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Spotlight on Cursed. Lovers. by Simona Dobrescu


In the blink of an eye, my life was turned upside down.
Once more.
Right from the start, I knew he had to be the most attractive guy I’ve ever met.
The most arrogant. The most popular. Wild. Free.
The only one I ever wanted - or craved.
Also the only person who’s torturing me with cruel pain, though.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Sorrow, delusion, savage persecution.
Infinite agony.

He was the only one I ever wanted. And he’d gladly watch me burn in purgatory.

Light and darkness.

Innocence and abyss.

Good and evil.

Sense and sensibility.

He’s my biggest nightmare.

Nevertheless, we never really stood a chance.

Because one world is trying to keep us apart, while the other one goes to great lengths to unite the two of us. Both will put us to the test. A third party will have to decide. But arrangements, contracts and rules aside - love is the greatest power on earth.
It’s our battle, our destiny.
Neither him, nor me, are willing to lose.

Yes, we were cursed.

Starcrossed, cursed, lovers.


Because Morgan Vegard is my soulmate.

The Author:

Simona Dobrescu is a city girl with a graduate in german literature and an imagination that ran wild for as long as she remembers. Originally from Romania, she grew up in Germany. She loved writing for newspapers, but enjoys the freedom of creating whole new worlds even more - as well as sharing them with her readers.

Her debut series, Cursed, about an evil bad boy who meets his heavenly match, are amazon bestsellers and now also available in english, amongst others on amazon US and amazon UK.


The crush of people in the hallway had left, the conversations had faded away, and my fellow students had disappeared. The school was deserted, and it reminded me of a stage, where the melancholic song could develop, re-echo, and be perceived.
After a fleeting moment of confusion, a deadly silence engulfed my excited condition, and I felt deep, inward peace. I gave in to that urge and closed my eyes with relish. At the same time, I leaned against the metal locker. It was my only connection to reality, and I decided to cherish the moment, until the song would fade away. It was an elementary need I couldn't resist.
Thanks to an intuition, I suddenly opened the door again. Instinctively, I turned my head in the direction of the entrance door and froze.
I spotted a hand on the framed glass panel, as if it was about to push the door open and enter. The other hand was holding a notepad. The boy with the frock stood there and looked at me in amazement. His eyes were as blue as I vaguely remembered having seen them two nights ago. His build was exactly as broad and tall as I recalled. One thing was different from my savior, though; his clothes weren't the same. He was wearing a football jacket. It displayed the initials of the local high school and exposed a navy blue polo sleeve. His jeans perfectly accentuated his proportions.
"Amores dolores, voluptas dolores“, resounded in an almost ear-piercing volume. The song turned into an aria, which tenderly snuggled up to me, but it couldn't bring me to avert my gaze from him, while he obviously crucified himself, trying to hold my gaze as well.
One second after another passed by, and an indefinable horror mixed with his gaze, which I barely noticed. Thereupon a growing feeling of nausea spread in my stomach region. Initially, it was just a pressure in my abdomen. Immediately afterward, it seemed to radiate through my entire body.


There are books you like, books you love - and books you obsess about.
Cursed. Lovers. is the best of the best, like so good, it haunts you in your dreams and makes you wanna skip school just to read. This novel is golden!! No surprise it's a huge hit in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
Meet Morgan and Mimi, two star-crossed lovers that are meant to be. If only they would allow fate to do its job...
Morgan is wealthy, rude, wild, hot hot hot and the baddest there is: ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍
"How about a cold shower?"
"You can make fun of me, if you like," she flashed her eyes at Abby and put her apron on the countertop. "Every day, however, I thank God for that moving Abercrombie & Fitch billboard."
These two first meet during a living nightmare. Mimi, a girl who lost her family, finds herself in hell and is saved by a dark knight - Morgan. Is it real? Is it a dream? That's for the reader to decide and for Morgan to know.
As soon as they meet on her first day of school, however, he makes sure she knows he wants her gone. For real. For good.
But as defeated as Mimi is, she stands her ground. Keeps her distance. Talks back. Fights his threats. And Morgan?
He realises that maybe the powers that doomed him and cursed her, deciding they have to be together to create something bigger, be something important, maybe, just maybe, were right from the start.
Read it and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
~Emma_ (Goodreads)

I know there are a ton of awfully good fantasy novels and yes, I came across the best of them (Starcrossed, Shiver, Twilight and Co.) and loved them to death. But this one holds its ground and deserves every single star of the five it gets.
It is brillant *takes a deep breath*
Ladies, do you want the asshole you love to hate? May I introduce: Morgan Vegard.
He got it all: Looks that do kill, the brains, the money, the hotness, the popularity, the madness that comes with freedom and no boundaries.
Because to his high school, town, all the chicks and the whole wide world he's perfect.
Where to stop when the sky is the limit? The answer is simple. He's more than meets the eyes. There's something dark about him, a symbolic force field around him, a mystery that none deciphers. But Mimi.
Because they met before. In hell. Literally. And although he saved her, he still wants her gone.
But Mimi is here to stay.
I absolutely adored her. She is my role model.
She is fierce and talks back, she is smart and kind.
She is his perfect match.
I don't wanna spoil so I'll leave it at that.
But let me tell y'all: I just finished the most wonderful story.
PS It's got a cliffy, so beware.
~Anni (Goodreads)

The story is breathtaking, and I almost couldn't put the book down. It is highly recommendable for teenagers and adults. I was deeply impressed by the author's writing style and her inventiveness. Furthermore, it isn't just a simple love story. It got under my skin. Thrilling, charged with emotion, and incredibly exciting!
~Theresa (Amazon)

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