Monday, 3 October 2016

The Resistance: Duchess by Kristyn Stone

Title: The Resistance: Duchess
Author: Kristyn Stone
Genre: YA Fantasy

In this second book of The Resistance series Garritt's twin Baylee takes center stage. Baylee has a hard time being a leprechaun, but when she is captured, she must figure out if she wants to be a normal teenager, an elf for her people or a ruler of leprechauns and elves.

Damon is in love, and even though what he did was wrong, he did it for all the right reasons. When Baylee disappears in front of his eyes he must go the wrong way to get her back.


Patrick was standing behind me in the doorway to our kitchen, Renee seemed just as startled to find him in the doorway as I was.

“Baylee will you excuse me and your father please.”

“No, Baylee can stay, let her finally hear the truth,” Patrick demanded.

“I'm tired of all the fighting! Just get a divorce or something. Just leave me out of it!” I screamed storming past my mom. Going out for a walk seemed like the best idea for right now.

This day can't get any worse right? I found myself beside a lake near our house. It was really peaceful here, listening to the frogs and gators sing. Laying on the grass I could swear I heard someone else out here, talking, but no one was there with me.

“Those humans are always throwing trash in my lake. They wouldn't like me throwing trash in their homes.” a voice said.

“They think they own everything,” another voice replied.

Looking around I couldn't see anyone, who in the world was talking?

“Hey Slime, check her out, wanna hear her scream?” the first voice asked.

I turned all the way around, still I couldn't see anyone.

“Is someone there?” I asked shaking.

“Yup I'm here,” said the voice.

Something fell into my lap, screaming I jumped into the air.

“What was that?” I demanded.

“You mean who was that?” snickered the voice.

“Okay who was that?” I asked.

“Wait you understood me?”

“Um yeah! Dude where are you, and who are you? What did you throw at me?” I demanded again.

“I'm Slime, and I jumped on you.”

“What do you mean jumped?”

“I'm a frog.”

“A frog?”

“Yeah, so how can you understand me?” the frog named Slime asked.

“Umm... Does leprechaun mean anything to you?” I asked.

“Na, not really.” laughed Slime.

Slime hopped over to me, poking his chest out, making a loud croaking sound.

“Wonderful, I'm now talking to frogs,” looking up into the sky I could swear the stars moved.

“Alright, I'm officially going crazy, time to head home.” it was getting really dark as I stood up dusting my clothes off.

“Have a good night Slime, I'm going home before anyone notices I'm still gone,” I sighed.

Walking the dark quiet streets was nice, no little kids screaming or crying. When I arrived back at home mom was loading luggage into her SUV.

“Mom, what's going on?” I asked as I ran up the drive.

“I'm not sure, something is happening in Ireland, I have to go.” Renee said, she gave me a quick kiss on my forehead then was gone.

The Author:

I am a mother of two wonderful little leprechauns. I am a twenty-seven year old bookworm.  I'm a day dreaming, writing stories, photography taking,  little nerd, and PROUD.  I have been writing for a few years now and hoping to influence the next generations with imagination and hopefully turn them into fans!

I live in Colorado now, where the views are amazing, there is nothing like this view! I have lived in Florida growing up (which is where the beginning of Garritt's story starts) I have lived in Alabama but nothing compares to Colorado. I do miss the weather in Florida, I'm not a big fan of the white stuff (snow) in the winter.


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