Monday, 7 November 2016

Lost & Found by Tracy Kincaid

Unravel the truth of a deep dark past…

Benny Stone never thought his estranged parents would show up to his engagement party, let alone want to move back to Gettysburg. Now he must find a way to live in the same town as them, without destroying his relationship with Sally.

Sally Cooper was on cloud nine when Benny proposed, with the return of his parents, and discovering that his childhood home holds haunting secrets, the promise of her fairy tale wedding becomes further away then ever.

Together, they must unravel the truth of a deep dark past that could either bring them closer together or drive them apart.

Lost and Found is the third book in the Family Tree Series. This book follows the events in Past, Present, and Future.


“I love you, Sally.” I reach for her face and pull her in for a kiss. I’ve never felt this complete before. I’m glad that everyone has finally gone home so I can have her all to myself. She threads her fingers in my hair as she deepens the kiss.

Our kisses become more heated, and I reluctantly pull away. “Should we go upstairs? As hot as you look in that dress, I would love to get you out of it.”

She nods. I take her hand and lead her up to our bedroom as she gathers her skirt in her other hand. Once inside, I step behind her and kiss her neck. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you look tonight?” I move around so I’m standing in front of her. I tuck my finger under her chin and give her a chaste kiss, then I take my coat off and lay it on the nearby chair, before unbuttoning her dress.

Slowly, I let the dress fall to the ground, offering my hand to allow her to step out of it. I start to remove my suspenders when she steps toward me.

“Allow me,” she smirks. I let my hands fall to my side. She kisses my neck as she pulls down my suspenders, then unbuttons my shirt. I close my eyes, enjoying the feel of her mouth on me. I look forward to worshipping this woman for the rest of my life.

She eases back onto the bed, pulling me with her.

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The Author:

Tracy Kincaid is a native Southern Californian who transplanted to South Western Pennsylvania in 2013. A wife and mother of three children, 1 dog (Buc), and 1 cat (CB) . When she's not writing you can find her reading or crafting. She enjoys the outdoors, whether it be working in the garden or hanging out with family and friends.
She currently has three books out. Changing Lives was released in July 2015. Freeing Lost Souls: Book One in The Family Tree Series was released in January 2016. Past, Present and Future: Book Two in The Family Tree Series was released in June 2016. Book three in The Family Tree Series called Lost & Found will be out November 7, 2016.

She is also working on a pirate story for the Somewhere In Time anthology with Eryn Black. This book will be called Raise The Jolly Roger, and it is a naughty time travel book.

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