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I Burned Down His House by Jessica Frances

Title: I Burned Down His House
Series: Love at First Crime #3
Author: Jessica Frances
Publication date: November 28th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

She burned his house down, so he lit a fire between them that she could never extinguish.

So, I burned his house down.

It was an accident.

I mean, technically, the dog did it.

Well, the dog helped me to do it.

Did I mention it was an accident?

When circumstances mean I suddenly have a new housemate,

A man who is my ultimate fantasy,

And my entire world is turned upside down by new friends,

And a dog who likes to get me into trouble,

I have to wonder how my life got so crazy.

Add in my neighbor, who is under investigation;

Some unfinished business from the past, which just won’t go away;

Interfering family, who don’t know when to stop;

And mixed signals, making me wonder if fantasies really can come true,

And you have my new, hectic, crazy life.

But, when things take a dangerous turn,

And lives are on the line,

Will we all make it through in one piece?

Or is everything destined to crumble down around us?

Who would have thought that burning down a house would change everything so much?

Then again, as some people say: there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.


      “I always knew I had a thing for Joey, I just didn’t realize how deep that could go so quickly.”
      “If you want my advice, then firstly, I have to wonder why the hell you do. I don’t even do relationships, remember? And then I would tell you to turn your brain off and just enjoy the ride. Sure, it might crash and burn, but worrying about that is just going to spoil the ride. You might as well be happy while you can.”
      I let his words soak in, finding them settling inside me.
      He’s right. I can’t exactly stop the direction we are heading in. Maybe we are heading for heartbreak. Maybe we aren’t. Either way, I can still choose to enjoy every second we are together.
      “Harvey, I think you might be a bit of a genius,” I murmur, looking up at him to see his attention isn’t on me.
      It’s on a man fast approaching us from the trail ahead.
      “Turn around and run,” he snaps, releasing his grip on Karma’s leash and shoving it into my hand.
      “What?” I gasp, almost tripping when he pushes me behind him.
      “Run!” he barks.
      I freeze, seeing the man, who is taller and wider than Harvey, is almost on him.
      What the hell is happening?
      Once fists start flying, I do as I’m told and run.
      I’m not an expert on fighting, but I know I will be a hindrance rather than helpful.
      I grab my phone as I run, dialing Joey’s number with shaky hands. Karma’s barking almost makes me drop it before it connects.
      “Something’s wrong,” I huff out, slowing down a little so I can get my words out. “Harvey is fighting someone—” I break off my own words, screeching to a halt when a van careens up beside me, brakes squealing.
      I turn to my side, unable to make out who is there before hands grab me, pulling me closer to the street and the van.
      “Get off me!” I cry, glancing around wildly to find no one is around. There are no witnesses, no one able to step in to help.

Author Bio:

Jessica lives in Adelaide, South Australia. When she is not writing, you can find her reading, napping or watching excessive amounts of TV.

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