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Dominion by Julie Hall

Title: Dominion
Series: Life After, #3
Author: Julie Hall
Publication date: March 19th 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

After defeating the red dragon’s legion of bloodthirsty demons, Audrey can finally settle into the afterlife with the knowledge her family is safe. But her quest for a perfect existence shatters the moment Logan is kidnapped in an attempt to bend her to Satan’s will.

Audrey must now travel to the one place no hunter has ever ventured to save the man she loves . . . Hell.

Savage demons, desiccated corpses, life sucking zombie trees, and a land of death and rot await Audrey and her friends as they battle through the fiery realm.

But Logan’s freedom comes with a price . . . the destruction of Audrey’s happily ever after.

As Satan schemes for dominion over all the realms, Audrey learns that some acts may be beyond redemption.


      I ran toward where I thought the demon was with my sword held out in front of me, the blade blazing like an inferno. I’m sure I looked like a complete idiot, but if I was going to accidentally run into something demonic, I wanted the pointy end of my sword to hit first.
      I skidded to a stop when the mist cleared enough to reveal the backside of the Goliath battling Kaitlin. My gamble paid off—the giant creature was too distracted fighting my friend to notice me—but its sheer size gave me pause.
      Thank goodness Kaitlin couldn’t see this thing, or she’d probably pee herself. Heck, I was close to losing bodily control, and that beast wasn’t even facing off with me.
One cut was not going to do it, holy fire or no. The thing was easily the size of a small house. Even if I plunged my blade right into the creature, it would most likely swat me away like a fly before I got the chance for a second blow.
      An idea formed in my head. Not one I liked, but the only one I could come up with. If I could take care of the tentacle-like appendages attacking Kaitlin first, there was a chance I could then climb up its back and sink my sword into something that would put the creature down.
      This was insane.
      Once I started cutting off appendages, this massive demon was going to start attacking me right away.
      Shoot, I’d better be fast. This was going to get messy.
      I bounced on the balls of my feet for a quick second before jumping into the fight.
      I managed to cut through two of the barbed tentacles in one swing. They flopped to the ground and wiggled as if still attached. Nasty. The stumps that remained squirted black blood. That was new. Usually my sword left only charred flesh in its wake. And the things I cut off weren’t turning to ash either. It had to have something to do with the realm we were in.
      Lost in thought, I ducked a moment too late, and one of the creature’s wiggly arm-like things clipped me on the shoulder. I slammed into the ground, hard. With a shake of my head I bounced back to my feet and charged.
      Now that I could see clearly, I zeroed in on the demon’s remaining limbs. They flailed through the air like knives aimed at my head.
      Time disappeared as I fought. Any blow I landed cut through its shell-like flesh without difficulty. Shrieks of pain and outrage rent the air.
      One more wiggly limb to go, and I would be on to phase two of my plan. The crazy part where I somehow managed to get high enough on the demon’s body to take off its head, or at least plunge my sword into its skull . . . repeatedly.
      With a satisfying swipe, I lopped off the last limb. I was covered in the demon’s slimy black ichor. I preferred it when the creatures charred and ashed. So this was what the other hunters went through when they fought with the enemy.
      Didn’t like it one bit.
      In a surprise move, the demon suddenly threw its body in my direction. I dove to the side to get out of its way. My sword flew from my hand and landed somewhere unseen.
      Did that fat demon just try to squish me?
      Dazed, I shook my head and looked up in time to see the creature lumber to its feet and come at me again.
      Scrambling for purchase on the parched ground, I only just managed to evade getting flattened a second time. The demon’s razor sharp jaws were only feet from where I lay, and it twisted and snapped at my feet.
      Holy cow, it’s trying to eat me!

Book #1

Book #2

Author Bio:

Julie Hall is a USA Today bestselling YA fantasy author and 1st place winner of the 2012 Women of Faith national writing contest. She was also was awarded "Best Debut Author" at the 2017 Ozarks Indie Book Festival.

Before writing her first novel Julie worked as a film publicist and rubbed elbows with the rich and famous . . . as in she would gently nudge them to let them know their meal had arrived during press interviews.

She now spends most of her "office hours" with her two furry writing buddies. Her daughter thinks that mommy's superpower is “sleeping all day,” but that’s because she’s often awake until the wee hours of the morning weaving tales of adventure in worlds of her own creation. When asked in an interview what she wanted to be when she grew up, she’s quoted to have answered, “to never have to grow up.”

She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her four favorite people--her husband, daughter, and two doodles (because dogs are people too).

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