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Nectar of the Gods by Mary Bernsen

Title: Nectar of the Gods
Series: Beyond the Gods #1
Author: Mary Bernsen
Published by: CTP Pulse
Publication date: November 28th 2017
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Mythology, Romance

Ambrosia has spent her life preparing for the day she would avenge her mother’s death. Working undercover as a prostitute, she draws in the man who took her mother’s life. Not realizing who Ambrosia is, the man admits to her that her mother is actually still alive—and he’s on a quest to finish what he started twenty-three years ago. Desperate to find the mother she’s never met, Ambrosia convinces him to let her help. It’s a partnership of necessity and founded in deception, but Ambrosia is faced with an uncomfortable truth: this man is not the monster she has always envisioned him to be. Worse yet, she finds herself drawn to him…craving his touch. How can she reconcile these intense feelings for the man who shattered her life?

The first novel in the exciting new Beyond the Gods series, Nectar of the Gods is a fantasy romance steeped in Greek Mythology and full of passion that will leave you breathless.

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      “She only turns men to stone,” I interrupted them. “I could go in and distract her.”
      “Where did you hear that version of the tale?” Perseus raised a brow.
      “From a friend.” I looked at the ground, surprised he was the one to ask it. He was speaking to me again, even if it was to call what he seemed to think was a bluff.
      “I have not heard that.”
      “Nor I,” Nikkias added.
      “Well, how many women have you heard of stupid enough to try to face her?” Homer wondered.
      “Only one.” Perseus set his eyes on me, sending heat creeping into my cheeks. “I don't know that there is any precedent for such a thing.”
      “If it's true, it would help us immensely,” Homer said. “Ambrosia, you could enter first, lure her to the other side. She would follow you out of curiosity alone. She would wonder why you have not turned. And while she is inspecting you, we could come up from behind.”
      “That sounds well enough.” I nodded. This plan would serve me better than he knew. While they were busy sneaking, I could warn her. She could prepare herself for the oncoming ambush.
      And then what? I couldn't let her turn them to stone, no matter how justified she would feel doing it. I would have to find some way to put myself between them. Perseus wouldn't hurt her if it meant hurting me. I could only hope Medusa's instincts as a mother would make her feel the same.
      “It's too risky.” Perseus shook his head. “I won't use you as bait. You are lucky I'm letting you join us at all.”
      “I'm lucky?” I mocked him. “Someone has given himself some unwarranted credit. There seems to be a bit of confusion around this, so let me make it clearer: you may have been the ruler of Aetheopia, but you are not my king.”
      A stunned silence fell over them all, and even I was surprised by the condescension that dripped from my words. I did not want to spend my last few hours arguing with him, but it was becoming glaringly clear the two of us did not know how to interact without throwing some kind of unnecessary turmoil into the mix.
      This man drove me to the edge with every word he spoke, but despite the exasperation he filled me with, I would miss this. As soon as he was gone, I would long for our toxic, dysfunctional dynamic. There was a passion between us—a fire that made every single blow we threw at each other taste deliciously sweet. I wouldn't find that same excitement with anyone else, I was sure of it.
      I stood in front of him, shoulders high and posture erect with my fists clenched at my sides, daring him to make a move. I wanted him to fight now. I needed just one more night to feel that passion.

Beyond The Gods Dream Cast:

When I sit down to plan a new book, the first thing I have to figure out are my characters. Their personalities, backgrounds, motivations… and of course, their looks. Scenes are way easier to write if you have a full image of the person you’re writing about. Like many writers, I usually imagine a familiar face for comparison sake. Sometimes my heroine is molded after someone I know in real life (quite often my villains are. Sorry, not sorry!). Often times, though, specific actors/actresses come to mind. If any of the Beyond the Gods books were ever turned into movies, this would be my dream cast!

Introducing the heroine in Nectar of the Gods… Ambrosia (aka: Gabrielle Wilde)


And her love interest, Perseus. Better known as Wilson Bethel

Perseus’s brother and rival, Hercules the brothel owner (William Moseley)


Their well known, chipper sister, Queen Athena ( Sky Fierreira)

They’ve got a tyrant of an uncle who parades around with a trident, King Poseidon (Donald Sutherland)


And of course Poseidon’s concubine turned sorceress Ursula (Mackenzie Foy)

Author Bio:

Mary Bernsen is a southwest Florida native currently living in North Port with her two beautiful children and a third, much larger child that she affectionately calls husband. She is the Amazon Best Selling Author of Healing The Bayou, The Ganga Shift, and Beyond the Gods series.

She also writes young adult romances under her pseudonym, M.E. Rhines.

Guest Post by Mary Bernsen:

Top 5 Under-Used Paranormal Creatures

Vampires, zombies, werewolves; yes, we love them. So much so that a simple search on Amazon will leave you with literally thousands of choices. You’ll never, ever run out. I’m guilty of the fetish myself (I actually have a shifter romance coming out in April, so obviously I’ve been bitten!), but even I can only read so many love stories about fanged spawns falling for the hapless mortal female before I start rolling my eyes. That’s when I start looking for variety. There’s an entire spectrum of paranormal elements/creatures that tend to be left out, especially among romances, and I get super excited when I come across a book featuring one of these misfits. Here are some of my favorites:

5) Gargoyles.
Yep, these guys are made of stone, but do their hearts have to be? I don’t think so.

4) Jin (a.k.a.: djinn or genies)
Okay, how is the romance writing community not all over this? A magical guy can give his love interest anything she desires. Anything. So much potential.

3) Harpies
These violent half-breeds of the Greek underworld weren’t always depicted as hideous monsters. Maybe it’s time to bring back the original version: stunning but deadly.

2) Other shifters
I know, I know, we were going to stay away from the whole shifter thing. But, there’s an entire animal kingdom just ripe for the picking. Why do we have to be so stuck on werewolves and bears? What about… I don’t know, bees? Less sexy, but I bet it’d be interesting!

Yep. Shrek was one of my all-time favorite movies, simply because of its originality. I love ogres; there’s something about their predatory nature that I think would work fantastically well in a romance.

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