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Spotlight on The Tide is High by Jen Luerssen

Title: The Tide is High
Author: Jen Luerssen
Publication Date: July 3, 2016
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Everyone loves to go on vacation. It’s been so long since Kara has taken one she doesn’t remember what it feels like. That ends today. Kara is headed down the shore to her friend’s house for the week and she is ready for relaxation and freedom. She doesn’t have a lot of that in her day to day existence. Work, school, and family take up all of her time. She needs this vacation, she deserves it.

Dan loves the beach. He is looking forward to a week of rest and rejuvenation at his cousin’s beach house. As a lawyer, he has a busy life, and after a nasty break-up he needs to have some fun.

Kara and Dan have an instant connection. When Dan’s car breaks down, he gets a ride from Kara and is immediately smitten. Who is this mysterious woman, and why has his cousin never introduced them? Dan is adorable, Kara is hooked. A little beach fling is just the thing she needed.
Kara is gorgeous. Dan is smitten. A sexy beach romance is just what Dan needed.

The week does not go as planned.

Remember how it felt to have a beach romance? Two people suspended in time, quick, intense feelings, and warm, breezy nights. Tides ebbing and flowing, low and high. Dan and Kara bring those feelings back, with humor and some twists.

Standalone, HEA, 18+ for sexy times.


The doorbell rings and I open the door to find a fresh-faced gorgeous brunette standing there. Kara Whitman. She is not what I expected, she's hot, in a very traditional, girl-next-door way. She has long, chestnut hair, clear blue eyes, and a beautiful curvy body. Just my type, crap. Jillian was decidedly not my type. Reed thin, blonde and tall, she is a beauty but I tend to like a lot more woman to my woman.

"Hi there, cousin Dan!" She says enthusiastically. "Suzy sent me to rescue you. I'm Kara Whitman." She throws out her hand to shake.
"Dan Fletcher, nice to meet you." I take her firm and warm hand in mine.
"Oh, we've met, Dan, we've met. You could say we are pretty close friends evn"
I gape at her, confused. Still holding her hand.

The Author:

Jen Luerssen grew up in New Jersey and then lived for 20 years in the San Francisco Bay area. She has held various jobs in her adult life. Some examples are nanny, waitress, receptionist, dispatcher, caterer and finally teacher. She spent the past 8 years teaching 4th and 5th graders, until she felt the call to write. It’s been plaguing her thoughts and dreams for years, and those thoughts finally fought their way out.

Jen loves to read, obsessively. She has an unhealthy attachment to her e-reader and is rarely seen without it. She’ll read anything, but especially loves a good smutty or a post-apocalyptic young adult book.

After “retiring” from teaching, Jen sat down and wrote a book and it was the most fun she’s ever had working. She is self-published even though she’s not sure how it works and hopes that people like her stories.

Jen is back in her native New Jersey and lives with her husband and daughter, enjoying suburban life.

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