Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Half Flashed by Patrick Elliott

Another journey into the weirdly wonderful imagination of Patrick Elliott.
Most of the stories in this book are fairly dark, although not as dark as the ones in Half Flashed. There is something about each story that keeps you reading and makes you wonder what the author can come up with next. Some stories are only a page or so long, while others cover several pages.
My favourites from this book were a couple of the longer stories: 'Songs of the Lost' and 'Flames of the Night' and the short story: 'Snow King, Gypsy Queen', along with 'Imaginary Friends', which has six linked shorts scattered through the book.
I won a signed copy of Half Flashed in a Facebook Giveaway - Thank you Patrick.


A group of short stories and novellas. Great for reading on public transportation if you are trying to save the planet. If you drive this will fill the downtime at work and escaping life at home.

The Author

Patrick has been writing for years while stuck in the corporate world focusing on customer service and management due to his love of helping people and touching their lives. After hearing multiple versions of "Why aren't you published yet?" along with threats of bodily, possibly physical harm from friends and family if forced to read one more novel before he was published he relented.

By being here you are part of the beginning of a new chapter in the author's life.

He lives in the Seattle area, where he is currently enjoying the rain when it is available.

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