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Let Me Just Say This by B. Swangin Webster

Author, B. Swangin Webster,  is the author of an intriguing book, Let Me Just Say This.
It is the story of Cheryl Goldman and her relationship with her husband, Kevin. While Cheryl has what many may call a picture perfect life, the underbelly of it all is something quite different.

letmejustsaythis_coverKevin is a handsome, charismatic entrepreneurial man who is going places -- without acknowledging, or recognizing that Cheryl helped him to build the company to where it is today. When Cheryl reminds her husband of all she's done for him, she's thanked with a slap!

Cheryl's life has been devolving for years. Her children, now teenagers, have been watching their father beat their mother and they are getting angry -- at their mother -- for allowing the beatings to continue.

This is a well-written story that deals with a tough subject: domestic violence. There is a message in these pages. There's hope and light and love in these pages. There's real life and strong language in these pages.

For a thought-provoking read, I suggest adding this one too your TBR shelf. You can also read a short excerpt below.

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Excerpt Clipart

How could he be so cold? How had their marriage gotten to this point?

She was only 40 years old, but felt like a woman of 60. Her body had grown as tired as her mind had. They had been married for 17 years, but if felt more like a lifetime. Donnell and Kayla were wonderful children, never mind that Kevin thought Donnell was more feminine than Kayla. They lived in an exclusive gated community in Southern Maryland and she had everything a woman could want, except for the one thing every woman wanted: the love of a man.

"Yeah, book three tickets to Atlanta," Kevin said into the phone. "I'll let Rebecca know that she will also go with us." After a slight pause, he continued. "If you want her to go, you have to spring for her ticket. Why do you think Cheryl isn't going? I am trying to enjoy myself and take care of business and being nagged is not a part of the plans." He laughed out loud. "Nigga, you are crazy. Holla."

Cheryl walked in just as he finished his conversation.

"Why can't I go with you this time?" she inquired. "You always say, next time, next time, but that doesn't happen." She followed him from the den and up the stairs to their bedroom.

"Look, I won't have this conversation with you again. I don't have time to baby-sit."

"Baby-sit! I ain't no fucking baby. I am your wife and all I am asking is that I go with you this time. Is that too much to ask?"

"Look, every damn time I get ready to go outta town, I gotta hear this from you. You are not going and that's the end of the fucking conversation!"

Kevin stormed out of their bedroom and slammed the door behind him.
* * *

Author Bio

B Swangin Webster_New Look_Jan 30 2016B. Swangin Webster is the mother of five grown children and the "Nina" of nine grandchildren. She continues to write because if she didn't, she believes she would stop breathing. Live Life with passion is hermotto. This is something she does every day.

She has recently embarked on an additional career as a radio talk show host on WLVS Radio: Radio You Can Watch. She has become one of their leading hostesses.

When B. Swangin Webster isn't writing, you can find her reading one of her 300+ novels. Or, taking cooking classes. When she isn't doing either of the above, you will find her at grandchildren's football games, or watching her favorite football team: The Dallas Cowboys.

You can find author, B. Swangin Webster on:


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