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January in Atlantis by Alyssa Day

Title: January in Atlantis
Author: Alyssa Day
Publication date: January 16th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

When Poseidon’s elite warriors gear up to train a new generation of fighters, they have no idea that Atlantean Queen Riley has secretly taken on a new role: Matchmaker. By the end of the year, she plans to find soul mates for all twelve of Atlantis’s fiercest warriors . . .

. . . whether they like it or not.

Twelve all-new adventures in the hotly anticipated world of Poseidon’s Warriors, coming once a month from New York Times bestselling author Alyssa Day. These books are sexy, romantic, and wickedly addictive —welcome to 2018! And welcome to:

A Year in Atlantis


Author Bio:

Alyssa Day is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than forty novels filled with kissing, laughter, mystery and magic. Alyssa’s paranormal series include the Poseidon’s Warriors and Cardinal Witches paranormal romances and the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries paranormal mysteries. Her many awards include Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award for outstanding romance fiction, and the RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance novel of 2012. Her books have been translated into a zillion languages, but she’s still holding out for Klingon.

You can hang out with her on Facebook and Twitter where she talks about her rescue dogs and her future pug ranch, and her blog, where she talks openly about her struggles with depression and hosts Mental Health Check In Fridays (

She currently lives somewhere near an ocean with her Navy Guy husband, two kids, and any number of rescue dogs.

The Demon Deliverance By Victoria Danann

Title: The Demon Deliverance
Series: Knights of Black Swan, Book 12
Author: Victoria Danann
Genre: Paranormal Romance

If you force a demon to agree to a deal under duress, you will live to regret it.

New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, adds a long-awaited book to the Knights of Black Swan saga featuring everybody's favorite demon. 😈

Two and a half centuries ago Sixt had been a young witch with little control. In a fit of jealousy, she’d cursed the demon with an addiction spell. She thought better of it shortly thereafter, but couldn’t find him to take it back. She did something unforgivable, but now she wants forgiveness anyway.

Deliverance had been a slave to sex for so long he could barely remember life before. When he learned the compulsion that was a never ending itch was an addiction hex, he was elated because hexes can be withdrawn by the witch who casts them. But giddiness was cut short when he learned the price he’d have to pay to have the curse reversed.

Free on Kindle Unlimited

Knights of Black Swan has been voted BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES every year for the past four years in a row.
Reviewers’ Choice Awards, The Paranormal Romance Guild.


She was waiting in the hallway when the elevator doors opened and threw herself into his arms when he stepped off, making him take a stumbling step back and wish he’d come to see her even sooner.

As they stepped inside her penthouse, Hans looked at Deliverance with curiosity.

Sixt said, “This is my brother…”

“Harm.” He stuck his hand out.

Deliverance hesitated for a minute before deciding that he didn’t want to punish Sixt through her brother. He shook hands.

Sixt’s eyes had widened when her brother had announced his name was ‘Harm’. For obvious reasons, the principal credo of witches was keep a low profile. In answer to the claim that ‘nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition’, witches would say it’s always on their mind.

With his good looks and show-stopping smile, keeping a low profile was a challenge for Hans to begin with. But the addition of a name like ‘Harm’ was, well, curious.

“Harm? Really?” she asked.

He shrugged. “It’s a new age.”

She shook her head. “You’re wrong, brother. The outer trappings are new.” She waved her hand at the view out the window. “Skyscrapers, drones, internet, cars that drive themselves. Da. Da. Da. People are just the same.”

He flashed a blinding grin. “Good thing we aren’t people.”

Deliverance looked at Harm like he was an infectious viral bacteria rapidly multiplying. And he was definitely not interested in family reunions. “May I be excused?” he asked, words dripping with venom.

Sixt sighed and waved her hand. Deliverance disappeared.

“Am I interrupting something?” Harm looked at Sixt as if expecting an explanation.

“As a matter of fact, now is probably not the best time.”

Recognition lit up Harm’s face. “Hold. The. Newsflash. That’s not that demon you were pining for…” The way Sixt jerked her chin up and fixed him with a glare caused him to rethink finishing that sentence. “Okay, then. Your business.”

“That’s right. Just like I don’t meddle in your business. But for the record, I was never pining for the demon. I just had unfinished business with him.”

“Oh. Right.” His tone changed. “You worried about being hunted?”


“Why? Looks like you’re…” He looked around at the penthouse office. “Fortified.”

“And connected to judges, congressmen, even movie makers.”


She canted her head. “Cultures are shaped by their stories. Right? You know this.” She motioned to walk with her toward the kitchen. “I like movies that make witches comical, like Bewitched, or sympathetic, like Nanny McFee.”

His lips twitched. “Not a Blair Witch fan?”

“Please. I had to pay those little fuckers three fortunes to say it was all a hoax.”

“So this is what it’s come to? Instead of using your talents to get what you want, you bribe kids with cameras?”

“Whatever works.”

He nodded. “Who am I to judge?”

She smiled. “As I remember, back in the day, you rained down some major judgment on witch persecution.”

He smiled. “I still keep track of their descendants and make sure there’re never more than one or two alive.”

“Sins of the great grandfathers sixteen times over? Maybe it’s time to let that go.”

He laughed. “Hmmm. Maybe. I’ll bet they spend their lives wondering why they can’t ‘catch a break’.” He made air quotes when he spoke the phrase ‘catch a break’. ”Maybe they don’t know why they’re being punished.” He shrugged. “But it’s entertaining for me.”

Additional Books:

Author Info:

Victoria Danann is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty romances. For the past four years in a row, Victoria's Knights of Black Swan series have won prestigious Reviewers' Choice Awards for both BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES and PARANORMAL ROMANCE NOVEL OF THE YEAR. This past year three of her series and three of her novels were nominated. Two of her series took the top two places and two of her books took first and second place in the PNR Novel of the Year category.

In addition to vampire hunting knights, Victoria writes other paranormal romance, scifi, fantasy, and contemporary romance.

Victoria co-hosts the popular ROMANCE BETWEEN THE PAGES podcast which can be found on itunes or at

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Pure Innocence by Liza O'Connor

Title: Pure Innocence
Series: The Extraordinary Life of Amy Winston, Book 1
Author: Liza O'Connor
Genre: Historical Regency Romance with Paranormal elements

For some, Amy is an angel incarnate; for others, she is the child of Satan.

In her early years, Amy learns the skills of a soldier and discovers she can heal with the touch of her hand.

Upon the death of her beloved Uncle John, he stays as a protective ghost to assist the soldiers in their vigilant efforts to keep her safe.

Never has a girl arrived at Madam Cousec’s School for Young Ladies with more charm, more friends, or greater protection. She’ll need them all to survive the head girl and set her future in motion.

Free with Kindle Unlimited


John sat down upon the ground, so he would look less threatening. “I mean you no harm.” He spoke in the soft voice he used to calm war-panicked horses. His words came slow, in gentle tones, letting them sink in through her fear.

She hugged her child harder and rocked faster, but she did not try to run away.

“I want to help you. I can see you are hurt and afraid. You are probably hungry as well. I can give you shelter and food, see your wounds are tended and provide clean clothes for the baby and you.”

Upon comprehending his words, she burst into a torrid of tears and sobs that shook her body so hard he feared she would trigger the collapse of the entire cliff.

“Please don’t cry,” he begged. “The ground you are upon is unstable. I need you to be very, very still until my man returns with the ropes, so that I may rescue you. Will you do that for me? Will you be very still?”

She stopped crying and stared at him. “Why do you want to help me?”

“Because you need my assistance. I can see you are all alone and desperately in need of help.”

“I am, but you will not help me—not once you have learned what I have done.”

“I know that you’ve had a child and were tossed from your home because you would not name the father.”

“I could not name him. There is no father. I have lain with no man. There was only a dream, a wonderful dream of a handsome prince on a white stallion. He declared me the most beautiful lady he had ever seen, and he kissed me and made my body burn with fire. Then I woke up from my shady spot on the banks and I was alone as always. It was the devil, you see. He came to me in my dreams.”

She began to rock again as she held her baby tight against her chest. “That is why you will not help me—because of the dream. I am the whore of Satan and this child is his spawn.”

He feared he’d soon lose her to madness.

“Amy, I don’t think that is true. You are too sweet to be the whore of Satan. Your child is too good-natured to be his seed.”

She looked up at him in shock and stopped rocking. “She is very good-natured and so very beautiful. But what other reason might there be?”

“Amy, I believe the man in your dreams was real. He must have come to you while you slept and lay with you while he distracted you with kisses and sweet words. Can you remember more about his features? For example, what was the color of his hair?”

“The color of yours,” she said. “When I first saw you, I thought you were the man in my dream and you had come to rescue me. But you are not him.”

“No, I am not. But I do want to rescue you.”

She studied him. “His face was smoother than yours and his eyes sparkled blue. And there was a tiny mole on the edge of his mouth.”

Her words stopped his heart. Dear God, she was describing his younger brother, Alexander. Yet, that was impossible. Alexander had died in battle eight months ago and before that, he had remained in London.

Author Info:

Liza O’Connor lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels.

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Aaspa’s Eyes by Jane Jago

The story itself was entertaining. Angels, demons, vampires and a variety of other species appear at different points in the book.

The main characters, Aaspa and Aascko, are hunters and mates who seemed to do as much populating of their nest with various waifs and strays as they did hunting.
They were well fleshed out and I liked the different sides of them – the ruthless hunter, the gentle parent and the loving partner.

The world building was minimal, and the book, in general, was lacking in description. Apart from the fact that hunters have wings and crests, I have no idea what they look like. My imagination could fill in on some of the other characters, such as Owl and Small Cat. Then there are the drones a type of servant whom I thought at first were possibly mechanical, until I discovered they could eat and drink!!

Adding to my confusion is the fact that Aaspa and Aascko weren’t the only characters whose names began with Aa, there were a lot, and I struggled to remember who was who. Having to go back and figure that out pulled me from the story, which would otherwise have been well-paced.

*not for under 18’s due to a few ‘unnecessary’ explicit sex scenes.


If Aaspa was human, having blue eyes wouldn’t matter. But she isn’t, so it does. And when she finds out how she came by the colour it rocks the foundations of her world. Can she emerge from the web of spite and rumour with her head held high? Or will her enemies manage to use the secret to lever her over the edge into insanity?

The Author:

Jane Jago lives in the beautiful Westcountry with her large dog and her favourite husband (yes, he’s large too).

She spent half her working life cooking, and the other half editing other people’s manuscripts. Both these occupations seemed to take up a large proportion of her waking moments, leaving little or no time for the stories that filled her imagination.

But time moves on and it became possible to squeeze out the odd hour here and there to get some words onto ‘paper’. The Long Game took nearly two years to write, principally because the characters kept doing unexpected things requiring rewrite after rewrite.

Since then, Jane has learned that the story as it begins in her head is unlikely to bear very much resemblance to the finished book.

Equally, she has learned to enjoy the journey, as her characters take her to places she never knew existed while they play out their lives on the page in front of her.

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The Red Rider by Randall Allen Dunn

Very loosely based on the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.

In this story, Red (Helena) grows up and takes revenge on the wolves who scarred her, killed her Grand’Mere, and then the rest of her family.

The Red Rider is dark, action-packed, and suspenseful. It has many twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Red is a strong and determined character, but she also has an innocent and vulnerable side. I was rooting for her from the beginning of the book right up to the last page, and am looking forward to reading book 2 of the Red Rider saga, Red Rider Revolution.


Little Red Riding Hood is heading back into the woods to meet the big bad wolves…
But she’s not little anymore.

When she was seven years old, Helena Basque was attacked by a savage wolf that killed her Grand’Mere. Helena survived with triple scars that disfigured her face, and strange tales of a wolf that stood upright and spoke to her.

Now at age sixteen, she knows it was no wolf. And it was not alone. A pack of similar animals banded together to kill Francois, the woodcutter who saved her from the first wolf. These creatures now threaten Helena’s family and everyone in the French province of La Rue Sauvage. To stop them, Helena must do things she never planned to do, and become something she never planned to become. Donning a red hood and cloak like the one she was forbidden to wear after the first attack, she arms herself with a repeating crossbow and other assorted weapons. She then wages a private war against the wolves, refusing to stop or slow down until she wipes them out. She only hopes she can somehow defeat the monsters when she confronts them… whatever they actually are.


The Author:

Randall Allen Dunn was raised on a steady diet of James Bond, Batman, Star Trek and Indiana Jones. He writes stories of action, adventure, and infinite possibility, as well as instructional books about writing.

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Fury Frayed by Melissa Haag

Title: Fury Frayed
Series: Of Fates and Furies, #1
Author: Melissa Haag
Publication date: January 23rd 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Megan’s temper lands her in Girderon Academy, an exclusive school founded in a town of misfit supernatural creatures. It’s the one place she should be able to fit in, but she can’t. Instead, she itches to punch the smug sheriff in his face, pull the hair from a pack of territorial blondes, and kiss the smile off the shy boy’s face. Unfortunately, she can’t do any of that, either, because humans are dying and all clues point to her.

With Megan’s temper flaring, time to find the real killer and clear her name is running out. As much as she wants to return to her own life, she needs to embrace who and what she is. It’s the only way to find and punish the creature responsible.



“What was that for?” he asked. Anger had wiped out any hint of mocking curiosity from his tone.

I could also feel the throb in my fist. He had a hard nose.

“To see if you were real.”

“Most people pinch.” He sounded a bit more nasally than he had before.

My imagination was sure good at adding the little details needed to make this all feel real. I didn’t let it distract me from the moment, though.

“Most people don’t walk around in someone else’s backyard while butt naked.” Not that I actually minded that part. His biceps were clearly defined, and his thighs were thicker than my head. Realizing where my gaze had wandered, I quickly looked up again.

He shook his head and released my wrist.

“Where were you going?” he asked.

“To town. Do you own pants?”

“It would be better if you stayed here.”

“For who?”


“Stay in a house where a guy shows up naked in the backyard? Yeah, that’s not sounding like a good option.”

“It’s the safest one.”

“Of course, you would think that. But since this is my dream, I’m going to see how many more naked men are frolicking around this place.”

He stayed quiet for a moment, studying me. I was just about to turn and walk to the front of the house when he spoke again.

“The people in this town are going to eat you up and spit you out.”

Without warning, he scooped me up and walked into the house with me. In the light of the kitchen, I studied his face. He looked mad, his jaw hard and a frown tugging his lips. Very nice lips. High cheekbones and a strong nose. His gaze flicked down to me just before he started up the stairs. Deep blue eyes. I had amazing taste in dream men.

When he turned to my room, my heart skipped a beat. Was I really going to dream this? A naked man carrying me to bed? I knew where this was headed.

Author Bio:

I love writing paranormal and fantasy romance stories. After finishing up the Judgement of the Six series, I thought I was ready to trade in my broody shifter males for something bit more mythological. Wouldn’t you know it…a few shifters snuck in! But, I managed a healthy selection of other creatures that made this series truly unique for me.

Writing characters with realistic motivations in a fantasy world is always fun. Fury Frayed was no exception. I laughed so many times while writing the first draft and again during the editing process. I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it!

She Asked For It by Willow Winters

Title: She Asked For It
Author: Willow Winters
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 23, 2018

You’ll tell me you don’t… but you already think you know what my story’s about.

You have no idea.
Just like the people sitting in this courtroom.
She asked for it. That’s what they keep saying.

And no, it’s not because my skirt was too short or I was drunk at a party.
It’s nothing like that. It’s because of what I like and how I like it.

They’re judging me as I sit in the front row, my eyes drawn to the man on trial.
If I’d known it was going to end like this, I never would have gone home with him.
But he’s the type of man I just can’t say no to.

I wanted to feel his lips kiss down my neck.
I dreamed of running my fingers along the rough stubble on his jaw.
I craved his hands on me, pinning me down.
I needed to whisper his name in the dark, late at night.

You still think you know what happened? You don’t.
He’s innocent and I enjoyed every second I was with him.

Let me tell you my story … all about how I asked for it.


Also Available:

Too Easy
(a prequel to She Asked For It) – FREE!

Amazon • B&N • Kobo • iBooks

Author Bio:

Willow Winters is so happy to be a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and #1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author. She likes her action hot and her bad boys hotter. She certainly doesn’t hold back on either one in her writing!

Willow started writing after having her little girl, Evie, December 2015. All during her pregnancy with Evie she continued to read and she only wanted to read romance. She was reading a book a day — sometimes two.

In January 2016 Willow was staying up late with Evie and just thinking of all these stories. They came to her constantly so she finally sat down and just started writing. She always wanted to do it so she figured, why not? Today Willow cannot be happier for making that decision!

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Elements of Mischief by C.M. Stunich & Tate James

Title: Elements of Mischief
Series: Hijinks Harem #1
Author: C.M. Stunich & Tate James
Publication date: October 5th 2017
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Four hunky, supernatural plumbers.
One reluctant, slightly drunk human.
A match made in heaven…or in the bathroom, rather.

My name is Arizona Smoke, and I’m the proud owner of a house haunted by my dead Gram, best friend to a cocktail dress loving werewolf, and apparent soul mate to four plumbers who also happen to be elemental dragons. Besides rippling pectorals, tattoos, and…uh, nice, long pipes, the guys also have control of the elements.

Supernatural law (whoever heard of such a thing anyway?) dictates that since I stumbled upon the guys in their alternate forms, I have to marry them. All four of them. Oh, and apparently one lousy (okay, awesome) night of sex means that I’m an elemental, too—and no amount of magical penicillin can cure this disease.

All I wanted was hot running water and toilets that flushed, but now I’m dealing with monsters lurking in the sewers, supernatural politics, and four penniless (but totally hot) plumbers living in my crumbling old Victorian.

I’m Ari Smoke, wine aficionado, ex-barista, and a girl who is completely out of her element.
Having four hot husbands is nice…but the death threats, not so much.


      The sound of shattering glass echoed through the huge, empty kitchen as my wine slipped from my fingers and I choked over what I'd just heard. Clutching my phone to my ear, I took a breath before responding.

      “It's going to cost me how much?” I needed to clarify because surely I'd just heard him wrong.

      “Seventeen thousand, ma'am. And to be honest, that's a stretch. If we ran into any more unexpected problems along the way, that price would go up.” The man on the other end was so matter-of-fact about it. So uncaring that he was delivering such gut-wrenching news to me. “Look, I'm not going to fuck around on this. It's a seriously old house, and no one has touched that plumbing practically since the day it was installed. I just don't think I have the manpower to spare on a job like this right now.”

      “But what am I supposed to do?” I hated the fact that my voice had just come out in a whimpering squeak, like a pathetic little girl. I was a tough bitch normally, but not having a toilet in the house was rough. For the last few days, I'd been walking three blocks to an antique store just to pee. “I can't live here without any plumbing, and I already gave up my apartment …”

      Of course this guy didn't care about my problems. He didn't care that my grandmother had just died and left me her crumbling Victorian mansion, or that I had just spent nearly every cent to my name on her funeral. Truth was, I would have had to give up my apartment regardless, because I no longer had any way to pay my rent since I was fired from my job at the local coffee shop. They simply hadn't understood why I needed so much time off to care for my grandmother in her final weeks. It was kind of lucky, in that case, that Gram had left me this house or I really would have been out on the street.

       “I'd usually tell you to sell it, but no one will buy it without working plumbing so you don't really have a choice here, ma'am.” The man was still speaking, oblivious to my descent into desperation, and I sucked in a shaking breath, swiping the dampness off my cheeks with the back of my hand.

      “Can you recommend anyone else?” I asked politely, but my voice shook like a leaf in a blizzard. There wasn't anything quite so stressful as having toilets that didn't flush. “I'm not from around here so I don't know where else to find good plumbers.”

      A long sigh came down the phone.

      “Yeah, look, I'll put in a good word for you with my son and his friends. They're just starting out with their own business, so they've probably got the time free to take on a job like this. He might cut you a deal or a payment plan or something, but no guarantees. At least you'll know he learned from the best.”

      “Oh, god that would be … fucking incredible!” Relief flooded over me. This plumbing needed fixing, but I was flat broke. The next door neighbor's tree roots had messed up all of the plumbing in Gram's mansion, meaning none of the taps, toilets or anything was working. It had been years since Gram had done any maintenance whatsoever, so who knew how bad the damage was?

      “Don't thank me yet,” the man grunted, “these boys are known around these parts for having a bit of a wild streak. Personally, I wouldn't hire them—even with my son involved—but you're not exactly in a position to be picky so …”

      “Uh, right.” Asshole, no need to rub it in. “So do you have a contact number for them?”

      “No need. I'll let them know about the job and they can get in touch with you.” He sounded a bit reluctant, like he was already regretting his suggestion. Hopefully not because of how big this job was? Or maybe he was worried about those famed wild streaks?

      But please. Plumbers? How crazy could they be? I imagined them all in their late forties with big bellies and butt cracks covered in wiry hair. No, thank you. How much action could they really be getting?

      “Thank you so much, sir. I really appreciate it,” I gushed politely. Never hurt to have manners. More flies with honey and all that … Or wait, flies were actually more attracted to shit, huh? Which is what I was going to be ankle-deep in if I didn't get this plumbing fixed.

      “Don't thank me yet,” he muttered, then disconnected our call.

      Strange man. Fuck I need more wine.

      I eyed the mess of glass and liquid on the tiled floor, then shrugged to myself and grabbed the bottle. No one else was here to judge me. Swigging straight from the bottle, I headed back into the living room to watch Pretty Little Liars, my guilty obsession.

      Hey, it was better than the Maury Show, right?

      But only by a little.

Author Bios:

Tate James was born and raised in the Land of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand) but now lives in Australia with her husband, baby and furbaby.
She is a lover of books, red wine, cats and coffee and is not a morning person. She is a bit too sarcastic and swears too much for polite society and definitely tells too many dirty jokes.

C.M. Stunich is a self-admitted bibliophile with a love for exotic teas and a whole host of characters who live full time inside the strange, swirling vortex of her thoughts. Some folks might call this crazy, but Caitlin Morgan doesn’t mind – especially considering she has to write biographies in the third person. Oh, and half the host of characters in her head are searing hot bad boys with dirty mouths and skillful hands (among other things). If being crazy means hanging out with them everyday, C.M. has decided to have herself committed.

She hates tapioca pudding, loves to binge on cheesy horror movies, and is a slave to many cats. When she’s not vacuuming fur off of her couch, C.M. can be found with her nose buried in a book or her eyes glued to a computer screen. She’s the author of over thirty novels – romance, new adult, fantasy, and young adult included. Please, come and join her inside her crazy. There’s a heck of a lot to do there.

Oh, and Caitlin loves to chat (incessantly), so feel free to e-mail her, send her a Facebook message, or put up smoke signals. She’s already looking forward to it.

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The Most Special Chosen by Rachel de la Fuente

Title: The Most Special Chosen
Series: Exalted Bloodlines #1
Author: Rachel de la Fuente
Genre: Paranormal Drama/ Paranormal Romance
Age category: New Adult/ Adult
Release Date: March 3, 2018

Elysabeth Vance is so determined not to be lost in her obsession that she refuses to see what's right in front of her.

Damien is so afraid of ruining his only chance at happiness that he's blind to Elysabeth's obsession.

Once they open their eyes to what they have, nearly incomprehensible secrets will be revealed. After all, fate happens, even if you don't believe in it.


It takes every ounce of my self-control to not slam my books down on the table as I reach Shawn. To avoid getting thrown out of the library, I plonk them down lightly and drop into a chair with a sigh.

"Bad day?" Whispers Shawn, my best friend of eight years. "I thought it was going to be great."

I schlump forward and rest my chin on my hand. "It was supposed to be, according to my intuition. That's why I dressed nicely." I gesture vaguely to my outfit with my free hand. I have on a pair of black, knee-high, leather boots; black leggings; and a lightweight, crimson sweater dress that accentuates my curvy figure. I only wear a little makeup to set off my brown, almond-shaped eyes. I've left my copper-colored hair long and wavy, hanging to my hips.

"The only thing special about today is that I've been rather hot." Southern California just isn't very cold in November.

"I thought you said your intuition is never wrong."

"It's not, I just..." I shrug, unsure how to finish that sentence. My intuition hasn't been wrong once in my entire life, and ignoring it has always been to my detriment. I can't understand how it's suddenly wrong.

I watch Shawn as he turns back to his studying. He hasn't changed much since high school. His soft, dirty-blonde hair hangs to his ears; huge, horn-rimmed glasses hide his startling green eyes; and his nose is a little too big for his face. He's not ugly, but he's no model, either.

Look up.

My intuition, the same strange whisper I've heard at various points in my life, speaks again. I obey instantly. Perhaps this is the something special I've been waiting for.

I catch sight of the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen around the many bookcases and quickly sit up straight. He's perfect! Imagine if he's — No, Lys.

My movement catches Shawn's eye. He peers over his shoulder, following my line of sight, then turns back, rolling his eyes. "What is it with you and guys in black? Especially ones that look like —"

My sharp look shuts him up. He knows better than to discuss that in public. But I have to admit he has a point. I glance back at Mr. Gorgeous. He does look like — Dammit Lys! They don't exist.

I try very hard not to stare and fail miserably. He has shoulder-length, jet-black hair that looks almost blue in the light; large, ice-blue eyes; full and sensual yet masculine lips; a square jaw that somehow doesn't look chiseled; a mustache that grows into a short goatee; and lovely, olive skin.

He rounds the last bookcase and I can see he's wearing a black, form-fitting shirt that hints at washboard abs; black leather pants; a floor-length, black, leather, trench coat that accentuates his broad shoulders; and combat boots. He must be at least six feet tall and he walks with a deadly purpose. He's exactly what I've always imagined. Everything about him screams dangerous; and the effect is mesmerizing.

He's obviously looking for something — or someone. Probably a girlfriend. I'm still ogling him when his gaze suddenly meets mine. I see a brief flash of recognition, but I know I've never seen him before. His eyes dart down and back up, and I have an irrational desire to pull my neckline down just a bit.

His grin is sinful. It promises wicked things, and I want to find out exactly what they are.

About the Author:

Rachel de la Fuente (meaning of the fountain) lives in Maryland with the love of her life and two furry children that meow. Her first novel The Most Special Chosen is being released by Burning Willow Press on March 3, 2018, but it's hardly her first story. She's been writing since elementary school, and telling stories since she could speak. She is an avid fountain pen enthusiast with a bit of an ink problem, and often writes book notes and sections of stories by hand.

Rachel was born and raised in southern California, but spent many summers with family in Mexico. Her parents loved traveling, so she also spent many vacations in various locations, soaking up foreign cultures and sights. She still loves to travel, and is committed to crossing all of the locations off her bucket list.

Rachel is a proud Slytherin, and when not writing, spends much of her free time reading, cross stitching, and watching documentaries.

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

She Asked For It by Willow Winters

Title: She Asked For It
Author: Willow Winters
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 23, 2018

You’ll tell me you don’t… but you already think you know what my story’s about.

You have no idea.
Just like the people sitting in this courtroom.
She asked for it. That’s what they keep saying.

And no, it’s not because my skirt was too short or I was drunk at a party.
It’s nothing like that. It’s because of what I like and how I like it.

They’re judging me as I sit in the front row, my eyes drawn to the man on trial.
If I’d known it was going to end like this, I never would have gone home with him.
But he’s the type of man I just can’t say no to.

I wanted to feel his lips kiss down my neck.
I dreamed of running my fingers along the rough stubble on his jaw.
I craved his hands on me, pinning me down.
I needed to whisper his name in the dark, late at night.

You still think you know what happened? You don’t.
He’s innocent and I enjoyed every second I was with him.

Let me tell you my story … all about how I asked for it.


Also Available:

Too Easy
(a prequel to She Asked For It) – FREE!

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Author Bio:

Willow Winters is so happy to be a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and #1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author. She likes her action hot and her bad boys hotter. She certainly doesn’t hold back on either one in her writing!

Willow started writing after having her little girl, Evie, December 2015. All during her pregnancy with Evie she continued to read and she only wanted to read romance. She was reading a book a day — sometimes two.

In January 2016 Willow was staying up late with Evie and just thinking of all these stories. They came to her constantly so she finally sat down and just started writing. She always wanted to do it so she figured, why not? Today Willow cannot be happier for making that decision!

Shadow Walker by Tiffany Shand

Title: Shadow Walker
Series: Shadow Walker Trilogy Book 1
Author: Tiffany Shand
Genre: Urban fantasy/paranormal romance

After her enforcer teammates are killed in a bust gone wrong, Denai witch Charlie McCray struggles to carry on working the job without them. Using her gift of communicating with the dead, she's determined to get justice and find those responsible no matter what. But her only clue to go on is a mysterious orb with a deadly reputation that everyone wants to get their hands on.

The only one who may be able to help her figure out their deaths, and the connection to the orb is the dark and sexy demon from her past. Convinced she's his life mate, to her denial, Charlie isn't happy to see him again. Can they really work together as partners to track down the truth whilst ignoring the ever-growing attraction between them?


Charlie McCray looked at her watch for about thousandth time and glanced down into the gloom on the floor below. The warehouse felt cold and smelt of dampness. Cracks of light shone down through the splintered glass windows casting eerie white pools onto the floor. Hell, she couldn’t wait to catch these guys in the act, find out what illegals they were trading and get the hell out of there. Her best friend and her fellow enforcer, Natalia, grinned at her.

What’s taking so long? Nat groaned in thought.

Tell me about it. I want this over with so I can have a drink and we can give Simon a proper retirement send-off. Charlie shifted in an effort to get her stiff limbs more comfortable.

Natalia’s smile widened. Sure it’s not because you’re dying for your promotion?

Charlie rolled her eyes. Yes, the big promotion where she’d become a lieutenant at just twenty-four years of age since their team leader, Simon, was retiring. She finally had the chance to lead their team and get to where she’d been wanting to be for the past six years. Running her own team. But first they had a gang to deal with.

Working as an enforcer often meant waiting around and working undercover. But Charlie loved the good she could do enforcing justice. She kept a close watch on Simon as he waited for his contact to arrive. Catching one of the Tears, a gang of ruthless criminals who liked to trade illegal artefacts and drugs had been something her team had been working on for months.

Be patient, Charlie told herself. You can’t afford to blow this.

She glanced over at their fellow team mate, Louis, who flashed her smile from where he perched on the other side of the upper floor of the warehouse. Ready to celebrate, lieutenant?

I’m not an LT yet, she reminded him.

I could kill for good beer! Lou turned his attention back to their boss.

Shush, we need to focus.

Aye, aye, LT. He gave her a mock salute.

Charlie rolled her eyes, tried focus on the job. Hell, she couldn’t wait to celebrate but the job hadn’t been completed yet. They’d spent months setting up this operation. Plus, her boyfriend, Scott, was coming home too, so she had even more to celebrate. Everything was coming together. She’d finally oversee her own team and had her boyfriend home. After weeks apart it would be great to finally spend some time together. But she knew she’d have a lot of work to do after her big promotion.

The sound of the warehouse door creaking open made Charlie grip her gun tighter. A man dressed in a black hoodie came in with Simon’s informant. She couldn’t make out the man’s face. Lou, do you have a visual?

Not yet.


Negative, her partner replied.

Meet The Author:

Tiffany Shand is a writing mentor, professionally trained copy editor and copy writer who has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Born in East Anglia, Tiffany still lives in the area, constantly guarding her work space from the two cats which she shares her home with.

She began using her pets as a writing inspiration when she was a child, before moving on to write her first novel after successful completion of a creative writing course. Nowadays, Tiffany writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, as well as nonfiction books for other writers, all available through Amazon and on her own website.

Tiffany’s favourite quote is ‘writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go’ and it is armed with this that she hopes to be able to help, inspire and mentor many more aspiring authors.

When she has time to unwind, Tiffany enjoys photography, reading and watching endless box sets. She also loves to get out and visit the vast number of castles and historic houses that England has to offer.