Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Mansion's Twins by Rose M. Channing

An enchanting and enjoyable story, which I imagine, would appeal to younger teens and the simplified writing style suggests that this is the intended audience. Although at just over 400 pages, it may be a bit long for young readers.

There were a lot of different characters, with different magical abilities, which got a bit confusing at times, although they were brought to life quite well. The main characters, Ellie and Savannah, were well written and grew emotionally (and magically) through the book. I'm sure that teenage girls will find them easy to relate to.

The plot was well thought out and had enough action and intrigue to keep me reading.

I received an eCopy of The Mansion's Twins from Rose M. Channing in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


A beautiful, magical world has been ravaged by a terrible storm. Homes were destroyed, families torn apart, and even the sweetest magic twisted by darkness. Even years later, the world remains damaged, unbalanced, and dangerous, waiting for someone who might restore what was lost. Only the magic of twins has a chance, but the birth of twins is exceedingly rare.

In our own world, Ellie and Savannah know nothing of this. They know nothing of other worlds, magic, or even each other. Until magic blooms inside, them and draws them together. After years of feeling alone, raised apart and in the wrong world, the twin sisters are reunited at last. They find their way home, and discover their destiny.

The girls are welcomed into a grand mansion, the safest place in the aftermath of the storm. There, they learn who they are and what they have to do. To restore the world, they must travel through the mansion to the center of magic and reset the balance.

They discover their magical abilities, find joy and friendship in the mansion's family, and face the dangers of the storm's left-behind magic. The journey to the center of magic is full of twists and turns, magic and excitement. Ellie and Savannah support each other to overcome obstacles along the way, knowing the whole world is depending on them.

The Author:

So, who am I? I’m Libby Robare, a writer, recent graduate of Southern Oregon University, and a produce clerk at Albertsons. Yep, I’ve got a psychology degree, I chop fruit for a living, and I enjoy living in other worlds. Don’t say I have no direction, I have many directions!

My full name is Elisabeth Rose Robare, but I'm not fancy enough inside to rock that name. Though I do think it's kind of cool to have the same name as a dead queen. Anyway.

I've been living in the world of my books since I was about fourteen. It started with recurring dreams about mansions. Then I started getting visits from characters. I kept visiting the dreamworld, putting the bits and pieces together, and eventually I had the first two books. From there, the cycle continued: Visit, dream, play, and watch the world grow. I've always enjoyed living in other worlds, long before I started writing. Someone once asked me how I remember all of my material, and I'd never really thought about it. It's easy to remember it all because I'm always there, living in the fantasy world. I have to bring myself out of it, make myself be present in this world.

I wanted to write stories where the heroes give life instead of simply kill a villain. Sure, I still have villains, and they may or may not be killed, but Ellie and Savannah's purpose is to restore and create. I also wanted to write a story with a multitude of legit female characters. Too many stories only have one, and I want to have characters all kinds of girls can relate to.

Also, I love love LOVE acapella music and have several acapella groups in my books.


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