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Raising Hell by Phillip T. Stephens

An unusual, one-of-a-kind, laugh-out-loud road trip through Hell.

This book is unique it's like nothing I've ever read before.
Phillip T. Stephens is a master of one-liners with a brilliant, albeit dark and mature, sense of humour.

It's a descriptive, brimming with details, that make you feel as though you're there, however, this doesn't prevent the story from moving along at a good pace. The characters are well-written and likeable and had me alternating between rooting for Pilgrim and feeling sorry for His Satanic Majesty Lucifer, Sovereign Lord of Hell.

 I loved the names for all the different parts of hell.


A clueless optimist ruins a perfectly good hell.

Pity poor Lucifer. He rules hell with a vice grip. Demons and damned scatter at the sound of his foot steps. The Supreme Butt In hasn’t pestered him in eons. Lucifer’s future looks perfect, pitch black, until an administrative error sticks him with an innocent soul—an overweight optimist who calls himself Pilgrim and who believes he must be in hell to do good. Lucifer never considers sending him back. Why waste a second chance to corrupt an innocent soul? He orders his subordinates to torture, degrade and humiliate Pilgrim until he promises to become evil if only it will ease the pain. Unfortunately, Pilgrim makes the best of the worst possible experiences. Always polite and well-mannered, he makes Pollyanna seem like a prophet of doom. Even worse, the damned start catching on, and set about making hell into the most enjoyable place of everlasting torment they can.
Lucifer can’t let Pilgrim continue to wreak happiness, but he can’t send him back untainted, either. When God arrives with a deadline for Pilgrim’s return, he enlists fellow fallen angels Screwtape, Azazel and the gender morphing Mephistopheles in a plot to corrupt Pilgrim’s soul before the deadline expires.

But don’t take our word. Listen to the critics:*


Stephen King: Think Dante meets the Road Runner.
Terry Pratchett: I could never make torture this funny.
Douglas Addams: The one book I'm keeping in the afterlife.
Ernie Krantz (10th Grader): Reed OM iPad Nclass. Teachr thinks im takng notz. TNTLOL. BT algebra or history. But so is PYN, STM and L4 upskirts.

*Not to be confused with popular authors of the same names.

Disclaimer: No cats were injured or neglected during the writing of this novel.

Parental advisory: This book contains a little sexual innuendo and lots of graphic comic violence. This makes it perfectly acceptable for children.


Phillip T. Stephens is a mythological character who evolved from a spin-off cult of the Church of the Subgenius called Our Lady of the Lady of the Lord of the Subtransgender in the late 1970s. In Subtransgender mythology Stephens was Bob Dobbs sidekick who dreamed of surpassing Dodds as the universe’s top salesman. In order to do so, he sold the Xists on plans to convert the earth to transgender only condos, which would, in essence, put a kibosh on the entire Subgenius sales pitch. Needless to say this subjected Stephens to the wrath of Bob who short sold all of Stephens’ shares in America Online, causing the recession of 2000 and reducing Stephens into a clone of Pewee Herman.

Many followers believe Stephens can now be seen as Jim Parsons on the Big Bang Theory with no awareness of who he truly is, but they are, of course, completely misguided. Needless to say, the Church of the Subgenius in no way acknowledges Our Lady of the Lady of the Lord of the Subtransgender.

His wife Carol patiently waits for him to start behaving like a normal human being and devotes most of her time to patient babysitting and Austin Siamese Rescue.

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