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Kirsten Campbell

Kirsten Campbell is the author of Blood Master - Book 1 of the G.O.D.s Series and of several short stories and poems that have been published in Bewildering Stories, Ascent Magazine, Beauty Talk, The Fairfield Review, Poets-Artists & Madmen, Interracial Voice, Sagazine Online, The Write Gallery, The Pittsburgh Quarterly Online, COBRA, The CoffeehousePress Journal and several other magazines. To learn more about Kirsten and the G.O.D.s Series, visit: and

Kirsten was abandoned by her Jamaican father and German mother at six-years-old and she somehow survived a very devastating childhood. She found strength and courage through reading and writing and she graduated from school, got married and raised four wonderful children. She also cared for several children that were abandoned by their parents and/or by society, (a few were literally left on her doorstep.) She fed and clothed them and sent them to school and taught them to be upstanding, decent members of society.

Kirsten wrote The G.O.D.s Series several years ago. Blood Master - Book 1 of the G.O.D.s Series is the first book in the series. Blood Master is about Griffin Storm, an albino man that has survived the Great War, the Clover Virus and the Death Plague. He's a hero with feet of clay, a man that saves hundreds of children from abandonment and neglect; takes them to a better life, (something of which Kirsten always wished for when she was a child.) This man, Griffin Storm, is destined to become a G.O.D., a Genetically-enhanced Omni Dimensional being, a being with unlimited abilities in different dimensions, sometimes all at once.

Check out the music that inspired the writing of the G.O.D.s Series at Once there, you can check out the G.O.D.s Blog and all the upcoming events! You can also see more of Kirsten's books that are coming out soon at

Her short story, "Dark Matters", was published in 2010 in Bewildering Stories and a character (Dinn Russ Jarrin) from the G.O.D.s Series made a special appearance in the story. Said character appears in the second book of the G.O.D.s Series, "Blood Rage".

Kirsten is also a co-author of the International Best Selling Book, Chocolate and Diamonds for the Woman's Soul, which hit the Best Selling Top 100 List! Blood Master - Book 1 of The G.O.D.s Series and her poetry book, Perfect Chaos, also hit the Best Seller Top 100 list!

Kirsten is also a published poet. Ladybug Press published her chapbook, "Poetry from the Covert Bourgeoisie," in 2006 and Pudding House Publications published her chapbook, "The Abandoning Kind," in 2009. She's an accomplished artist, painter and sculptress. She lives in Brewster, NY. , with her daughters and her beautiful grandchildren!

Blood Master 
Book 1 of the G.O.D.s Series

It’s 2052 and Earth has lost two thirds of its population to the Great War. Many more lives were lost to earthquakes, the Clover Virus, and the Death Plague. Years later, survivors were clumped into factions. Two of the factions, the Guild and the Brotherhood, have fought over medical supplies and food for years. The fight is coming to a head as manpower dwindles and the struggle becomes one to gain numbers, even if said numbers are children…

Griffin Storm is hiding out in Underground Atlanta. He’s an albino man that can manipulate glass and crystal, and he uses his special abilities to raid warehouses and old buildings for food and supplies for the abandoned children that live underground. During a raid, he meets Tassta Vinetti, a resident of the Brotherhood fortress. He is taken to the fortress and chaos ensues as Tassta, her twin brother Penn, and her uncle, try to keep their new visitor and his untold powers a secret.

Griffin is the only survivor of the Guild’s deadly experiments and they hunt for him because his survival will have dynamic consequences on the world. The Guild believes that Griffin will transform into a G.O.D., a genetically enhanced Omni-dimensional being with limitless abilities.

Will Griffin transform into a G.O.D.? Will he save the children of the Underground from their tragic life? Only time will tell…

Linda Burson

Linda Burson, a native of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, has been writing ever since she was a teenager. She started out writing memoirs and continued writing by attempting several nonfiction pieces.

After attending college for a couple of years, she left to pursue other interests and to travel California, the state in which she resided at the time. Besides traveling, a lot of her free time was spent reading mysteries, romance and women’s contemporary novels. During this time, Linda met and married Anthony Burson, now her husband of 33 years. They left California when Anthony joined the U.S. Army, which gave them the opportunity to travel the United States, Europe, and even live in Germany where they gave birth to their first daughter, Amanda. Once they returned to the U.S., they relocated to Connecticut and had their second daughter, Kayla.

As an adult, Linda attempted additional writing projects in more difficult subject matters. She tried to write her grandfather’s life story—his life in Italy and his move to Buenos Aires and entrance into America through Ellis Island. She found his escapades as a young coal miner in West Virginia and his later years as a train hopping hobo to be fascinating. Unfortunately, life got in the way and Linda never completed his story. One day she hopes to make another attempt at completing it.

After several other attempts at writing nonfiction and assisting her youngest daughter, Kayla, with a children’s story, she gave up writing to focus on raising her two daughters, being a wife, running her own custom computerized embroidery business and taking care of her dog, a Lhasa Apso named Nathan. After a serious bout of breast cancer, Linda eventually closed down her business after almost 15 years. She decided it was time to attempt writing again. This time, however, with nothing to distract her, she decided on tackling fiction, a contemporary romance with a dark edge.

In January of 2013, she sat down with her laptop and started writing notes about how her novel would progress. After that, the writing began and it never stopped. Before she was aware of it, her idea of a single book turned into a trilogy, which turned into a much longer series.

When asked about inspiration, Linda has this to say: “Nobody really inspired me to write, but I do remember my mother and father always saying ‘anything you put your mind to you can accomplish. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do something.'” Having the support and encouragement of my husband Anthony and my two daughters, Amanda and Kayla, is also very important. Having my youngest daughter Kayla, who is a writer and editor as well, to offer advice and knowledge has helped me to stay focused and continue to write.”

Linda’s hope after finishing her suspenseful romance series is to attempt a mystery. But since she does love the romance genre, she’s sure there will be more to come with that, as well.


“Marcy finds herself angry, frustrated, and confused because of nightmares that won’t stop. The love of her life gives her an ultimatum: seek help or lose him.

When held up at gunpoint during a robbery, Marcy is pushed over the edge. That night, she meets Liam, with whom she agrees to join on his quest to find those responsible for the murder of his family.

Delving further into the dark world of revenge, Marcy and Liam fall in love and instead of darkness, light envelops them.

Hearts are torn, jealousy ensues, and more uncertainty arises.”


“Marcy has choices to make. If she finally tells everyone about her tragic past, she’ll heal and eventually move on— but she is still missing a large piece of the puzzle.

Liam finally gets the information he’s been waiting for, and from that Marcy discovers another secret about her past.

Brad deals with the aftermath of his revelation about his father and makes a shocking and difficult decision for him and Marcy.”


“Marcy’s still reeling from the decision Brad made. Even though she realizes it’s for the best, it doesn’t mean she has accepted it completely.

Liam finally receives the revenge he’s wanted for the past eleven years, and wants nothing more than to move on with his life with Marcy.

After an informative therapy session with her psychiatrist, Dr. Bengali, and his warnings of concern about Marcy’s continuing nightmares and possible consequences of these nightmares, Liam rushes from the room, becoming ill in the bathroom. Dr. Bengali feels it will be beneficial to use the rest of Marcy’s appointment time to speak with Liam privately, and she agrees. After their private discussion, and on the advice of Dr. Bengali, Liam opens up to Marcy in a way he never has before. He refuses to leave her side.

Eventually, Marcy’s nightmares come to a head, and the effects are shattering. Liam makes a decision that devastates their lives and turns Marcy’s world upside down. Choices are made, and Brad and Marcy meet again; however, they receive more shocking news.”

R.G Miller

R.G.Miller, who was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. He's an avid reader. His favorite subject is Abnormal Psychology. He enjoys classic R&B and Rock. He's the grandfather of three, and he enjoys picking up a mike and singing a tune or two.

R.G.Miller spent three years working on his trilogy."If you're a fan of CSI, Criminal Minds, or Law and Order, The Twins: A Psychological suspense thriller is the book for you."

The Twins: A Psychological Thriller is R.G.Miller's first novel

The Twins

A Gritty Suspense Thriller about innocence lost and darkness gained....
.What if two thirteen-year-old sisters, who were identical twins; sisters who'd came from an affluent family; twin sisters whose parents had shielded them from all the ugliness of the world; identical twins who'd shared that unique twin consciousness, were suddenly forced to watch the unthinkable: the torture and murder of their parents? What if three years later, these identical twin sisters go on an unrelenting quest for vengeance?

This was the fate of 13-year-old Stacey and Jannifer McHill, identical twins who'd survived a living nightmare, but in doing so...they've become a living nightmare.

Dt. Isis Williams has been assigned to a case that will test her sanity. She has engaged in a hunt for two of the most dangerous, elusive, and youngest serial killers that she'd ever encountered: Stacey and Jannifer McHill...THE TWINS.
Fiercely suspenseful and with a sizzling plot-line, The Twins: A Psychological Thriller will leave you gasping.

Stacey: The Twin

Electrifying! A shocking story of innocence lost and darkness gained.

"If you have to kill one, kill the other also."

These were the words that the renown psychologist Dr. Susan Patterson had reluctantly spoken to Detective Isis Williams and her partner and lover Annette Toni. Their topic of discussion: sixteen-year-old Stacey and Jannifer McHill.
A few weeks after Isis and Toni's horrific confrontation with the twins--where Isis was forced to shoot and kill Jannifer--Stacey McHill was sent to a new facility for the criminally insane.

"If you have to kill one, kill the other also."

In the meantime, a sadistic rapist/murderer is on the loose in Harlem and he is targeting middle age women. Isis and Toni must hunt the maniac down before the city explodes in a panic. But in the middle of the hunt for the rapist/murderer, Stacey McHill escapes. Now, the warning that Dr. Patterson had given to Detective Isis Williams will haunt the detective like nothing had ever before...

"If you have to kill one, kill the other also."

Jeanna Pride

Jeanna owes everything in her life to her spouse and kids, and the little black dog they rescued from the shelter. She freely admits to being a little pervy and enjoys a good shag story as much as a good thriller. And so she has tried to combine them both in her work.

Taken by the Gunfighter

Chastity Wells is a girl caught up in the Old West—a world of tough cowboys and gunfighters. After her brother and father died in the Civil War, she has headed west for her fortune, financing her way with depraved acts and sexual favors. When she the outfit she is riding with is murdered by a notorious gunfighter, Chastity goes seeking revenge. But, when he gets the drop on her, she’ll have to use her years of sexual expertise to get out of the predicament or she’ll die another faceless prostitute on the dusty streets of Kansas.


Deep Inside 

(The Vengeance Series Book 1)

FBI agent Vanity Darke has infiltrated the dark, seedy sex club Darkly Red, seeking vengeance on the man and the shadowy organization who murdered her husband. To find justice, she must commit depraved acts and may just lose her way when she finds herself drawn to degrading acts of sexual bondage and domination. Will she be able to exact her vengeance, or will she be lost forever in her own dark desires?

An erotic thriller about sexual identity and finding retribution.

Deep Cover

(Vengeance Series Book 2) 

FBI agent Vanity Darke has infiltrated the dark, seedy sex club Darkly Red, seeking vengeance on the man and the shadowy organization who murdered her husband. To find justice, she must commit depraved acts and may just lose her way when she finds herself drawn to degrading acts of sexual bondage and domination. She has just found out that one of her few allies has turned against her, and the man she came to kill is not the man that killed her husband. Will she be able to overcome her new enemies, exact her vengeance, or will she be lost forever in her own dark, perverse desires? 

An Erotic Thriller about sexual identity and finding retribution. 
***Contains explicit depictions of rough sex, domination and multiple sex partners.***

Deep Trouble

(The Vengeance Series Book 3)

FBI agent Vanity Darke has infiltrated the dark, seedy sex club Darkly Red, seeking vengeance on those who murdered her husband. To find justice, she has committed depraved acts and has lost her way, finding herself drawn to acts of sexual domination and subservience.

She has found out that one of her own boss at the FBI is operating against her, while he is fucking her, and has facilitated the murder of the man that she had planned to help her infiltrate the inner circle of the Black Emporium--the shadowy organization that controls Darkly Red and murdered her husband.

Will she be able to overcome her new enemy, her crooked boss's schemes, exact her vengeance, or will she be lost forever in her own dark, perverse desires?

***Contains explicit depictions of rough sex, domination and multiple sex partners.***

Scarlet Dreams

(Incubus Book 1)

Mandy, a bored and frustrated Manhattan housewife realizes her dark fantasies when she takes control of her husband and releases her frustrations in a very sexual and dominating way, all with the help of Incubus.

This stories contains graphic depictions of sexual acts.

Black on Blue

(Incubus Book 2)

When Detective Sergeant Melanie Brooks and her hunky partner visit a party packed with political elite in search of a known pimp and escort runner, she can’t be aware that her quarry knows her darkest secrets, and is possessed of infernal powers. She soon finds herself facing the dark truth about herself, her desires and a wantonness she kept carefully hidden. Will she succumb to her true nature?


White Wedding

(Incubus Book 3)

***NEW RELEASE!!!***

Leigh and Joe are the ultimate power couple, pledged to each other in holy matrimony. A wealthy lawyer and his beautiful socialite Asian bride to be, they are the perfect couple. But, all is not well in the dark souls of the betrothed. Each seeks something more, something darker. She seeks a partner that knows how to please, and harbors a need to dominate and control, and he needs to be controlled. Into this, Incubus worms his way, taking the form of a domineering black man that wants only to draw out their inner darkness.


Allaina Daniels

Allaina Daniels is a sassy domestic goddess from Georgia whose addiction to caffeine is surpassed only by her passion for the written word.

Her debut paranormal romance, Infinity, was released in August 2015; and, her second novel is expected to be available by summer 2016.

Allaina is an avid reader and reviewer of all genres and enjoys connecting with her readers on social media.

Professional animal trainer, Carmen Rockwell, is happy living her life on the edge of society. She owns a high profile business that is run by her best friend, Lissy, the only person she thinks she needs in her life. Because of an unusual gift, she is the best in the country at what she does. She goes away for work and finds herself suddenly drawn into a new world- one that she never knew existed and against her will, it follows her home, demanding that she enter into the life she was destined to live. An important date is approaching fast, but will she turn away from this new world and hide or will she face her fate head on? One man could make all the difference- but does he love her or is she only a means to an end?

Lisette Kristensen

Lisette grew up in Southern California into a family of artist. Her father worked in the film industry, while her brothers gained fame in photography and painting.

Her first exposure to dark erotica was during her teenage years when she discovered her father’s collection of Nazi torture magazines. Right then she was titillated but the stories and pictures.

Over the years, Lisette’s imagination ran wild with those images of her teenage years but it wasn’t till later in life that she started writing. Her first short story, Surprise Story, was written in 2009, sold to a small press. Later the publishing company was bought out and the rights to Surprise Story reverted back to Lisette.

It languished for a few years, and at the urging of friends, she dug it out and renamed it, Unveiling Façade. It was self-published in February of 2107. She had intended to leave it as a single title. But the urging of readers wanting to know what happened to Jocelyn, led to the Dark Desire series.

The second book, a novella, Façade’s Retribution, released on May 1st. Façade’s Surrender, the third book, will release on June 11th. Currently book four is being written and a fifth book is in the outline stages.

When not writing Lisette enjoys cooking and camping and exploring the Canadian Rockies, which she calls home.

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Unveiling Facade

One man, rich and worldly, pushed Jocelyn into a life of insecurity and worthlessness. She had become a shell of herself. Until her girlfriend, Beth dragged her to a surprise party. It was that night, where Jocelyn took her first steps down a path of redemption. Discovering the dark hedonism within her would be her salvation. This is the beginning of the Dark Desire series. Where women trapped in a web of flaws, break free once they release the dark wickedness within them.

Facade's Retribution

How one night at the Mansion could’ve changed Jocelyn’s life. Now living there, becoming a hostess and sinking into the darkest fathoms of lust. Jocelyn’s life changed but her past still haunted her. The grip of insecurities, never being good enough, gnawed away at her. Could she finally put Devin to rest or does his evil shadow haunt her? It wasn’t till she confronted the demons, did she truly find peace within her dark abyss. Or has she?
This is the second installment in the Dark Desire series. Jocelyn’s adventures don’t stop here, book three will be released in June.

CL Parks

CL Parks is an urban fantasy devouring, lizard loving, chicken wrangling writer residing in rural Missouri with her husband, kids, and a menagerie of animals. She has had a passion for writing since reading Charlotte's Web in kindergarten. After rewriting the ending to gift Charlotte with immortal life, she became obsessed. Her tastes quickly moved from sweet and innocent to the supernatural after reading Stephen King in fifth grade. Since the moment she picked up Pet Cemetery, she devoured every supernatural and preternatural book she could get her hands on by authors ranging from Anne Rice to Stephanie Rowe.

When not fully engulfed in the latest release or typing away at her newest novel, you can find her corralling her chickens, playing with her dogs, spoiling her large lizard or sewing a new vintage inspired dress. Her dream is to travel the country in an RV with her husband while writing more books...after the kids have gone on to college, of course.

She Who Hunts

Tenna Massey's past is about to catch up with her. For eighteen years she’s carefully crafted a normal life. When an assassination attempt shatters that illusion, she’s forced to accept her true identity. As the prophesied demon huntress, she may be the only one powerful enough to stop a recent string of murders.
She has two choices now: kill or be killed.
Tenna must decide if risking her own life is worth saving thousands of innocent humans and the people she loves. Will she choose to embrace her fate as The Huntress or condemn humanity to Hell on Earth?

The Darkest War

Tenna Massey hoped for a break after killing her possessed ex-husband, but the demons have other ideas. She thought her first Hunt was difficult; just wait until she sees what the demons have in store for her now. . The latest attack on her points to someone she knows, causing her to doubt her relationships with her soul mate, Jason, and the rest of her newly adopted family.

While Tenna wades through all the new information, trying to learn whether one of her own has betrayed her, the entire family is on edge with the arrival of an enemy clan of Shifters, the same Shifters responsible for the slaughter of Jason’s entire family and tribe. Everything is hitting too close to home.

The closer Tenna gets to finding the demon doing everything it can to be the one to end the reign of the Huntress, the more she realizes it is, indeed, someone she loves. Sometimes...the dead don’t stay dead.

Krihstin Zink

Krihstin Zink is the bestselling author of Scarlet's Torment and Scarlet Unleashed. When she's not adventuring with her family, she's concocting charismatic stories that keep her fans coming back for more.

Scarlet’s Torment

Scarlet Rodrick is a young, career-focused, Floridian architect. At a young age, Scarlet suffers an emotional jolt when her biological mother – Clara Hill, abandons her. As if living with a neglectful parent was not enough, Scarlet faces being left alone to fend for herself. 
Following her abandonment, Scarlet is adopted by the Belkas, a loving and wealthy family. However, love and wealth are not enough to heal the scars caused by neglectful parenting. Although she is a successful architect, Scarlet is unsuccessful with love - until the day, she meets a promising obstetrician/gynecologist, Dr. David Jensen. 
David is a client of Scarlet’s architecture and realty firm. Their connection is intense, so they have no other option but to keep their relationship a secret. David awakens an unfamiliar lust in Scarlet, and from their first meeting Scarlet is enthralled by David’s physical and inner splendor. Their summer romance leaves David and Scarlet in an erotic daze, and for a moment Scarlet forgets the emotional damage left by her neglectful biological mother. 

Scarlet Unleashed

In Scarlet’s Torment, Scarlet Rodrick found love and lust through her relationship with Dr. David Jensen. As exciting and thrilling as her life became, Scarlet learned quickly that happiness never lasts. Surviving life’s hellish obstacles was just the beginning: Scarlet had to learn that life and love can become like oil and water. Scarlet’s relationship with David survived traumatic incidents executed by Kate. But now, months of physical and mental torment have inevitably induced Scarlet’s mental downfall.

AA. Colvin Jr.

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