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Spotlight on The Guardian Novels by Jen Winters

 Author Jen Winters fell in love with paranormal romance after her daughter was born and she needed a way to escape reality for a few minutes a day. She loved it so much she decided to take her own pen to it. She is a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling two great kids. She spends her days with the kids and her nights with her book boyfriends. She is grateful to her hubby for all his support and love, and can't imagine this life without him. The top-selling world of the Guardians was developed through deeply irreligious conversations with her father who likes to misinterpret scripture as often as humanly possible and a good dose of did-I-just-read-that-! when looking into ancient near eastern mythology and scripture. Be sure to follow her Amazon author page for updates when she publishes.

The Books

Kissing the Rain

When Yuruch calls for his children to join him in Ft. Worth, it takes every ounce will will-power Alex has to stay away. He may have to go to Texas, but he would rather die than become his father's puppet. This novelette follows Alex in the days leading up to meeting Geneva. If you haven't already read Kissing Demons, this is your chance to meet the MCs from Alex's POV. Kissing the Rain is FREE on Amazon

Reviews for Kissing the Rain

I reviewed Kissing the Rain: A Guardian Novelette (The Guardian Novels)
Impossible to put down 12 July 2015
A brief but very entertaining short introduction to The Guardian Novels. It's a fast-paced, well-written book, with amazing characters and great attention to detail. Jen Winters has a wonderful imagination and for a short time I was allowed to escape into her world. I read it in one sitting, it's impossible to put down. I enjoyed it immensely and have already started reading the next book in the series, Kissing Demons. (13/7/15) Having finished Kissing Demons, I just want to add that the events in this book run alongside the events at the beginning of Kissing Demons, but from a different point of view.

Robin reviewed Kissing the Rain: A Guardian Novelette (The Guardian Novels)
Worth it August 29, 2015
I'm not so great with words, but I really loved this story! I loved it enough that I bought every book she has available on Amazon and have been excited to have a new author to follow and read. The summary already tells you what it's about, but I will say that her characters are exceptionally well-written. They make you want to get to know them better and that is just what they did to me. Happy reading! I definitely recommend this book.

JSReads reviewed Kissing the Rain: A Guardian Novelette (The Guardian Novels)
Senses and Sensuality: An excellent paranormal romance! August 29, 2015
Kissing the Rain: A Guardian Novelette is a beautifully written adult paranormal romance. The writing is vivid: “Air slammed back into my lungs…Rats scratched at my throat.” Alex is a half-breed who must keep his sensuous werewolf and aura-eating incubus halves in balance. He can reach sensory overload in a crowd ripe with sights, smells, auras, and emotions; the story is drenched with well-described senses and sensuality. Geneva is the dangerous guardian who attracts him. When Alex is called by his powerful, evil father he finds clever ways to resist. Jen Winters has concocted a most excellent read!

Kissing Demons

I’ve been a Guardian for 800 years, and sometimes, even us immortals need a vacation. Sowhen my big sister calls and tells me I’m off for two weeks, I take the opportunity to visit my favorite place: The Hunter’s Moon, a bar for supernaturals only. There’s a few things I want to accomplish while I’m not working: get a grimoire, find a little temporary fun, and make a friend. I did not want to find my soul mate, nearly die, watch a sister give up this life, and see my city in the throes of mass destruction. What am I supposed to do now? My vacations over, my soul mate’s been kidnapped by a demon I’m not powerful enough to defeat, and Fort Worth, one of the cities I love, is in pieces. If I help the city, I will lose my soul mate; if I help my Alex, I will lose the city. What kind of Guardian would I be if I didn’t do everything in my power to defeat Yuruch? Am I even sure I want to be a Guardian anymore? Guardian Geneva Archer might be more infamous than famous among the supernaturals in Ft. Worth, but when a sexy werewolf enters her territory, she finds herself face to face with her worst fear: save humanity or save her soulmate? After 800 years of guarding humanity from the things that make your hair stand on end in the dead of night, Geneva Archer is given a two-week vacation to work out her feelings of loneliness and refresh her spirit. With time on her hands, she goes to her favorite club: a place for supernaturals to gather without worrying about human interference. While there, she meets Alex, a compelling werewolf with a demonic side. But instead of blasting him back to hell like her instincts would normally tell her to do, Geneva falls head over heels. For Alex, Geneva is an answer to prayer. She can free him from the most notorious demon walking the earth—his father. Yuruch isn’t interested in his offspring’s life, just his body—the perfect body for a demon to inhabit. With Alex’s body and powers, Yuruch will become nearly invincible, able to wreak his hellish destruction on humanity from an impenetrable fortress. In order to get his hands on Alex, Yuruch kidnaps one of Geneva’s sisters, luring both her and Alex into an ambush. After the botched rescue mission, Alex is possessed by Yuruch, leaving Geneva with a dead sister, a destroyed city and no way to get her soulmate back without giving Yuruch everything he desires. Can Geneva figure out a way to defeat Yuruch and save Alex without sacrificing the very best of humanity in the process? Does she even want to? Buy Kissing Demons on Amazon

Reviews for Kissing Demons

I reviewed Kissing Demons (The Guardian Novels Book 1)
A real page-turner 13 July 2015
Another fast-paced, page-turning, paranormal romance from Jen Winters. An enchanting tale written from the POV of the heroine, a smart, tough and tender Guardian I love the writing style, the depth and strength of the many characters, the fascinating and unique world, and the hot yet sweet romance.I am looking forward to reading the next installment.

Angie Fournier Kissing Demons (The Guardian Novels Book 1)
Captivating August 23, 2015
Absolutely one of the best stories I've had the pleasure of reading! If you read any paranormal genre, this book needs to be on your TBR list. It's got everything you never knew you wanted to read.

Scott Borgman reviewed Kissing Demons (The Guardian Novels Book 1)
Add another star, I need 6 for this book!!! August 17, 2015
I was pleasantly surprised with Kissing Demons. It's told in first person from the viewpoint of the main character, Geneva. Very quickly, I became caught up in the story, and Jen weaves a tale that is extremely well done - giving bits and pieces throughout the story that really bring the not only the main character to life, but the others as well. What becomes so captivating about the story is how intricate the overall world is (set in modern day) without being overwhelming.There is of course a struggle within the book, but it doesn't actually come about until about halfway through. Until that point, everything before builds a solid base for that last half to stand on. The sheer amount of different aspects that come into play and how Jen weaves them all together is simply amazing. The historical pieces that are referred to throughout the story only make it better, because they blend in with the story in such a way that it's easy to believe what happened during those occurrences and how they are explained in the story.There are some steamy spots within the book, but like everything else, they make sense when they show up and in fact are actually a necessary part of the story. And nothing is explicitly descriptive when one arrives at those scenes.There were a few places where things felt like they were a bit slower compared to the rest of the book, but nothing so dramatic or overly long that I lost interest in the story. Overall, the characters were exceptionally well done, the story was interesting and engaging, and the references to various historical incidents had this reader thoroughly enjoying Kissing Demons from beginning to end. Definitely looking forward to coming back for the next book!!!

Falling Angels

What’s worse than losing your job?  How about losing your life, your home, and everything familiar? I just wanted to work. What did I get in return? A long fucking fall with a sudden stop. Stranded on earth with little hope for survival and an eternity of banishment ahead of me, I did the only thing I knew—I worked the jobs I could. Until I realized I’d been replaced. Then I got mad. Eleven thousand years of fighting for my destiny had me broken, bitter, and ready to just give up. And then my best friend blew up Fort Worth and screwed the entire universe in the process. Now I have to save his ass from everyone including the Guardians. I hate Guardians—those intrusive vixens replaced me, took over my job, and left me utterly useless. But this one, Lavinia, she’s almost as old as I am and she is starting to get under my skin. I can’t concentrate when she’s around—everything about her mystifies me and why the hell do I remember her from before? She shouldn’t even exist! And certainly not in my memory. Buy Falling Angels on Amazon

Reviews for 
Falling Angels

I reviewed Falling Angels (The Guardian Novels Book 2)
Wonderful imagination 2 Aug. 2015
I've said it before and I'll say it again because I think it's worth repeating. Jen Winters has a wonderful imagination! I love escaping into her world of demons, angels, guardians, werewolves and vampires. There's fantastic action, wonderful romance, and plenty of twists that keep you reading and wondering what's going to happen next. This is a great addition to the series and I am now patiently (ok impatiently) waiting for the next book.

Dana Busenbark reviewed Falling Angels (The Guardian Novels Book 2)
A toe curling book, looking into the life of a Fallen Angel July 17, 2015
This was Ambrose's story, one of the Fallen Angels. It was a very interesting read, seeing Jen Winters take on how things were created and when and what the Angels were supposed to be doing and why the Thetas were created. How guardians came to be, how Yuruch's children came to be. There are some pretty unexpected twists in the story arc that just curl your toes for good and curl your toes in an "OMG" fashion. Watching the transformation that Ambrose goes through in this book was fascinating. His thoughts, feelings, moods, his desire to continue working even though he was fallen. It all really made this story cohesive and helps to understand some of the things that happened in the first book that I wondered about. I'm already anxiously awaiting the next book in the series, "Raising Hell." Yuruch's story definitely needs to be the next one to be told. Especially after what happened in this book. Poor Demon.

Miranda Shanklin reviewed Falling Angels (The Guardian Novels Book 2)
This book grabbed my attention and I couldn't put it down until I was done with it July 8, 2015
This book is a great continuation of the story. It can be read as a stand alone and you would not feel like you missed anything by not reading the first book.I loved seeing another side of Yuruch that gives me so much more insight into this character. I also liked seeing that even fallen angels can be bitter.This book grabbed my attention and I couldn't put it down until I was done with it.The creation of the wolves and vampires was an interesting twist in the story. I found myself rooting for the unlikely friendship that saved both Yuruch and Ambrose. There were plenty of twists that have you guessing what will happen next. It is not predictable at all.

Thank you for joining me on my first book spotlight. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it together.
Thanks again, Rainne

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