Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Spotlight on Too Far to Care by Jen Luerssen

Title: Too Far to Care
Author: Jen Luerssen
Publication Date: January 5, 2016
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Jane Prior is a bike messenger in San Francisco. Cute, driven, fun but horrible at relationships. When Jane puts her heart out there she gets an unwelcome response, and is crushed. A day later, she meets someone who heals her heartbreak. She and her best friend TJ attend a wedding together and both meet the possible "ones." The only catch is that they both live thousands of miles away in Ireland.
Niall is a charming, handsome pub owner who's very loyal to his family and country. He and Jane have instant chemistry, lust and laughs.

They decide to try a long distance relationship.

Can Jane and Niall make a really, really long distance work?

Have they fallen far enough?


I'm not usually one to feel bad for myself, but this is a low time for me. I know I have a lot to offer, I'm smart, funny, and my personality is off the charts. Yeah, also I'm petite (4'11"), and in really good shape from riding all day and boxing three times a week. I also have been told I look a lot like Audrey Hepburn (a really short version), but that may just be because of my short haircut and giant brown eyes. My brother Colin calls me Eliza Rousey (part Audrey in My Fair Lady and part UFC fighter). I am a catch, I know this, but right now I'm having a little bit of a crisis. Yes, a crisis at twenty-seven years old.

The Author:

Jen Luerssen grew up in New Jersey and then lived for 20 years in the San Francisco Bay area. She has held various jobs in her adult life. Some examples are nanny, waitress, receptionist, dispatcher, caterer and finally teacher. She spent the past 8 years teaching 4th and 5th graders, until she felt the call to write. It’s been plaguing her thoughts and dreams for years, and those thoughts finally fought their way out.

Jen loves to read, obsessively. She has an unhealthy attachment to her e-reader and is rarely seen without it. She’ll read anything, but especially loves a good smutty or a post-apocalyptic young adult book.

After “retiring” from teaching, Jen sat down and wrote a book and it was the most fun she’s ever had working. She is self-published even though she’s not sure how it works and hopes that people like her stories.

Jen is back in her native New Jersey and lives with her husband and daughter, enjoying suburban life.

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