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Spotlight on November Keys by Michael and Brian Turner

Michael and Brian are a father and son team which is perhaps a little unusual in the publishing world, they believe their relationship has improved and not impeded our debut novel.

Outside of writing, they are both passionate football fans with a liking for a curry and a pint.
Both have many interests, including charity work, poetry, music and quiz shows.

Whilst Brian is a published author it is Michael who has invented most of the amusing characters you are going to meet in November Keys. Both writers have spent pleasurable hours burning the midnight oil, endeavouring to portray these character’s personalities and eccentricities in a light hearted manner.

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The Book

Genre: Comedy/Thriller mingled with fantasy
Length: 278 pages
Protagonist: Female, Bridget Bluestone 
Audience: Teen to ninety-five-year-olds

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November Keys

Coupled with an original plot with more twists than a sixties band Michael and Brian hope they have created a novel that is different and humorous. One which will keep their readers, young and old alike, intrigued and entertained for many hours.

November Keys Inhabitant
“If we had known, we would not have sold the club. I admit we succumbed to greed but we did not realise we were putting our heritage at such risk. They did take the team to great heights, but the consequences were disastrous.”

American Gangster
“They asked for what they got. Did they seriously think that we were interested in some run down hick football club?”

November Keys Inhabitant
“Our benevolent buyers turned out to be ruthless. We had never experienced a murder in our village before. Not unless you include Cheryl’s cooking.”

American Gangster
“What did you expect? They had something I wanted. Something life changing. Do you think I was going to get it by playing peek a boo?”

November Keys Inhabitant
"Although we celebrated Harvesting Leaf Day and talked about the creatures in the tree, we did not actually expect to see them."

November Keys, a quaint village that was ready to sell its soul to the Devil for hastily promised riches. However, when the Devil buys he expects to collect.
A very funny tale of greed, gangsters and things that go bump in the night.

Some Reviews

I reviewed November Keys
An entertaining read 20 September 2015 
Humour, magic, witchcraft, evil, crime, football, greed and a legendary tree mix well together in this book by Father and Son team, Michael and Brian Turner.
There's a lot going on in this story (maybe a bit too much), with jumps back and forth in time and a lot of characters to get know.
The duo have done a good job of creating an entertaining read, but be prepared to leave your disbelief behind when you open the book.

I was sent an ecopy of November Keys by the authors for an honest review.

Dii reviewed November Keys<
Attn: American Gangsters-Don't mess with the Brits and their legends! 26 August 2015 
Is it a comedy, a thriller, a tale of gangsters moving in on an innocent town, or is there a touch of magic in the air around November Keys that makes it an extremely unique type of read? Seems that authors Brian and Michael Turner had a good time writing this imaginative and chaotic tale! A small and old-fashioned English town is made an offer they cannot refuse by a powerful and shady “businessman” wanting to purchase their unknown football(soccer) club, rundown, makeshift arena and the lands all around it. One by one the town falls in love with the idea, could it have been the personal visits made by this mysterious buyer? Come to think of it, why would American gangster want an English football club?

Only one man holds out, and he is key to everything, but why? He’s a farmer with a small business making a very special honey concoction that seems like some magical beer that drinkers crave. …And then there is the old oak tree, a legend in the town, it must never be cut down, so do the gangsters listen? Noooooo and the tale really begins from here when one former resident, an eccentric billionaire shows up to save the town, the tree and the legends and myths surrounding November Keys!
Quirky, a little over the top and certainly a creative piece of writing, Brian ad Michael Turner have taken a little hearted approach to deceit, danger, drugs and the preservation of an old towns legacy. With quirky characters, a chaotic timeline we continually pass across and the quaint descriptions are light and easily enjoyed; just remember to leave your disbelief at the door along with your need for order. Bring on your own sense of crazy as you follow the twists, turns and confusion as greed and glamour blind become incentives. More entertainment than grit, makes you wonder how these people have survived.
I received this copy from the authors in exchange for my honest review.

Kelly Smith Reviews reviewed November Keys
A solid, fun book! 2 July 2015
Greed. What a motivator it is! Dangle riches in front of humans and they will do anything to get them...and I do mean anything.
That's what November Keys is about, gangsters making promises they can't keep, knowing the inhabitants of the town desire wealth. It is a story about betrayal, lies and fighting back against injustice.
I love that this book was written by a father and son team. Usually, reading books by two authors can be difficult, because you can see a clear difference between the two individual's styles. (Exception being The Hungry by Harry Shannon and Steven W. Booth; example being Black House and The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub.) This team does an excellent job in creating a wonderful story that is exciting, engaging and even a little humorous. You don't know you're reading a book written by two parties: the story flows easily.
I usually like gangster tales, but some writers make them into caricatures of old stories. Thankfully, that does not happen here. It's written simply, realistically and is good for a few hours of entertainment. Would I recommend this book? Yes, and I also eagerly await the next book from these talented gentlemen!

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