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After The Fall by Carissa Lusk

Title: After The Fall
Author: Carissa Lusk
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Amity cries out into the darkness that surrounds her, hoping for a solitary voice to provide direction; she hears two.

She has an epic love for Alexander, yet the loneliness brought on by the miles that separate them can only be curbed by the cryptic affection of Marcus Riley. Amity can’t understand the strange familiarity she finds in the wild blue of Marcus’s eyes, but she will soon learn his secret.

Plagued with dreams and memories of lives beyond her own, a tragic fate will emerge from the ashes of a love scorned. Eventually, she will discover the dark truth that will leave her running for her life, and she will learn who sacrificed everything to save it.


His arms appeared on either side of mine before he spoke. He leaned down, put his face into my hair, and inhaled the scent of my shampoo. “No one else is home,” he purred into my ear, sending a shiver all the way down to my toes.
I whirled around to see a pleased grin on Alex’s face. “For how long?” I asked. At Concord we took for granted the time we had to spend alone, but those occasions now seemed too few and far between.
“A couple of hours, at least.”
My heart started to sprint. Alex pushed the basket two feet to my left, still grinning. He bent down, brushed his lips lightly against mine, and then lifted me up to sit on the countertop. His grin faded just before he covered my mouth with his again. His kiss was hard. I wound my arms and legs around him, refusing to end it.
His fingers tightened around my waist, and he hoisted me from the counter. I clung to him with my mouth grazing against his earlobe and then moving along the line of his jaw. He navigated through the house and lowered me onto the couch. Electricity radiated through every cell of my being, and I pulled Alex close until there was no space between us. He melted into the moment and pressed his lips to mine again.
Months of loneliness surged into my affections, making each touch a plea. I could’ve kissed Alex forever. He pushed my hands over my head and laced his fingers with mine, holding me there under him like he knew I’d shatter the second we stopped. Time became only an archaic notion. Had we been on the couch for only minutes or had hours passed already?
“Amity,” Alex breathed between kisses. “” His breath tasted sweet in my mouth.
I tilted my head back. “I love you,” I sighed while he blazed a trail of kisses down the front of my neck.
Alex’s body went taut when he reached my collar. He let out a groan and forced himself up. He sucked in a deep breath while he settled into the cushion at the end of the couch with his arms crossed over his chest. I squeezed my eyes closed for a moment, letting the frustration bleed out.
“Sorry,” he eventually murmured. This was Alex’s nature, and I’d come to accept it. He had such strong morals that I couldn’t even begin to understand his self-control, but by now I’d stopped trying to understand and simply enjoyed every ounce of affection he’d give to me.

The Author:

Carissa Lusk grew up in a small town in West Virginia and never moved far from home. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Concord College. She credits her love of reading and writing to Kate Chopin, Emily Bronte, and her mom. After the Fall is Carissa's debut novel.

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