Saturday, 10 December 2016

Auracle by Vera Wellner

The biggest thing on most girls mind this year is the formal or beginning high school next year. Violet and her two best friends are not most girls…

Violet sets off on a spiritual journey. A series of dreams helps her make connections to her own spirituality through the basic laws of the biology and space. Through these dreams and with the help of an unexpected friend, her spirit guides, a deceased family member and some mentors from another dimension, Violet begins to learn the meaning of life and her true connection with the universe.

She soon recognizes the aura colours of everyone around her. While in the meantime one of her best friends is being completely dragged by some of the most popular people in Glencarter. Along her way Violet comes to the realization everyone is not who they appear to be and nothing is black and white anymore…

A note from Vera:

I wrote Auracle based on an idea I’ve had for about 15 years. The book is based on applying some basic laws from biology and space to spirituality. The connections bring a universal bond to all people on our planet. The premise of the book was based on people being represented by their own individual aura colour. I use the seven colours that make up white light for the different aura colours in the book. And the conclusion is that if people work together, the equivalent will be that of white light, something good and pure.

Some other relations I’ve made in the book compare aura’s to the northern lights, a man to an island or maybe even a planet, the tunnel to the afterlife being the equivalent to a black hole when a star dies and the final conclusion I’ve made is we are going through another big bang right now, a spiritual one.

During our universe's Big Bang, matter and antimatter combusted to their own equivalent. Well, in the book I say instead of matter and antimatter, we use positive people and negative ones. I go so far as to say there will be a time when there will only be positive on the planet, just like the matter that was left over after the big bang grew out to become our universe today.

The book is based on applying simple laws of science to spirituality. It is also about being positive and people coming together based on their true colours. People should not be judged on their skin colour, religion, sexuality or anything else. The book says this without coming across as preachy, it’s based on facts. It’s actually pretty cool. I couldn’t be happier with how my theory turned out and how the story turned out too. I read to write what you know so I based a lot of the story on how I grew up personally.

The book is young adult and it's 46,000 words. So it’s a novel but not a huge commitment. There are seven characters whose names mean their aura colour. The title of the book is “Auracle”. It’s a play on the work oracle and the book has a bit of a psychic twist to it.

I attempted to have the book published traditionally but it just wasn’t happening and I want people to read my book. So I hired an editor who helped me tighten the book up and it reads very well. I decided to self publish and I couldn’t wait for my book to become available on Amazon. 

This book has real potential to do very well. I just need some help building a bit of an audience for it. I think the book speaks for itself but it has to be read. I’ve never heard these connections before so it’s something fresh and new. When is the last time you read or watched something original? And most importantly the world needs this book right now. People need these connections brought to their attention. There is too much hate in the world brought about by ignorance. Why not possibly play a small part in trying to make the world a better place?


The Author:

Vera Wellner is from Atlantic Canada. She was born and raised in the small province of PEI. After she finished college she moved to the largest metropolis in the Maritimes, Halifax, still a small city compared to most. Vera has a small family including her husband and two children. This is her first book. She’s always been a bit of a dreamer and she is excited to present some of her ideas to you.

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  1. the book Is a great read well done