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Calasade: Sanguinem Isle by Mark Stone


Title: Calasade: Sanguinem Isle
Author: Mark Stone
Genre: Fantasy

Caderyn Fortis has been many things—loyal husband, soldier, war veteran, public servant. Now he is a fallen nobilis and gambling addict, an alcoholic who never got over the murder of his wife. In his darkest hour an opportunity comes that can help him recover his self-worth and make up for the mistakes that cost him his wife. All he has to do? Discover who kidnapped a young woman and where they took her, then rescue her. He must do this while not alienating his employer—the best suspect—or falling in love with the woman helping him.


How ancient the dungeon in which Saeva imprisoned her and her familia in separate cells; from where, once per day, a Saevum led them into sunlight one at a time to check on their conditions, ensure each recovered from snakebites and had not suffered additional puncture-wounds, be they serpent or insect.

A dangerous place the decomposing fortress—yes, decomposing—the place seemed alive with remnants of horrors—wherein she had spotted amazing things while getting herded from the dark to the light, among them a skull similar in shape to a dog’s but twice her height. In glimpsing an armory she expected the rusted swords and axes, the cobweb-covered shields. What surprised her—no, shocked—were the throat-harnesses able to encircle a horse’s midsection. Pater said the wearers of these were dracones, winged monsters unseen since the Great Confrontation started through the godlike power of the castle’s overlord, a Saevum who ruled dracones along with numerous other beasts.

Ancestors of her race had named him Bestialis.

Sometimes late at night she laid awake listening to creepy-crawly things ticking their ways along the floor, walls, and ceiling, fearing Bestialis’s haunting presence in the second she went from sweating to shivering, during those minutes her outward breaths clouded in the moonlight glowing through holes too high for her to reach, squeeze through, and escape. Not that escaping ranked among her immediate aspirations nowadays. Not without taking Pater and Mater embracing each other opposite her across the fighting-pit and her brother. He wept inside the pit, petrified of the bimembrus fifty paces away, of it attacking—as a Saevum ordered her to command the animal.

If she rebuked…

Indrasena raised her gaze to Hunter-Man. “Their threat is real?”


…the Saevi leader swore through the sketches on a wax tablet to ravage Mater unto death, force her husband and children to watch.

Indrasena was not curious and neither did she care about the hunter’s reply, but she needed to stall. “Did you know your partners to be capable of such cruelty?”


As when smiling, his troubled frown was one-sided. Gray-skins named him Praedator, but should have called him Bifax—two-faced. Mean-spirited of her to think of him that way, yes, seeing how he snuck her and her familia extra food, but the moniker fit given he betrayed his country and was doing the same to those with whom he aligned after gleaning they might turn on him. Despicable. Though if made to state truths, she must admit she lacked the blind hatred to blame him as much as she wanted. Saeva had put Hunter-Man/Praedator/Acteon/Bifax in the impossible position of choosing between homeland and wife. No one among those Indrasena considered acquaintance or dear would have sided different, including her father.

“Puella,” Hunter-Man said. Sadness, or at least a convincing manifestation of the emotion, inundated his gruff tone.


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Mark Stone lives in the United States and Spain with his greatest inspiration, his wife Cinta. Having written award-winning Flash Fiction, he is now a novelist writing tales of Fantasy that take place in Calasade, a world heavily influenced by Ancient Rome.

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