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Koolura and the Mayans by Michael Thal

Title: Koolura and the Mayans
Author: Michael Thal
Genre: YA Science-Fiction

Koolura, a girl with extraordinary psychic powers, is back again with pal Leila. The duo is off to Mexico for Koolura’s father’s wedding. When touring a Mayan archeological dig, the girls uncover a mysterious device that hurtles them 2000 years back in time. They soon discover aliens from the planet Aquari living amongst Mayan natives. Are these Aquarians planning to take over Earth? And can Koolura and Leila stop them in time? 

Excerpt #1

The Chase

The burly teen picked up speed as he withdrew his gun. But when he ran by Koolura, she stuck out her foot.

The teen fell to the ground eating dirt. Spitting out a mouthful, he looked up.

“You! We’ve been hunting for you for days.” He quickly stood, reached out with one of his huge paws to grab Koolura.

Koolura jumped up. With a flawless roundhouse kick, she connected with the teen in the chest.  From that contact, Koolura knew his name.

Ad-Em landed on his rump.

Koolura made a mad dash in the opposite direction in which Nacon had fled, not having time to check on Leila.

Ad-Em scrambled to his feet, pulled a communication device from his pocket, punched a few buttons, and took off after Koolura.

Koolura did not want to use her powers. The less these people knew about her abilities the better her position would be in a real emergency.

As the burly teen dashed after Koolura, two other Vanilla teens came from opposite directions quickly converging on her.

Just as they were about to reach Koolura, Leila galloped by on a stolen mule. She put out a hand to Koolura who took it, jumped onto the mule’s back and off she and Leila galloped, leaving the teens in the dust.

Unfortunately, this mule was hungry. When they passed a cart filled with fruit, the beast skidded to a halt, throwing the girls into a nearby bale of hay.

Meanwhile, teen reinforcements arrived with hoverboards. The hoverboards were large silver discs supported and propelled by a cushion of air. Each teen held on to his craft by a curved metal pipe that acted as a rudder.

The boards seemed to defy gravity and sped a few inches off the ground like skateboards without wheels.

Koolura and Leila hurdled carts while spilling over kiosks to block the path of their pursuers.

Led by Ad-Em, nothing seemed to slow the Vanilla teens. They had the power to levitate their boards many feet into the sky to avoid disaster.

Koolura and Leila didn’t have that kind of luck. They crashed into two villagers carrying baskets of food. Fruit, vegetables and cloth spilled onto the dirt road.

After scrambling to their feet, they took off with the Vanilla trio riding their tails.

That’s when Leila spotted a huge cart filled with manure. She signaled Koolura to stop in front of it. The girls stood before the cart as the hoverboards approached. At the last second, Koolura and Leila leapt away from the cart. The teens, unable to stop the momentum of their boards, slammed right into the dung-filled cart. 

As Koolura and Leila ran away, Ad-Em popped his head dripping with poop and shook his fist. The duo headed back to the village laughing.

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Excerpt #2


This is not good! What am I going to do?

Seconds passed before Koolura’s entire body materialized, and when it did, her back was toward the approaching Aquarians. She darted toward the exit.

Sensors opened the door when Koolura was within range. She headed directly for it, frantic to escape.

Mouths agape, Ka-Rol and Remi watched as the Earth girl, now clearly visible, bolted out the door. 

Ka-Rol yelled, “Get her, you fool!”

Remi dashed for the door as if his life depended on it, but by the time he reached the rec room’s exit, the girl was long gone.

Koolura sprinted toward the escalator. Once inside, she glanced over her shoulder to see Remi bolting toward her.

I got to get away from that creep, fast.

She clambered onto the escalator’s twirling railing and slid down its ramp as if it were a ride at an amusement park. At its end, Koolura hit the star ship’s floor running, her long dark hair flying in her wake.

An alarm wailed throughout the ship, and an unemotional female computer voice announced, “Intruder alert. Intruder alert."

Uh-oh! Not good!

Koolura ran to a T-sectioned area of the spacecraft. Remi, still in his Izel disguise, jogged down one corridor. From the opposite direction, armed Vanilla teens moved toward her like a dark star. She had no choice but to take the third route.

Then she saw Remi dash ahead of the storm troopers to take the lead. Koolura knew she was too far ahead for him to recognize any specific details of her face. So she slipped into an alcove and waited. When Remi raced by,

Koolura stuck out her foot.

With a yelp, Remi stumbled and fell flat on his face.

Koolura leapt over his prone body, looking frantically for the escape elevator that would take her out of the building.

She glanced briefly over her shoulder and then at the narrow corridor before her. A group of alien teens were closing in on her from that direction. Her back was to the wall as the storm troopers approached slowly on her right. Remi, who had finally managed to scramble to his feet, led that group, limping, his face contorted with anger.

Koolura was trapped.

The Author:

Michael Thal is the author of five published novels—Goodbye Tchaikovsky, The Abduction of Joshua Bloom, and The Koolura Series—The Legend of Koolura, Koolura and The Mystery at Camp Saddleback, and Koolura and the Mayans. He is also a columnist for the Los Angeles Examiner writing articles about parenting and education.

Moving from the frigid Northeast to comfy Southern California in 1973, Michael taught elementary and middle school for 28 years until a freak virus left him deafened at the age of 50. He reinvented himself as a writer composing over 80 published articles in print magazines as well as novels for middle grade and high school aged students.

You can learn more about Michael Thal on his website and blog at His books can be purchased on and Barnes & Noble in print and as e-books.

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