Friday, 30 June 2017

Touched by the Wolf by R. Murray

Title: Touched by the Wolf
Series: Dark Blood, Book 1
Author: R. Murray
Cover Artist: Haley Allison of Spellbound Covers
Genre: Paranormal Romance

How far would you go for immortality?

It has been a century since the wolves of the Silent Walkers waged war against the vampires of the Lamia for the Dark Blood of Immortality they possess.

As the battle lines are drawn once again, it will be up to the White Witch Emilie to use all in her power to bewitch the youngest of the wolves, Maccon.

To gain his trust.

To seduce him.

To bend him to her will.

To stop the impending war.


She watched as Lorcan struck the wolf hard, sending him skidding along the ground. Emilie wondered how no one was coming to Lorcan's aid. She reached out her mind and found the reason: the wolf had killed the guards before he had come to them. She was brought back to reality by a mighty cry. She watched horrified as Bardou gathered himself from the ground and ran at Lorcan; grabbing him in his strong jaw and clamping down hard on the vampire. He shook him, as Maccon had shook one of the younger ones just the other day and then flung him so he landed heavily by Emilie's feet. Emilie threw her hand over her mouth to stifle a scream as Lorcan looked up at her with dead eyes, blood was trickling from his mouth, his body was shattered.

“Run” he gasped, and Emilie did not need any more encouragement. Staggering to her feet she turned and ran; but she could not run fast enough to block out the loud snap that rang through the air as Bardou snapped Lorcan's neck ending his life and taking one more of the Lamia's brothers. She knew this would not only anger Thanatos but also make him more powerful as he was now the only living original. But she did not have time to dwell on this thought, she had to get away. She knew it was hopeless as she felt a weight on her slamming her to the ground. In seconds, she was flipped on her back and she found herself face to face with red fangs, blood dripping from them landing on her. She could not hide her fear; even though she knew that Bardou would not kill her he could still hurt her.

A growl erupted from the wolf as a large grey paw connected with her head knocking her unconscious. The last words she remembered hearing, “You are mine now witch”

Author Bio:

Rebecca is a London girl currently living in New Zealand

During the week, she can be found wrangling dogs and cuddling puppies, as dog day care supervisor at a day care center in Auckland. At the weekend, she transports herself to a world of vampires, witches and werewolves as well as dabbling in some poetry.

‘Touched by the wolf’ is the first novella in the Dark Blood series, and the debut from R Murray. Though her mind is a web of many more paranormal adventures.

When not writing, or playing with dogs, she can be found at the beautiful New Zealand beaches soaking up the sun, socializing with friends or with her head in good book.

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