Thursday, 20 October 2016

Books by Jen Luerssen

The Tide is High

Everyone loves to go on vacation. It’s been so long since Kara has taken one she doesn’t remember what it feels like. That ends today. Kara is headed down the shore to her friend’s house for the week and she is ready for relaxation and freedom. She doesn’t have a lot of that in her day to day existence. Work, school, and family take up all of her time. She needs this vacation, she deserves it.

Dan loves the beach. He is looking forward to a week of rest and rejuvenation at his cousin’s beach house. As a lawyer, he has a busy life, and after a nasty break-up he needs to have some fun.

Kara and Dan have an instant connection. When Dan’s car breaks down, he gets a ride from Kara and is immediately smitten. Who is this mysterious woman, and why has his cousin never introduced them? Dan is adorable, Kara is hooked. A little beach fling is just the thing she needed.
Kara is gorgeous. Dan is smitten. A sexy beach romance is just what Dan needed.

The week does not go as planned.

Remember how it felt to have a beach romance? Two people suspended in time, quick, intense feelings, and warm, breezy nights. Tides ebbing and flowing, low and high. Dan and Kara bring those feelings back, with humor and some twists.

Standalone, HEA, 18+ for sexy times.

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★★★★★ So amazing!!
I loved this book! Dan and Kara are fantastic and so is Suzy and Jake! It was funny, hot, sad, and heartwarming. I loved all the emotions that you get out of this book. Dan and Kara's relationship starts fast, but that doesn't mean they don't have obstacles to overcome. Boy do they ever. There are lots of ups and downs and a certain part that made me cry that we won't talk about! But you should definitely read this because it's amazing!
Meaghan Royce

★★★★☆ Good Beach Read!
This was the first book I've read by Jen Luerssen, and I'll definitely read more!
One of the things that drew me in was the setting; I love a good summer beach romance. Kara needs a vacation since she spends most of her time working, getting her master's degree, and helping with her disabled older brother. Dan needs a break after a pretty nasty breakup. They meet at Kara's best friend's (and Dan's cousin) beach house and they spend the week getting to know each other. Until the ex comes back.
I really enjoyed the plot and the characters. At times, they came across as a bit immature, but as the story unfolded, they seemed to grow up.
I'll definitely read other books by this author. 
Susan C. Vallese

★★★★★ Luerssen's books are such fun reads! 
Ms. Luerssen's books are such fun reads! At turns funny, sad, heart-warming, so much is 100% relatable. This book in particular reminds us that sex is great, love is real, and we are all capable of being good to one another.
Amazon Customer

Too Far to Care

Jane Prior is a bike messenger in San Francisco. Cute, driven, fun but horrible at relationships. When Jane puts her heart out there she gets an unwelcome response, and is crushed. A day later, she meets someone who heals her heartbreak. She and her best friend TJ attend a wedding together and both meet the possible "ones." The only catch is that they both live thousands of miles away in Ireland.

Niall is a charming, handsome pub owner who's very loyal to his family and country. He and Jane have instant chemistry, lust and laughs.

They decide to try a long distance relationship.

Can Jane and Niall make a really, really long distance work?

Have they fallen far enough?


★★★★★ What a Fun Read!
What a great read! I breezed through this adorable novel in 2 sittings. The author has a natural and easy voice, the story just flows and the characters are both believable and more importantly, likable. I found myself pulling for the protagonist as the plot propelled itself towards the final scenes. Fun, energetic, sarcastic and a touch of naughty. The whole thing simply worked. Spend an enjoyable few hours reading Jen Luersson's debut, you won't regret it.
Ali H

★★★★★ Jane The Bike Messenger Is a Girl I Totally Identify With
We are talking a five star, laugh out loud, please pass the kleenex because now I am crying, experience. Jane the bike messenger is a fabulous character and I, for one, hope to see more of her. Ditto her friends who make up the cast of characters in this fast paced and funny romance. The trials and tribulations of a long distance, cross cultural romance make for .a high energy, fast and very very funny read. Try it. You'll like it. I promise.
Susan C. Vallese

★★★★☆ Light and funny read
I needed humor in my life and this story had just what I needed. The storyline is refreshing and overall the plot was unpredictable. All of the characters are wonderfully quirky and engaging. I suspect Lady Jane will stick with me for quite awhile and I will enjoy the company.

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