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Welcome to one of today's stops on Karina Kantas' Illusional Reality Blog Tour.

Karina is here to talk about what it takes to be an author.

To be or not to be...

I truly believe there is a secret novel in everyone. But that doesn’t mean everyone has to have a go at writing it! Sometimes a secret should stay a secret.

So you’ve gone and written your novel. What’s next?

Do you print copies out and hand them to the family? Or do you go one better, self-publish and try to make a living out of selling your book?
Then you have the other option, find an agent and a publisher and watch your book storm up the bestseller chart.
Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it’s NOT!
If you’re serious about starting a new career as an author. You have to be willing to work for it.

Major rules to Self-publishing

1) Have a least two beta readers.
2) Hire an editor.
3) Research.
4) Hire a formatter.
5) Hire a cover artist

1) Beta readers.
Some authors use the same beta readers for each book. I prefer to use strangers. People that don’t know you or your work. Someone who will give you an honest opinion on plot, conflicts and your characters.

2) Editors.
Make sure your book is as polished as it can be before you publish. An editor will check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. They will also look for inconsistencies, suggest changes, help with sentence structure and give more depth to your characters. Basically they complete your novel. Editors are invaluable.

3) Research.
There are many outlets for you to upload your book; for e-books you could use Lulu, Smashwords, Xinxii and the most popular Amazon (KDP)
For paperback book try Lulu or Amazon (CreateSpace)

4) Formatting.
Many authors lose out for a chance of selling to popular outlets such as Sony, Ibookstore, Amazon because their book is poorly formatted. Most e-book publishers have their own guidelines you have to follow. Every outlet is different. And remember, if you’re formatting for a paperback, that’s a whole new kettle of fish. Hire a professional formatter. Their rates are very reasonable and again, invaluable

5) Cover.
You have a choice, you can take a free cover offered by the e-book publisher or you can pay, and if you’re lucky, have one designed for you for free. A cover is the first thing a reader sees. Make it stand out. Make sure people remember your title and name. Nowadays most SP book covers are very professional looking, so you need to compete.

Okay, now your baby is polished, formatted and published, now comes the hard part.

Advertising, promotion and marketing.

No one is going to knock on your door and ask you for a copy of your book. You have to shout it from the roof tops. This where the work comes in.

Popular promotion social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter allow authors to promote their titles on publicity pages. Be warned. Spamming is taken very seriously.

You can also start up your own fan page. Every author needs a website and thankfully these are very cheap to buy. If you don’t have any funds you can always try or Wordpress.
Blogging is a great tool for authors. Many authors will be willing to promote and even interview you for their blog, in a hope of sending more traffic their way.
Find your market. Contact local radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. Arrange signings at your local bookstore and organize readings at your library.

Some outlets won’t work for you and others may be the platform you need to get started. Either way, you’ll need plenty of time and patience. It’s not going to happen overnight, but if you really want to make it as an author you have to work at it.

Best of luck

Karina Kantas has been writing for over 20 years and has eight titles published, including the popular OUTLAW series. She is also a VA, narrator and makes book trailers.
Feel free to contact her if you have any questions.

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