Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Exiled by Scott Borgman

Never a dull moment in this book! There's always something happening. Once you start reading, it's virtually impossible to put down.

The book is beautifully written. The storyline, the conflict between good and evil, is well thought out and has a sense of uncertainty and tension.

 All the characters, both the good and the evil, are complex and alive. They each have their own individual personality.

 An incredible story with a stunning ending. I can't wait to read book 2.


David's ordinary life takes a drastic turn when he finds out that he holds the key to a struggle that has been going on for ages. Hunted by one side, sworn to be protected by the other, David discovers that the fate of humanity itself rests upon him, and that the world he has always known is not what it seems. The veil that hides the truth is lifted, showing him what hides behind it. The game has begun.

The Author:

Born in Minnesota, Scott Borgman has had a love for reading and a passion for writing ever since childhood.
Currently, he lives in Central Wisconsin with his wife, Nyki, their three children, and their two loveable four-legged family members Aimee (the kitty) and Jaena (their bed-hogging dog).
Scott loves reading, spending time with family, watching movies, and is still a kid at heart, playing the occasional video game. His passion though, is writing - his genre of choice is the fantasy realm, where magic is real and fearsome dragons fly through the skies.
He writes not only because it is his passion, but because there is a special bond between him and his  readers. He likes to sum it up like this:
'As an author, I breathe life into each and every character within the stories that I write. But it is the reader who gives them their souls.'
                                                     -- Scott Borgman

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