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Hearts of Valor by Various Authors

It takes a heart of valor to survive love's battlefield.

Six veteran themed romantic tales brimming with love and sacrifice are sure to show us all what it truly means to have a Heart of Valor.

Hearts of Valor

Genre: Romance Anthology (Sweet)
Release Date: January 13, 2016


A Manly Man - Jean Young

The year Veronica turned twenty-two changed her life. She graduated from San Diego State University, married the handsome Lieutenant Carter Weis—widowed six months after the happy nuptials.

Captain Quinn Alstrom of the U.S. Coast Guard was eager to start his newest post; however the excitement had nothing to do with the beautiful surroundings of Key West, and everything to do with his best friend’s wife.

Will Quinn’s surprise arrival in Veronica’s life re-spark the fire in the vivacious woman he remembered? Or, will the memory of her fallen husband stop the two of them from finding happiness?

The Promise - London Saint James

Confederate POW, Braxton Bolton, had an unexpected visitor the day before his execution, when Arabella Anderson walked into his jail cell and, in front of other POWs, kissed him until he shook with desire.

Two years prior, she had been the Lieutenant Colonel’s prisoner. While she was tortured and raped by the other Confederate soldiers, Bolton was different. He protected her from further suffering, and the grateful young woman had come to repay his kindness.
While they became more and more intimate, she learned the story behind his kindness.
But what she learned while with her hero POW, turns the sweet girl into a fearsome warrior. One determined to save the soldier with a noble heart.

Hero of Her Heart - S.L. Hughson

Nicole Taylor has loved Vincent for years. Now he’s back from serving in the Army, and she’s determined to make him see her as something other than a little sister.

After a heated Valentine’s date, Nicole is confused by Vince’s withdrawal. She confronts him, but no matter how hot their physical attraction, he keeps backing away.

Nicole helps him follow his lifelong dreams but he drifts further from her happily-ever-after plans. What will it take for him to see he is truly the hero of her heart?

Feathers - T.E.Hodden

Kerry only wanted to do right by Christopher. To protect him from the whispers of 'coward' and the shame of a white feather.

But the war doesn't look like a grand adventure any more. All Kerry wants is Chris home safe. But will he still be the same man she once knew?

Goin' Home - Philip Lisagor

How will Jack be able to put Iraq behind him and return home to Leah and their two children? The green peaceful coast of Ireland is the perfect landing zone from the brown violent landscape of Mesopotamia. Jack is humping ruck along the North Atlantic coast when a chance encounter with an Irish maiden turns him all around and he hears the voice of Leah in a magical moment calling him home.

Promises Kept - Terri Rochenski

Ever since they were kids, Joan dreamed of being Walt Herley’s wife. But, Joan's dream is short-lived when the Korean War draft has Walt trading his groom's suit for army fatigues. After a short celebration of their rushed nuptials, Walt is whisked away to fulfill his duty to his country, leaving Joan behind with a promise to return.

With her heart a world away, Joan struggles to keep her spirit afloat while praying for the war's expedient end. Fate, however, has a plan of its own, one that threatens Joan’s faith in Walt’s promise to return.

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Interview Question:

Have you always wanted to be a writer and was there a particular moment you thought, "I can do this!"?

London Saint James:
From the time I was old enough to write, I did. I scribbled little stories down. Did I know I wanted to be a writer at the time? Probably not. I continued to write all the way through high school. Stopped and then much, much later I returned to writing as a stress relief, decided to submit something for publication, and took the plunge. I knew I could do this writing gig when I got an acceptance. *Smiles*

T.E. Hodden:
I've always liked to write. It's been a hobby since I was a child. There was no 'I can do this' moment, because we can all do it. Getting published, or self publishing, that is the moment you need to swallow down your fears and take the plunge. It took some encouragement from good friends to do that. For me it was working with a friend a few years ago, when she showed enough interest to patiently listen to a sample of what I was working on, and not laugh about it.

S.L. Hughson:
I started writing stories in third grade (which was a few years ago). I didn’t reach a place with enough confidence to really pursue the dream until I graduated from college in June 2013.

Jean Young:
No, I had never thought I would become a writer while I was growing up. I’ve always loved reading. But writing? No. I thought writer belonged to a special group of people, despite that fact that there were several writers in my family. I started writing, not to become a writer, but to express my feelings and to fulfill my fantasies, which I found out that creative writing was able help to achieve in both areas. 

Philip Lisagor:
I have wanted to develop narrative as a means of working through questions and issues for as long as I can remember. Some NY Times short stories have given me a “I can do this” moment.

Terri Rochenski:
When Anne Tyler critiqued my first manuscript and offered to write a letter of introduction to Donald Maass, I thought, “I CAN DO THIS!”


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