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Nature of the Witch by Helen T Norwood

Many years ago, magic prevailed in Britain. It was a time when chosen women followed a path forged by Mother Nature herself; a time of witchcraft, of the brotherhood of the Gwithiaz and of the terrifying Creatures.

This has all passed from memory a long time ago. But now, magic has returned. Kiera is the first witch the world has seen in centuries, while Jack must learn the ways of the Gwithiaz. They must not only master their crafts, but also overcome their differences and work together if they are to survive the dark enemy that lurks in the shadows.

In the rugged Cornish landscape where it first began, the two face the dreaded Kasadow: an ancient evil that has awakened and is ready to destroy them, and their magic, once and for all.


Thanks so much to Rainne for letting me visit her blog on my book tour. This extract is when Kiera and Mags, two important characters, meet for the first time. Mags is a mentor to Kiera and helps her to discover and learn how to use her powers. In this passage, Mags is trying to make Kiera believe in what is happening to her.

“I’m going to make you believe,” Mags whispered, “now close your eyes.”

Kiera sighed and then did as she was told.

“Before we start I should mention that technically I’m a novice at this myself. I may have read many books but, as I’ve already mentioned, due to a lack of witchcraft for the last couple of hundred years I haven’t exactly had chance to gain much experience in the field so to speak.”

“Noted,” Kiera said, feeling a little foolish and debating whether to open her eyes and put a stop to the whole thing.

“We’re not going to do any particular spell. We aren’t even going to concentrate on any particular purpose. The aim of this is just for you to become aware of your powers,” Mags spoke in hushed tones and Kiera had to strain to hear her, “to do that I just want you to shift your focus inwards. Forget about any other sounds, like the cars in the road outside or even the sound of my voice. I just want you to think about what’s going on inside you. Whilst you block out all the other external distractions I want you to visualise that you’re back at Tintagel Castle, I want you to see the sea and the crashing of the waves. I just want you to concentrate all your attention on the power behind those waves and then whatever it is you’re feeling I want you to release it.”

Kiera did as Mags said. She could visualise Tintagel clearly, she saw it as she had seen it the previous day. She pretended she was lying on the rock again watching the ocean beneath her. As she did so she became aware of a sensation in her body that started off as a slight tingle, but then gradually increased until it felt as though her whole body were vibrating. It was the same feeling she had experienced at Tintagel, as if something other than blood was coursing through her veins, making them throb. It took her breath away, it felt as though she was losing control of her body and she was frightened, worried her body might explode with the pressure. She cried out and heard Mags’s voice, “Release it.”

Release it how? She thought panic stricken.

She raised her hand and felt a force in her fingertips. She wasn’t even sure how she did it. One moment she was scared her insides were about to become outsides and the next she felt a sense of relief as the sensation left her. She opened her eyes. She was sweating and Mags was smiling proudly.

“What the hell was that?” Kiera gasped.

“Magic,” Mags breathed, “we just witnessed magic for the first time in two hundred years.”

She inclined her head upwards and when Kiera looked up she gasped. There was a crack running the whole length of her ceiling.

“Did I do that?” she asked in shock.

“It seems you’re more powerful than I anticipated,” Mags conceded, “certainly not bad for your first time.”

“I broke my ceiling,” Kiera said aghast, “my landlord will have a fit.”

“Actually I think you broke the building,” Mags told her casually, “and I’d bet you also knocked out the power in some of the surrounding estates. I’m going to suggest we evacuate. I’m not a qualified surveyor but you just split the building in two, I don’t think it’s safe anymore.”

Kiera frowned at her sceptically until she heard a cracking sound from above her as the ceiling continued to split. A small amount of plaster broke away and landed at her feet. She ran to the window and looked out. People were rushing out the front door and had started to congregate out the front of the building, looking up at it in horror.

“And since you’re now technically homeless and clearly in possession of powers you don’t know how to control I’ll ask you again, would you like to grab your things and come with me?”

Author Bio:

Helen lives in the UK with her husband, two children and one diva-like cat called Tiger.

Helen, like many others, was captivated in her childhood by books from the likes of Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton and any books which took her to new worlds and showed her places of magic and mystery. She has enjoyed writing and creating her own magical worlds from a young age. She is currently writing the second book in the 'Nature of the Witch' trilogy which will be out soon.

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