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Spotlight on the Vampyr Series by K.M. McFarland

K. M. McFarland made her way into this world in Nashville, Tennessee and spent most of her childhood on the Florida beaches before making her way to the Big Easy. Immediately falling in love with the city's unique cultural flavors, she calls it home. Voodoo, vampires, ghosts, and haunted houses are all a part of its ambiance and have been her inspiration as well as her fascination with New Orleans' colorful history. She has a passion for photography and loves capturing the unusual. Aside from roaming the French Quarter researching her next book, she enjoys reading, music, art and spending time with family and friends. As long as there's a cup of coffee and a glass of dry red wine in her day, life is good. Her secret ambition: to play the wicked witch of the west in "The Wizard of Oz" someday.

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The Books

Song Of The Vampire

In 1989, Quinn Forrester was a successful rock star living a dream with a wife, a baby daughter and a hit record. Little did he know that was all about to end the night he met Giselle, the mysterious vampire who would change his world forever. Eighteen years later, a chance meeting with Nadia, the daughter he abandoned as a baby the night he was turned, shakes his lonely, tormented world. Quinn and Nadia reconnect and bond, but Nadia’s fate is sealed. Saved by Quinn’s blood, they guide each other through the dark world they have become a part of. As they help each other battle their demons, shocking lies, secrets and deceptions are revealed culminating in the discovery of the truth about the night Quinn was turned.

Review for Song Of The Vampire

Melissa Stevens reviewed Song Of The Vampire
Goodreads Apr 27, 2015
I ended up getting this book from a goodreads giveaway, and loved it!!!! I've read so many paranormal novels regarding vampires and was no way disappointed by this book. I love the story especially Quinn reconnecting with his daughter. I don't like to give too much away about the book you can read the back the book for the description and decide whether you want to read it or not but I definitely suggest reading this book the author did an amazing job!!

Under A Bourbon Street Moon

New Orleans - an enchanted city filled with legends and folklore of Voodoo, vampires, and ghosts. Tucked away in the heart of the French Quarter is a secret vampire bar masked as the coolest music club on Bourbon Street owned by the hottest vampire, Quinn Forrester. Welcome to VAMPYR. Quinn and his vampire lover, Giselle, seem to have the perfect romance, but their relationship is put to the test when a beautiful mortal woman from his past and an adorable country singer, who has just arrived from Nashville with her own connection to Quinn, enter his world. While Quinn battles his past that has suddenly come back to haunt him, Giselle must decide if love is enough to save their turbulent relationship.

Review for Under A Bourbon Street Moon

Carol Cassada reviewed Under A Bourbon Street Moon
Goodreads Sep 25, 2014
I liked the first book, Song of the Vampire and when I heard there was a sequel, I had to check it out. And I have to admit, I had mixed feelings about it. There were some parts that I enjoyed, while other parts I didn’t like so much.

In the first book, I didn't care for Giselle too much, but by the end I began to warm towards her. However, in the sequel my original feeling for her returned. At times, Giselle comes across as annoying with her insecurities, especially when she fusses about Quinn’s past relationships and complains about how he’s nothing like her husband, Myles.

One major source of contention for the couple is the return of Quinn's ex, Pam. I loved Pam from the beginning and I loved reading about her past with Quinn, although Quinn wasn’t the best boyfriend to her, I liked how they made amends and I was rooting for them to get back together. The one thing that bothered me about Pam is how she was written out; I would’ve loved to have seen her stick around.

Aside from Pam, the couple also has to deal with Amber, Quinn's long lost daughter that he never knew. Amber is another character that I fell in love with because she has a sweet and bubbly personality. I loved reading about her backstory and how Quinn and the others were quick to welcome her into the family. However, I would’ve liked to have seen a little tension between her and Nadia.

As for Nadia and Tristan, they weren’t featured as much as I would’ve liked, but they do have their own story. The couple reveals secrets about their past that will surprise you and you’ll see new characters pop up, who are connected to the couple.


Randi Brooks is back in town, and she only has eyes for one hot ageless vampire, Quinn Forrester. Quinn has his hands full as the owner of all three vampire bars in New Orleans and hires the attractive young mortal as his personal assistant. As Quinn and Randi grow closer, the successful entrepreneur also must deal with his unique blended household: a vampire daughter, a mortal daughter who sees dead people, a spiritually connected vampire ex-girlfriend who is her mentor, and a deceased ex-wife that just won’t stay dead. Is his mansion big enough?

Review for Masquerade

Bree reviewed Song Of The Vampire
Goodreads Sep 28, 2015
Awesome book. If you love vamps then read this. Amazing plot choices and reads well as a standalone, but treat yourself and read all three.

Vampyr: The Complete Trilogy

Contains: Song of the Vampire, Under a Bourbon Street Moon, and Masquerade in one bundle 

Vampires are alive and well in the Big Easy. In the modern world of forensics, technology, and security cameras everywhere, vampires are now forced to live in secret. In this new age where vampires have evolved into gentle predators mainly depending on alternative methods for acquiring blood, vampire bars have risen in popularity.

Owned by a former rock star turned vampire, Quinn Forrester, Vampyr is New Orleans' most popular venue. Aside from being the French Quarter's coolest music club, it is also a secret vampire bar serving the finest quality human blood to its vampire clientele. The cryptic alley next to it seduces the most delectable humans just itching to quench a vampire's thirst. Welcome to Vampyr!

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