Saturday, 2 January 2016

What Once Went Wrong by T.E. Hodden

Written from the point of view of a man with six months to live this is a bittersweet and emotional read.
It's wonderfully written, and despite the subject matter, or maybe because of it, it's a 'feel good book' and I enjoyed the moving story of love and friendship.
There is a wonderful cast of multi-faceted characters all of whom add something to George's life and the story.


George has just six months to live, and no chance of a happy ever after. At least not for himself. When he is advised to make his time count, George makes it his mission to offer others their own Happy Ever After. Three ex girlfriends, and the best friend he has never met, are about to have their lives changed forever.

He has one hundred and eighty two days to die.

He has one life left to live.

The Author:

T. E. Hodden trained in engineering, and works in the rail industry. He writes as a hobby, when he is not walking the Kent coast, looking for forgotten nooks and crannies of history and folklore.

His kindle e-books include the Fisher And The Bears trilogy (also available as paperback omnibus) in which a man called Fish must fight demons, monsters and all your nightmares with only his wits, his ghostly girlfriend, and a hotel full of teddy bears.

Capes And Robbers, the story of a super villain in love.

Chronicle 31, a rip roaring, world saving, and high kicking adventure in a colourful future.

Rags and Bones, a tense ghost story of sex, drugs, and the power of dreams.

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