Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Life She Didn't Take by Marie Krepps

This maybe a short story,
but it isn't short on intrigue or steamy scenes.

A well-written and enjoyable read.


Serahfine has walked these streets time and time again. Endless centuries alone have her longing for death's release. But on this night when she means to end it all, she meets someone who intrigues her. Is this a chance encounter or destiny? Can an ageless vampire truly find happiness with a mere human?


The Author:

Marie Krepps lives in small town North Carolina with her husband, four girls and three cats. She enjoys writing poetry, short stories and novels of varying genres.

Music is also a huge part of Marie's life. It really inspires her to write and there is always a song in her head and in her heart.

She also loves to read. What does she read? Anything that strikes her interest, really. Fantasy, romance, manga, science fiction, classics, graphic novels, children's books, humor, etc.

Marie likes to escape in books to worlds beyond reality, and create her own worlds as well.

She is a huge movie buff and loves a good fantasy, horror or sci-fi film! Also, ANIME!!!

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