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Immortal Reckoning by Tara Fox Hall

Title: Immortal Reckoning
Author: Tara Fox Hall
Series: Promise Me Series # 18 (Origin Story)
Genre: Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Suspense, Romance
Publisher: Melange Books
Publication Date: February 27, 2018

Through the love and loss of the ages, immortality brings only one certainty: vengeance.

Disinherited and poverty stricken, bastard Danial clutches at the slim chance to earn a living as a guard, until a night attack leaves both him and his half-brother Devlin vampires. After finding true love with the aristocrat Lacey, Danial comes to the attention of James, the devious Vampire Lord of France. Enslaved by James, his love murdered, Danial plots to escape, his complex plan of years finally succeeding only to result in all of Europe’s demonic forces on the hunt for him.

After a reunion and subsequent falling out with Devlin, Danial travels to the new world of America in pursuit of a new life. Settling in the west, Danial forms alliances with native vampire Valerian and the witch Cheyenne to survive a game of cat and mouse with Devlin and protect his new love Kathryn amid his rapidly changing world. Triumphant yet nursing a broken heart, an undeterred Danial protects his friends and thwarts his enemies, determined to find a life of peace…until unexpected news comes of James’s presence, the one man on whom Danial has waited centuries to get revenge.


      I don’t remember much of what Devlin said to me that night he came to the monastery, I had been too long without human blood. But I did hear that he had found a human woman, Anna, and that he truly loved her, enough to have made her his Oathed One. I drank from one of the dying brothers that night, in order to ready myself to leave.
      You might think I left the monastery with Devlin in order to seduce Anna, by way of exacting revenge on him. You’d be correct. James wasn’t the only immortal with whom I had a score to settle. I walked down that road to meet Devlin and his demon, Rip, hell bent on making my brother suffer all I could. But the feeling lessened quickly, along with my resolve.

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In the Promise Me series, Sarelle, a mortal woman, encounters a wounded (and sexy and handsome) vampire, Danial. Without knowing who he really is (a murderer for hire, for one), Sarelle begins a romantic relationship with him a little too fast. Interestingly, Sarelle also finds herself attracted to Danial's best friend, the werecougar, Theo. What will happen to Sarelle's relationship with Danial? Where does Theo fit in? Amidst new obstacles and relationship problems, Sarelle has to decide where her future lies.

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Author Bio:

Tara Fox Hall’s writing credits include nonfiction, erotica, horror, suspense, action-adventure, children’s stories, and contemporary and historical paranormal romance. She is the author of the paranormal fantasy Lash series, the paranormal romantic suspense Unhallowed Love series and the paranormal romantic drama Promise Me series.

Tara divides her free time unequally between writing novels and short stories, chainsawing firewood, caring for stray animals, sewing cat and dog beds for donation to animal shelters, and target practice.

All of her published children’s stories to date are free reads on

Guest Post by Tara Fox Hall:

Donating Dignity

      I was asked to do a blog on 10 things I regretted doing, or not doing. As I don’t have even five of either, I opted instead to submit a post on something I do that I’m proud of: donating my hair.
      Children With Hair Loss and other charities take donated hair and make wigs that are then given to those who have lost their own tresses to medical issues. I personally have donated my hair three times now, and intend to keep doing so, as this is a cause I believe in. It’s not difficult to do, if you have a supply of hair ties, barrettes, or headbands to keep lengthening tresses out of the way while they reach the required length. Probably the most difficult part of the donation process is the one that takes the least amount of time: adjusting to the loss of 10”-12” of hair. I confess after donation I still reach for mine at the small of my back, then panic slightly when there is nothing there to touch!
      Here are several sites to visit, if you are interested in hair donation (others also exist online). Even if your hair is highlighted or colored, as mine is, there are still places that will take it; it just may be sold for cash to help finance the wigmaking, instead of being used for actual wigs. Bear in mind that almost all places below want at least 8” ponytails, 12” and longer being preferred!

      ⬙  Children With Hair Loss:

          (will take ANY hair in good condition, processed and grey included)

      ⬙  Chai Lifeline:

          (will take any hair in good condition, but it must be 14” minimum)

      ⬙  Locks of Love:

          (no processed hair)

      ⬙  Wigs 4 Kids:

          (no processed or grey hair)

      ⬙  Wigs for Kids:

          (will take grey hair but no processed hair)

      ⬙  Pantene Beautiful Lengths:
          click on link, then see Donation Form for rules.

          (no processed hair or grey hair)

Don’t feel comfortable losing so much lock length all at once? Bald yourself, but have a pet? Like to craft, or have livestock? You can still help by saving hair of any length, pet hair, waste wool, feathers, and natural fiber donors. and sending them in (if your salon does not) to help with oil spills. The Clean Wave program oversees this groundbreaking program.
Details are here:


Tour Dates: March 1 - 21, 2018

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