Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My First Book by Jennifer K. Ensley

Jennifer K. Ensley shares how her first book came about...

I had never dreamed of being a writer. I was happy being a life-long avid—compulsive—reader. Alas, when my precious little daughter turned into a teenager…I was no longer her favorite playmate, no longer the cool mom at parties. Suddenly, I was a source of shame. Apparently. I mean, who knew? I guess all teenagers act like/go through that. I couldn’t remember. It’d been far too long in my past. One thing my (previously) precious little angel retained from childhood to adolescence, pre-teen, and beyond…was her ever-growing love of the printed word.

So, what’s a mom to do, right? Well this mom decided to write a book. My reasoning? If she no longer wanted to spend time with me, I would create something that she would lose herself in. A magical story for the ages. Something that would capture her hormonal-laced attention and focus her back on me. Vanity? Absolutely. I was her mom, for crying out loud. I demanded to continue on as the center of her magical little universe. Thus, I wrote Cursed by Diamonds, the first in what would soon become a six-book series of an epic, fantastical tale of love, loss, friendship, self-discovery, and belief in something far greater than we are on our own.

It had everything—Elves, Dragons, Demons, Angels, Mermaids, Swords, Battle, Suspense. And this was to be my Christmas gift that year to my precious daughter. But that’s just it…it was to be a gift. I couldn’t just write this amazing story and then print it off on copy paper and wrap it up with a pretty little bow. No. If I wanted her to actually read it, if I wanted her to put me back up on my deserved pedestal (cough, cough) it had to be AWESOME. No colored copy paper—even the kind with pretty, decorated borders—for my little angel. I was going to present her with a real book. A real book with real editing and a real cover wrapped around real binding. It had to be a real book, no matter what.

Thus, my accidental journey into the amazing world or writing—story-spinning, epic world-building. I didn’t know it that day, but the printing company actually makes that new real book I just uploaded…available for the rest of the world to purchase as well. And seeing how this was supposed to be an intimate Christmas gift with a new adventure to look forward to the next year, I added the first chapter of the second book Blessed by Sapphires at the end of Cursed by Diamonds. Needless to say, it wasn’t very long until I started receiving emails inquiring as to when the next book in the series would become available.

And there you have it, friends. Ten published novels later and still writing every single day. The stories flow and my pen is ever running dry of ink.

How did the Christmas gift go over? Well, she loved the pretty new book. Of course she did. But to this day, she has never read a single word of it. She knows the story (because I forced her to listen to the audio) and she gets the first brand new copy of every book I write…but I suppose I will never be as cool as I was when she was four years old. Maybe when they make it into a movie, eh?

Cursed by Diamonds is now free from all eBook vendors and on all devices. Blessed by Sapphires is available as a free download if you sign up at my website for my newsletter.

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  1. Love JK Ensley books. I will at Romancing the Smokies too with my own sweet romance series set in Tennessee as well as my story that's included in the Masquerade anthology with JK and the other authors.
    Looking forward to meeting readers who attend the event and book signing.

  2. That's a great story. And I'm looking forward to reading your story in the anthology too!