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Night of the Hunter by Susan Harris

Title: Night of the Hunter
Series: The Ever Chace Chronicles, #4
Author: Susan Harris
Published by: Crimson Tree Publishing
Publication date: November 13th 2017
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Caitlyn Hardi is on a mission…a suicide mission. Driven by the pain of the past, she sets out to confront the monster deep in the Catacombs of Paris—the one who took everything from her. Caitlyn doesn’t care if she survives Paris. Her only concern is that the vampire who made her does not take another family from her. If dying means keeping everyone she loves safe—especially Donnie—then Caitlyn can accept that…as long as she can take her maker to Hell with her.

Donnie O’Carroll began to live the moment Caitlyn made him a vampire. Caitlyn gave him a family, a purpose, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to allow the darkness to overwhelm the woman he loves. He will fight to the end to prove to Caitlyn that love can conquer all—even if he has to die to do it.
Sacrifice, a supernatural assassin, and immortal love are on a cosmic collision course in this powerful fourth installment of the Ever Chace Chronicles.

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      “You hurt him or Caitlyn and I promise you that I will see to it that you burn. We are not blood, but we are family. And I will fucking find a way to end you if you harm those who are mine to claim as family.”
      The vampire tilted his head slightly, a smile that didn’t meet his eyes on his lips. “You would make a formidable vampire, warlock. Let me turn you, and with my blood in your veins, you will be a king amongst men.”
      When Caitlyn’s maker spoke, Donnie understood why people had fallen to their knees and bowed to him. His voice sounded as if a God had spoken and praised you, no matter if he condemned you to death, or embraced you.
      “No thanks. Donnie bit me once, and it did nothing for me and he’s a handsome bastard. Besides you ‘aint my type.”
      “I have powerful females of my line who could change you over.”
      Ricky rocked back on the heels of his feet with a grin that might just get him killed.
      “I’m sorry. You’re ancient and misheard me. You should really get that checked out, mate. Next step and you’ll need those little blue pills to perform. Anyways, what I meant to say was you’re a sadistic, narcissistic, prick and the thought of having you turn me into a vampire makes me what to upchuck all the alcohol I’ve drank in the last few hours. If I ever change my mind, I’ll ask my family.”
      Ricky spun and with his back to Caitlyn’s maker, flashed Donnie a grin and sauntered out the door whistling ACDC’s Highway to Hell.

Skin and Bones
Book 1

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Author Bio:

Susan Harris is a writer from Cork in Ireland.

An avid reader, she quickly grew to love books in the supernatural/fantasy and Dystopian genre. She writes books for young adults and adults alike.

When she is not writing or reading, she loves music, oriental cultures, tattoos, creepy snow globes, DC shoes, stationary, anything Disney, Marvel movies, psychology and far too many TV shows. If she wasn't a writer, she would love to be a FBI profiler or a PA for Dave Grohl or Jared Leto.

Guest Post by Susan Harris:

My Writing Inspiration: Night of the Hunter:

When I was planning The Ever Chace Chronicles, character profiles still new and a work in progress, I wanted to create a character that seemed to be so emotionally damaged, and possibly unchangeably broken, that it would resonate with readers. I myself am very open about my life with an anxiety disorder, and my dealings with depression, with a full awareness that I can sometimes shut out the world when things get too much.

That was where Caitlyn Hardi came in. Another thing that came to mind was that at the time I was writing the plot outlines for the series, I thought on how not many people spoke of beauty being a curse; like having beauty and being considered extremely good looking could also be a hinderance. For Caitlyn, it most certainly was because it was what first attracted the monster to her.

Forming in my mind as my planning went on, I listened to 30 Seconds to Mars’ Night of the Hunter, and listened when the voice said in French, La Nuit du Chasseur, and I knew Caitlyn had to be French. With that came the exciting research into the city of Paris. The entire city seemed like a hub of supernatural activity, from the Gargoyles atom the Notre Dame Cathedral, to the fascinating history of The Catacombs.

But I am a writer who does not like to write about a place I have never been, so I booked my flights and headed to Paris for a three-day trip that will be etched in my memories for a very long time. Armed with no French words, and google maps, I navigated the beautiful city, got lost on the metro, and traversed the underground splendour that was The Catacombs, my favourite part of my trip.

When I came home, I was filled with excitement and wonder, the three days I spent in Paris, mostly by myself, gave me a new outlook on life. When writing the Paris bits of Night of the Hunter, I got to revisit a city I fell a little in love with, especially having walked the streets by night, witnessed the Eiffel tower sparkle to live in the dark.

My hope is, when you read Night of the Hunter, that readers will be able to see the time and thought I put into writing a book that took me to another country and to another world. And if you ever find yourself in Paris, wandering beneath the bustling city in The Catacombs, be wary of the various tunnels and darkened walkways.

For vampires tread in the shadows.

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