Monday, 9 May 2016

Gambit: An Irish Tale: Episode I Cashmere

by Timothy R Lyon Jr

Released Today ~ May 9th 2016

Paul Kelly and Eamon McLean are two Irish mobsters who are at the forefront of the famous Cashmere Casino. While they are in a period of peace, trouble brews on their doorstep. With growing concerns about the Italian Mob, who just moved into the city, they both do not realize that everything is about to emerge.

In this new and spectacular new story by Timothy Lyon, we are thrown back into the historical fiction genre that he excels in. With outstanding characters, a gorgeous setting, and compelling story, Gambit: An Irish Tale will become a new top seller.

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      Eamon’s eyes shot open as he stepped away. Kaito already knew what to expect, to turn around to the smell of a freshly lit cigar. It masked some of the dampness in the basement, but the smell was still unforgettable. Only one person was allowed to smoke when not on the main floor and that person was Paul.
      “Kaito, Kaito, Kaito… do I sense a loyalty issue?” Paul asked as he puffed on the end of his cigar.
      “No, sir.”
      Eamon eyed the two as Paul blew out the smoke while staring Kaito down. Tension had filled the room and Kaito, leaving him somewhat nervous as his back began to sweat.
      “You sure about that?” Paul asked again.
      “I may not trust you, but I have never hidden that from you,” Kaito explained.
      “I am not one to tolerant disrespect. Not often that is.” Paul walked past the two, blowing smoke in Kaito’s face as he passed. His beard pressed against the cigar as he pressed his lips around it. He looked over Kaito’s target and shook his head impressed.
      “But… with shooting like this, I would rather keep you on my side of the field if worse comes to worse.”
      Paul handed his cigar to Kaito, who stared at it, not expecting the gesture. He continued to stare at it until Paul sighed at his hesitation.
      “This cigar is not going to hold itself, my boy.”
      Kaito, with a disgruntled smirk on the side of his mouth, took the cigar and held it in his hand. Paul attached Kaito’s target back to the wire and let it roll to the back of the range. He reloaded the pistol, and before the target even reached the back, he fired off the clip. He then pulled the target back and looked it over, not allowing Eamon or Kaito to see.
      “You are good Kaito. I will give you that,” Paul admitted. He looked over his shoulder to Eamon without fully turning around. “Eamon, does the rest of the equipment check out?”
      “Yes,” Eamon confirmed. “Everything works fine besides a few sighting issues. I did not dare test the rocket launcher or the minigun. I hear those are quite noisy.”
      “Have O’Mailley give you a demonstration when you drop off the lot. I think he was just showing us what he has to give.” Paul turned around and eyed the two as the cigar continued to burn in Kaito’s hand.
      “Paul… do you think it is a good time to be bringing in weapons of this caliber? With the Italians-”
      “I do not want to hear any more about the Italians,” Paul interrupted. “They are the least of my worries, and they should be. We will take these instruments, and we will sell them as is. With the political and religious turmoil that has risen in the city, people need to be prepared.”
      “So you think we should give them a minigun when it comes time for elections?”
      “That is for our protection, not theirs. Now, this is the end of this. Get everything loaded back into the trucks and get it back to O’Mailley. Tell him we will have his money next week.”
      “Yes, sir.”
      “Good. Also, Father MacGowan arrived not long ago. He requested you at the restaurant. See him before you leave and don’t take long. O’Mailley is expecting you this afternoon.”
      Without another word, Paul made his way to the elevator and waited for it patiently. Kaito took a few steps forward, extending the cigar to Paul.
      “Mr. Kelly, your cigar?” Kaito pointed out.
      “Like I said Kaito, it isn’t going to hold itself.” The elevator door opened, and Paul went in without another word. As soon the doors closed, Kaito lowered his arm and threw the cigar to the floor.
      “The lack of respect he shows is a crime,” Kaito mumbled.
      Eamon walked over to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder. He lifted up Paul’s target, and they both saw that he had fired in-between all of Kaito’s shots. “Let it go Kaito. The priest is here.”

The Author:

Timothy Ray Lyon Jr. was born in Pennsylvania on May 20, 1992. The second of three children, Timothy spent most of his life growing up in the Appalachian Forest. In his teenage years, he participated in basketball, baseball, and Boy Scouts. However, his main focus was on his musical abilities. Belonging to the school’s marching band, concert band, jazz band, and all county musicals, Timothy excelled on double bass and the marching snare. Performing in Washington D.C., Ireland, PA’s capitol, and achieving the All-State qualifiers three times in his last two years of high school, he was known for his passion in music.

After obtaining his Eagle Scout, graduating as high school historian, and earning several acknowledgements for music, he decided to leave it all behind and pursue a degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. For three years he studied film, photography, motion graphics and visual effects. Despite directing a few short films and showing promise, he struggled to accept his field as graduation neared. With the suggestion of a friend, he began to write a web series as a distraction from the stress. What started out as a few short pages, turned into a full length series. Finding confidence in his newfound hobby, he decided to take it to the next level.

Although, graduating with his bachelor’s, Timothy decided to step away from the VFX industry and turn his undivided attention to writing. While working as a barback and bike courier, he slaved away in his spare time at his newest project, The 11th Hour. Intended to be a graphic novel, it quickly entered pre-production with some promise. Unable to self fund his work after a failed kickstarter campaign, Timothy stepped back and took some time, attempting what to do with his life. Realizing the potential and low-cost of self publishing a novel, he began what he believes will be his grand epic. The Contrivance series. Working on the first book of the series, Ashes, he continued writing over the course of the next year.

After that year in Pittsburgh and with his school loans kicking in, Timothy decided it was time to move home with his family and regain his roots. With the support of his family, friends, and certain individuals, he finished his first novel. Now at the reigns of his very beginnings, Timothy is very hopeful as his first novel hits the market, and is looking forward to the future of his passions and dreams.
Timothy lives with his family in Pennsylvania as he continues to write and hopes on bringing a story all will want to love and share.

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