotten, as if begging to be used. Yet now, standing before the training dummy, his arm extended, nothing happened. The scars stayed the same dull silver. The energy buzzed within, but didn’t rise. Didn’t flood up through his chest and down his arm as it had in his fight against the old woman. Subei cursed and turned away, eyes cast down, avoiding the crowd of eager faces that looked on. Seemed the entire damned camp had turned out to watch.
         He’d wanted to practice in private, but the khan had insisted. Said it would embolden the men for the coming war. And so here he stood, Bataar beside him and half the training grounds cleared solely for them to learn to harness the power of the ancestors. The other half of the grounds might as well have been empty as well, the warriors there only pretending to train, swinging half-hearted blows at each other as they resisted the urge to stare outright.
         Subei raised his arm to glare at the scars. Damned things had worked when he least expected it. Now, when he needed to understand them, they remained defiant.
         “It’s okay to have performance issues,” Kashi said with a wink. “Happens to the best of us.”
         Subei grumbled and tossed a quarterstaff at his brother. Kashi danced away, laughing.
         “Do the orb again!” someone shouted from the crowd. A general cheer of approval followed. Subei pretended not to hear it, cheeks heated as he turned to Bataar.
         “Hunting I understand. Fighting I understand. But this…what is this?” Subei shook his head. “You feel it too, right? Like the power’s growing inside?”
         “Feels like indigestion, if I’m being honest.” Bataar frowned. “But yes, I feel it.”
         “Then what’s happening? A day ago I was throwing lightning from my hand. Now…” Subei looked at his open palm. Nothing but sweat-slick skin and a bit of dirt. “Now the only thing I’m throwing is quarterstaffs at my smart-ass brother.”

Author Bio:

A.Z. Anthony is best known for his genre-warping fiction whose popularity commonly crashes global markets. Also, his humility. More realistically, he is the author of several award-winning short stories. His debut novel, "Servant of Rage," releases April 3, 2018. He’s also hard at work on an additional standalone novel, the two sequels to "Servant of Rage," and is a contributor at The Fantasy Hive.

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