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Soul Mate Series by C.L. Hunter

Book 1.
Your Soul Was Made for Mine

Looking for a new shade of grey? In her romantic, erotic fantasy, "Your Soul Was Made for Mine," author C. L. Hunter magnificently weaves a tale of loss, pain, romance, and electrifying thrills that will keep you captivated until the very end. When their lives converge in Ireland, Nolan and Emmalyn will never be the same as dangers appear from Nolan's past and they unravel astonishing secrets together. With their union guided by an angel, each new discovery takes them to places, events, and ecstasies they could have never imagined possible.


What an amazing love story filled with passion
By Brunson Williamson
What an amazing love story filled with passion, drama, history, and even magic! The author has used her craft in an amazing way to captivate the readers' attention and make the reader want more. The characters were well developed and believable and became old friends as I journeyed through their lives with them.
CL Hunter has a gift for storytelling and weaving events throughout the story as to keep the reader entertained and guessing where the plot will land. Very interesting read, and I can't wait for the next novel!!!!!

Wonderful contemporary romance
Exciting, erotic, and oh so very very steamy, but all of that aside this is also a very well written book with a lot of depth to it. The characters are well fleshed out, pardon my pun, and also very relatable, and I felt a real compulsion as I was getting to know them to find out how their tale would eventually end. I’ve read other books in this genre that tick all the boxes but it still doesn’t feel like it all comes together well, another bad pun, but I really did love Your Soul Was Made for Mine, and I do hope the author decides to write a lot more as I’ll be first in line to snap up all of her future titles.

Book 2.
My Soul Belongs to You

As a teenager, Katlyn gave up her daughter for adoption and shielded herself from love—until she meets sweet, sexy, Irish billionaire businessman, Deacon. These two soul mates frolic in a steamy, cross-continental relationship, added by spirits, in an erotic contemporary romance of passion, pleasure and love, and filled with exciting plot twists.


An erotic romance with divine intervention
By Brigitte
This second book in the "Soul Mate Series" revolves around a couple from the previous novel.
Deacon is single. He lives in Ireland where he is part of a successful and renowned business. He has had his fair share of playing the field without commitments.
Kate is a confident business woman who has confidence and trust issues in her personal life. As a result of childhood and teenage traumas, she has to be in control of all aspects of her life.
Kate and Deacon met via a video conference and have been smitten with each other since. They had a brief encounter at their friends' wedding but decided not to take things any further despite the obvious attraction.
Kate pays a visit to her friends in Ireland without Deacon's knowledge. Inadvertently, they come face to face which forces them to address some of their apprehensions about long term relationships. They are both tortured souls who have been through a lot of pain in the past. Deacon is quite prepared to take a chance whilst Kate doesn't think that she is "worthy" after everything that's happened to her.
Kate eventually decides to have a go at a relationship with Deacon and when it looks like it might just work out, they face one obstacle after another. Deacon's life is being threatened. The lights that are shed on their pasts bring some shocking and impossible news. Is this relationship doomed?
This novel has a paranormal twist with angelic interventions. The locations are descriptive enough to give the reader a realistic picture without interfering with the flow of the story. This could be a matter of preference! The romance is very poignant. Friends' loyalty and support are very well portrayed. The sex scenes are very graphic. The storyline is very well developed and full of suspense and surprises.
This would appeal to those who like erotic novels with palpable emotions and endless twists.

mystery and beautiful romance combined into one
By Michelle Hitchcock
This book was absolutely riveting! Twists and turns all throughout that kept you on edge until the end!!! Suspense, mystery and beautiful romance combined into one! I can't wait for the 3rd book!

The Author:

C.L. Hunter started writing poetry as a young girl. Her grandparents owned newspapers in Arkansas: the McCrory Leader and the Augusta Advocate. She’d send her poems to them. In return they’d print them in the weekly newspaper and send the clippings back to her. That started her love for writing. Her first novel, Your Soul Was Made for Mine, won Reader's Favorite Silver Award and the Benjamin Franklin Digital Silver Honoree Award.

She attended Arkansas State, studying business, but started a family early having three children. Hunter considers herself a Floridian, having lived in Saint Augustine since the age of seven. She loves the beach and hot, humid weather—the hotter the better. She is an avid gardener, loving every type of flower God created. You’ll find flowers in all her books. She also loves boating and anything that has to do with the water. When she’s not writing, she’s a design consultant for a custom homebuilder in Jacksonville, Florida.

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