Monday, 31 October 2016

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016


If you like ghost stories, you'll be entertained by this excellent creepy collection of short stories from a wide variety of authors.
Some stories were scarier than others, but they were all well-written and most held my interest.
As is usual with the variety of tales in anthologies, I found some of them more enjoyable than others.
In fairness to all the authors involved, I'm finding it difficult to choose only one or two favourites, although Cabins by JB Taylor, Canvas by Sarah Moiser, Hello Dear by Stewart Bint and Ruby Kisses by Jessica Wren are at the top of my list...
and I would love to read more of Soul Man by Claire Plaisted.
I received an early eCopy of this book from the publisher.


Enter the chilling Ghostly Writes Anthology and be prepared to be scared with 27 short stories from around the world. Creepy houses, murder mysteries, paranormal and much more to haunt and thrill those who dare.

The Authors:

J G Clay
JB Taylor
Adam Mitchell
Sara Mosier
Neil Newton
Rocky Rochford
Karen J Mossman
JLC Roche
Eve Merrick-Williams
Wendy Steele
Jennifer Deese
Stewart Bint
Kyrena Lynch
Mike Elliot
Adele Marie Parks
Amy Budd
Jessica Wren
C A Keith
Claire Plaisted
Ashley Uzzell
Jane Risdon
Cayleigh Stickler
Marjorie Hembroff
Jim Adams
Ricky Allen Jr.
Audrina Lane
Elizabeth H Newton

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