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Soul Mirrors by Wiley A Hadon III

No one knows how human genetics evolved to create Mirrors. No one knows how the evidence of a criminal’s last horrendous act can be confirmed in a single gaze of a child’s silvered eyes. But just because science can’t explain something doesn’t mean it can’t be used, and this gift is simply too valuable to ignore.

Twins Thomas and Ashley Ross have grown up knowing they would be used as Mirrors for the “good” of humanity. When their powers mature at age twelve, they are taken weekly to fulfill their role. By reliving the most heinous crimes from a perpetrators’ perspective, they alone can assure that no innocent people will be executed, and that the worst offenders are not set free due to lack of evidence.

Justice is not without cost, however. Taking on the memories of others is a destructive process, one that quickly consumes the children involved until most take their own lives. As despair threatens to drown Thomas and Ashley, a distant hope keeps them from succumbing: If they can make it to their eighteenth birthday, their contract with the government will be fulfilled. Changing views on the morality of their role threatens to tear them apart, but the twins struggle to cling to each other and try to construct a fragile life above the weekly flood of horrors.

As their work takes it toll, however, a new question emerges: does survival even matter when you’re already broken beyond repair?

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“I asked to Reflect Father Sean today.”

Daniel’s hand slipped, and he dropped the shirt he was holding to the floor. “And?”

“He turned me down.”

Picking up the fallen shirt, Daniel’s mind raced to find an appropriate response.

“Being Reflected is hard,” he said carefully.

A moment of silence passed between them, then Thomas let out a derisive snort. “You’ve never been Reflected. Not fully..”

“I don’t have to drop a brick on my toe to know it’s going to hurt.”

“Everyone knows the Reflections hurt, but only the Reflected know how much. Aren’t people supposed to endure pain for the ones they love?

“It hurts me, too,” Thomas went on. “I hate ripping off these glasses, but I was willing to ‘drop a brick on my toe’—to borrow your colorful metaphor—for the opportunity to have one of my biggest supporters tucked up in my head. I hoped that someone might be willing to bare their soul to me, to volunteer to serve as my crutch, even if it hurt. I’ve learned my lesson.”

Daniel slid the last pair of jeans onto a hanger and tucked them into the closet. Snatching up the basket with one hand, he shut the door. Turning to continue this conversation with Thomas, Daniel took a final glance around the floor to make sure he had not accidentally dropped something.

“I wish it were that simple, but people don’t always—”

Raising his eyes, Daniel caught a split-second flash of something silvery cross his vision; by the time his brain processed what he was seeing, it was too late.

Author Information:

My love of storytelling traces back to my step-mother, who spun wonderful fantasy stories when I was child. I finished my first novel at sixteen. That first attempt was terrible, but taught me quite a bit about story construction. Though I would start numerous other projects in the following years, I wouldn't actually complete another book for another 21 years.

I wasn't idle in that time, though. I earned a degree in engineering, married the love of my life, worked as a semi- truck driver crisscrossing the country, moved from Texas to North Dakota and then came back home.

It's been a fun and interesting journey. I really enjoy engineering, but writing was my first passion, and I'm excited to share it with you.

I currently live in West Texas with my wife and our two adorable (but weird) cats.

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Guest Post by Wiley A Hadon III:

Character Casting

I've listed out my main characters, the actor or actress I think fits the role, and then some of the qualities that define who they are.

Thomas and Ashley Ross: The twins are my main characters, but they're also young. They start at twelve and end at seventeen. I'm not really familiar with performers in this age group, so I'm open to suggestions. Physically, they're small for their age. In terms of personality, Ashley is optimistic and obedient but lazy. Thomas is a cynical misanthrope who is devoted to his sister. 
Daniel Ross: Chris Pratt (Earnest, Honest, and Determined)
Sally Ross: Winona Ryder (Caring, Nervous, Over-Protective)
Sam: Ving Rhames (Solid, Quiet, Stoic)
Carol: Maggie Smith (Proud, Stern, Knowledgeable) 
Father Sean: Patrick Stewart (Compassionate, Firm, Thoughtful)
Bryant: Robert Picardo (Zealous, Brilliant, Self-Assured)

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