Friday, 22 January 2016

Who Killed Randy Ratphink? by Jerry Flu

Written in the first person, by the late Randy Ratphink, this book takes a light-hearted look back through his life, as well as his time in the after-life.

The book was well-written, detailed and descriptive, and we meet a variety of weird and unpredictable characters as Randy tries to discover his murderer.

Although it was an interesting and, at times, humorous read, I found it to be more of a fictional autobiography than a murder mystery.


Turn on! Tune in! Drop dead!

Who Killed Randy Ratphink?: The Post-Mortem Adventures of a Fried-Brain Hippie! a laugh-out-loud paranormal cozy mystery is the saga of a flower-child’s journey from the Haight to the hereafter.

Randy Ratphink, once-upon-a-time baby boomer nunc geezer boomer, suddenly finds himself dead—murdered—and his spirit won’t rest until he discovers whodunit! From his postmortem perch in the astral plain Randy’s life flashes before him like a Piggly Wiggly surveillance video.
Determined to seek out his killer to avenge his murder before he moves into the shining white light, Randy Googles his memories for clues and suspects from his hippie days in the Haight to his present predicament.
But it’s only after he discovers that the identity of his murderer is none other than … well it wouldn’t be much of a mystery if I told you whodunit just yet, would it?

The Author:

Jerry Flu graduated from the Yale School of Art and Architecture in 1966 and moved to the Big Apple to paint, freelance book jackets, hang out in the East Village, and dodge the draft. In 1970 he moved to Alaska, where, over the course of the next forty-five years, he taught school in remote Native villages, penned editorial cartoons for the Anchorage Times, wrote grant applications for rural clinic construction, and occasionally commercial fished, tended bar, rode motorcycles, boxed, played in a band, and attended court-ordered substance-abuse treatment programs. He now lives in the woods seventy-five miles north of Anchorage and spends his time writing.

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