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Lifeblood by T.H. Morris

Lifeblood (The 11th Percent Series, Book 3) is LIVE!

Book 1 - The 11th Percent

Jonah Rowe, a bored accountant and aspiring novelist, is sick and tired of his job as an accountant. He is burnt out from all the office gossip, politics, and double talk, and he longs for his life to matter. Truth be told, Jonah wants anything besides the lame routine of coasting through his workday....only to psych himself up enough to do it all over again the next day. He only wishes that his life had some meaning.

Amidst the combination of writer's block and society's expectations to have a "real" 9-5 job, Jonah gets his wish.

His world is turned completely upside down one evening when his vision inexplicably turns blue for several moments. He then receives a warning from a spectral visitor that not only is he in danger, but everything in his life is about to change.

Overnight, Jonah transforms from an overworked, underpaid accountant to the centerpiece of a spectral battle. Will he rise to the occasion? Can he accept that everything he knows about life and death is completely wrong? And, most importantly, will he be able to comprehend and harness the power of the mysterious 11th Percent?

Follow Jonah's journey in this new breed of ghost story!

Book 2 - Item and Time

Jonah Rowe’s life is going great. His accounting days are behind him, he has a job in a bookstore that he looks forward to each day, and he has more allies than he can count among his fellow Eleventh Percenters.
But when a mysterious woman suddenly invades Jonah’s dreams, warning him of danger of a chronological nature, a game of cat-and-mouse ensues that will intertwine their fates.

Who is this mystery woman, and why does she believe that both she and Jonah are in danger?

Will Jonah find all the answers?
Will he be able to protect this woman and himself?
Most importantly, will he be able to do this before time runs out?

The second installment of The 11th Percent Series brings back familiar faces, while also introducing new ones.

A race against time ensues, spirits abound, and enemies appear in the unlikeliest of places as this new breed of ghost story continues!

Book 3 - Lifeblood

Jonah thought he had The 11th Percent figured out.
There was more to life than he’d thought, spirits were real, and he had access to ethereal powers. He got that.

But he hadn’t expected this. This was one threat too many. One revelation too many.

He wasn’t prepared for ethereal creatures who threatened the body and the mind.

Jonah is the only thing in the way of the town of Rome being bathed in lifeblood. And the worst part of it is that his survival hinges on his confronting the one thing he never thought he’d have to.

His past.

The new breed of ghost story continues in this multilayered book that introduces new allies, unearths old secrets, and presents fresh threats!

The 11th Percent (Book 1) and Item and Time (Book 2)
are both 99 cents from now until December 6th!

The 11th Percent:

Item and Time:

T.H. Morris Bio

I am an unabashed bibliophile, and have been my entire life. From a very, very early age, I ate up tall tales, fairy tales, Greek and Norse mythology, all types of children's fiction, and fiction I had trouble understanding because it was for people older than I was at the time. At times, it was nothing strange for me to read every day, all day.

My love for fiction spilled over into my childhood. My imagination was well stoked. To this day, I remember setting up my action figures specific ways, with explanations and background info to justify the reasoning they were positioned so. I guess even back then, you could say I was creating characters and backstory.

I think the bug to actually write a book of my own happened in the fourth grade. We had an assignment to make nine-ten page "books" which were actually pieces of notebook paper bound by construction paper and yarn. We had to read these stories to the other fourth grade class. I did that, and loved it. I loved for people to hear my words, thereby share my vision. It lit something in me, however faint it may have been at the time. But it sparked then and never left. Throughout my adolescence and years at undergrad, many ideas swirled about in my head, but none could actually be turned into full books. In 2010, I attempted to write a book, but abandoned it unfinished. In early 2011, I had an uninterrupted, seven-hour dream that I recounted to my wife after we were awake. When I was finished, she said flat-out, "That needs to be a book." So I set to work, not having a concrete, rigid plan and allowing the story to lead, guide, and sometimes, throttle me. The result was The 11th Percent. While I was in the process of writing it, it became crystal clear that that dream had no plans to be contained in one book, so what was initially The 11th Percent has become the The 11th Percent Series. I put pen to pad and let it guide me.

Creating these people and situations is one of the most wonderful things imaginable. I am in this for the long haul. I love breathing life into my creative visions, and am thrilled and excited to share those visions with all of you.

For information on anything involving my books, check me out at 

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