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Rock's Redemption by Chiah Wilder

ROCK’S REDEMPTION, Insurgents Motorcycle Club: Book 8 by Author Chiah Wilder

Rock is the ripped, handsome Sergeant-At-Arms for the Insurgents MC. Being one of the club’s officers, women clamor to share his bed. The biker’s more than willing to oblige as long it’s a short-time hookup; long-term relationship is not part of his vocabulary.

He’s only been in love once—a long time ago—and the end result was shattering. He learned his lesson: keep his heart encased in steel.

The tragic night that sent him to prison is over even though it still simmers inside him. But once he joined the Insurgents MC, he vowed to leave the past darkness and disappointments back in Louisiana. He’s embraced his new life of brotherhood, booze, easy women, and Harleys. It suits him just fine. Some things are best left alone, especially a pretty brunette who destroyed his heart.

Easy sex has become his mantra.

Until his past crashes into his life….

Clotille Boucher is the wealthy, spoiled girl who’d stolen Rock’s heart many years ago. From a young age, family loyalty was drilled into her, so when darkness engulfed her and Rock, fleeing seemed to be the only way out for her. Deciding to make a new life for herself, she didn’t count on having to pay for the sins of her brother.

Just when her life doesn’t seem like it could get worse, a face from her past gives her a glimmer of hope. Shamed that Rock has to see how far she’s fallen, she pretends her life is exactly what she wants, but his penetrating stare tells her he’s not buying her act.

Fearful that the secrets of the past will catch up with her and Rock, her inclination is to do what she does best—run away. Only problem is, Rock’s not letting her slip away so easily this time.

Can two damaged people learn to trust one another again? Will Rock be able to reconcile the demons that have plagued him since that tragic night? Does Clotille offer him redemption or destruction?

As Rock and Clotille maneuver the treacherous waters of their past and present, someone is lurking behind the shadows to make sure the truth never comes out.

ROCK'S REDEMPTION is Book 8 of the Insurgents Motorcycle Club Series by Author Chiah Wilder.

The Insurgents MC series are standalone romance novels. This is Rock and Clotille’s love story. This book contains violence, sexual assault (not graphic), strong language, and steamy/graphic sexual scenes.
It describes the life and actions of an outlaw motorcycle club.
If any of these issues offend you, please do not read the book.
HEA. No cliffhangers!
The book is intended for readers over the age of 18.

The Author:

Chiah Wilder is the author of the successful Insurgents MC series.
Chiah's love of bad boys has inspired her Insurgents series. She loves an alpha male whose softer side is brought out by a passionate, spirited woman. Steamy, biker romances with rough, sexy bad boys are her guilty pleasure along with brownies, cheddar cheese, and movie marathons.

Chiah would love to hear from you. You can contact her at:

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Other Books in the Insurgents Motorcycle Club Series

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Red Winter by Annette Marie

A New Series from Amazon Best-Selling Author Annette Marie, RED WINTER is coming…

“Soon all her human fears would become meaningless. Her future had been written by the kami, and her destiny awaited her.”

In the enchanting new fantasy RED WINTER by Annette Marie, Emi Kimura has been preparing her entire life to become the mortal host of a goddess. When she discovers the lies surrounding her true fate, she makes a dangerous bargain with a fox spirit to seek out the truth. As her final days as a mortal approach, she must choose whether to bow to duty ... or fight for her life.


Emi is the kamigakari. In a few short months, her life as a mortal will end and her new existence as the human host of a goddess will begin. Carefully hidden from those who would destroy her, she has prepared her mind, body, and soul to unite with the goddess—and not once has she doubted her chosen fate.
Shiro is a yokai, a spirit of the earth, an enemy of the goddess Emi will soon host. Mystery shrouds his every move and his ruby eyes shine with cunning she can’t match and dares not trust. But she saved his life, and until his debt is paid, he is hers to command—whether she wants him or not.
On the day they meet, everything Emi believes comes undone, swept away like snow upon the winter wind. For the first time, she wants to change her fate—but how can she erase a destiny already wrought in stone? Against the power of the gods, Shiro is her only hope … and hope is all she has left.

Release Date: October 21, 2016.

Order Red Winter Now:

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Excerpt for RED WINTER (Red Winter Trilogy Book 1)

The yokai didn’t move, just held her in place with a strength she couldn’t fight. She tipped her head back to see his face, to gauge his intent. His gaze traveled across her room, intent and analyzing. Then his eyes flicked down and he appeared almost surprised to see her staring up at him. His mouth curved into a sly grin, flashing pointed canines.
His amusement at her terror sparked a tiny surge of anger. “Let me go!”
“Ah, little miko, didn’t anyone ever tell you not to run from yokai?” His deep, purring voice sent a shiver across her skin. He leaned down as his hand on her throat forced her head back. He brushed his nose along her jaw, from her chin up to her ear. “It’s the surest way to make us pounce,” he whispered, his breath tickling her ear.
Goose bumps raced down the back of her neck and she clenched her jaw. “Get your hands off me.”
He hummed as he pushed his face into her hair, inhaling through his nose. “But didn’t you put your hands on me first?”
“I was treating your wounds.” She summoned her most commanding tone, desperately hoping her voice wouldn’t quaver. “You’re proving that your kind’s reputation is well deserved with such disrespect and ingratitude toward the person who saved your life.”
His head came up and fear shot through her that she’d offended him, that he would surely kill her now. Instead, he made a thoughtful noise, and his hands fell away, releasing her.
She almost leaped out of his lap but remembered his comment about running from yokai. With more self-control than she’d thought she had, she carefully stood, walked four steps, and turned to face him. He stayed where he was, lounging on the bed with his feet on the floor, casually propped up on one arm. His head tilted to one side as he watched her, and that slight, knowing grin played about his lips.
She sank down to kneel on the floor, mostly because her legs were shaking so badly she was afraid he’d notice. As nonchalantly as possible, she slid her hands into the opposite sleeves of her kimono and pinched her hidden ofuda between two fingers, ready to pull the paper talismans out.
“No need for that, little miko,” he remarked, each word almost caressing her. How could he have such an otherworldly yet still human voice? “I will not harm you.”
She flushed, embarrassed she’d been so obvious, but didn’t let go of the ofuda. “What was that—that assault then?”
“Assault, you call it? That little embrace?”
“You—” She broke off with a small shake of her head. If he was determined to ignore the inappropriateness of forcefully holding a woman against him and rubbing his face on her, nothing she said would change his mind. “You have the manners of a dog.”
“What did you expect? The ritual greetings of the imperial court?”
“Some respect for the person who saved your life would have been welcome.”
“Ah, yes, you did save me, and I am very grateful.” He idly tugged at a lock of his hair as his gaze slid down her and back up again. “I am in your debt. Tell me your desire and I will fulfill it.”
“My—my desire?” she choked.
He smirked again. “A favor, little miko. I am saying I owe you a favor.”

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Author Bio:

Annette Marie is the author of the Amazon best-selling YA urban fantasy series Steel & Stone, which includes the 2015 Goodreads Choice Award nominee Yield the Night. Her first love is fantasy, a limitless realm of creativity where she can break all the boring rules of real life, but fast-paced urban fantasy, bold heroines, and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She proudly admits she has a thing for dragons, and her editor has politely inquired as to whether she intends to include them in every book.
Annette lives in the frozen winter wasteland of northern Alberta, Canada (okay, it’s not quite that bad). She shares her life with her remarkably patient, comparatively sensible husband and their furry minion of darkness—sorry, cat—Caesar. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.

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Interview with JC Santo and Jen Luerssen

At the end of a busy and exciting Foster An Author week my foster authors, JC Santo and Jen Luerssen, have joined me for an interview.

Hi Jen and JC, welcome to Just Books. Thank you for coming along today.

Why don't we start with a brief introduction...
I'm serious when I need be, the majority of the time not. I love books, my family, and the beach. I love ice cream.
I’m a fun, outgoing and (I like to think) spontaneous person. I’m typically up to try anything once and love to have a good time!

...and what is the most important thing in your life?
My family and their happiness. I feel like since I’ve been able to pursue my heart’s desires this past year or so I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been. I want that for them too.
My three sons, they are amazing. I was brought up by a single mother who always showed my brother and I as much love as possible. And I want my boys to have that too. My husband is in the military so he’s gone a lot and works crazy hours, so I’m normally the rock in our house.

How did your writing journeys begin? Have you always been creative souls?
I’ve always written since I was in school. Writing papers had to be one of my favorite assignments in school, simply because it was easy and an expressive outlook for me. I had a friend encourage me to pursue writing romance after she read a small excerpt that I had written and I immediately found that spark that writing gave me again.
My journey began as a writer when I decided to take some time off from teaching to write a story that had been in my head forever and to be able to spend time with my ailing mother.
I feel like I enjoy being creative and have flashes of goodness, I’ve always liked to draw and write and sing (not very good at the last one but I don’t care.)

Are there any particular places that help you get the creative cogs turning?
My public library-not sure why but I do my best writing there.
Not really, as long as I have my laptop and earbuds, I can usually make my own creative headspace.

Jen, if you had to move from New Jersey where would you go, and what would you miss the most about New Jersey?
If I had to move from New Jersey I’d move back to San Francisco because I miss everything about it. I’d miss the four seasons, my family and the beach.

The best thing about being an author is…
...when someone reads your story and they really get what you were trying to do.
...connecting with readers! I love knowing that my stories have touched people in some way.

Tell us about your writing routine; what’s a typical writing day for you?
I write in spurts. I usually write 2-3 times a week at the library for about 5-6 hours. Or I handwrite at home. I usually hand write a pretty detailed outline first.
Normally I don’t get to sit down and write until later in the evenings. I’m a stay at home mom, so I don’t get a lot of peace and quiet until my three boys go to bed!

JC, What foreign country would you most like to visit?
Australia. I want to go and spend a month or so there. I’ve been obsessed with it since I was young and have always wanted to visit. Hopefully one day I’ll make it there!

Do you both use your personal experiences in your writing?
Absolutely. My most recent book is dedicated to my late father in law and a lot of what my main character goes through is how I dealt with his illness. And there are little things in each of my books that are from my personal experiences, either something I did or places I’ve lived/visited.
 All the time. My life has had some ridiculous moments.

Can you tell us about your book covers and how they came about?

I wanted something simple and loving for my covers. As much as I love a shirtless man with hard muscles, I wanted the readers to see a couple in love with each cover. And I’m incredibly picky, so I hope that readers find my covers match the description of the characters.

For both covers I had an idea of what I wanted and since I don’t have the money to pay for a cover, I did them myself. My step-dad drew the Golden Gate on Too Far to Care’s cover and the girl on The Tide is High’s cover. I designed and did the rest with the help of my dear hubby.
For Too Far to Care I wanted the cover to convey travel and the geographic heart of the story, I also wanted the Irish flag colors, hence the green and orange.
For The Tide is High I wanted a girl in a bikini and an ocean.

What is your favourite scene that you’ve written? Can you give us a peek?
It’s hard to choose one, but i do love the first meeting of my two MCs in Too Far to Care. Here’s an excerpt (sorry for the language--Jane has a dirty dirty mouth):

“Oof! Goddamn, son of a bitch, shit!” I’m not very good at censoring myself when I fall and/or hurt myself, but when it’s mostly hurt in the form of humiliation I let ‘er rip. “Mother fucker, seriously? Balls!” I think I’ve only managed to scrape my wrist and bruise my ass, but I startle easily, and I think I got some dirt on my dress. “You’re fucking lucky I didn’t have a drink, buddy, or you’d be cradling your balls right now. Who sneaks up on a lady like that?”
I hear melodic chuckling, “I’m sorry if I startled you, lass, but most ladies I know, don’t use language like that.”
“I am a fucking lady goddammit, and you are forgiven, maybe.” I finally dust myself off and turn to look at the sneaky fucker, and sweet corn on the cob, it’s Shannon’s brother.
He leans towards me and I flinch (smooth I know), “You have something in yer hair, ya wee thing.” I feel light headed around this guy, I feel like he may be laying the brogue on a little thick but it’s beyond hot.
I bat his hand away, “Wee thing eh? I know I’m short, but I’m a grown woman.” I really hate any nickname that points out my stature. Just ask TJ about the time he called me “munchkin.” He tells me he still gets pain in his nipples when there’s rain in the forecast.
“That, I can definitely tell.”
I can’t give a peek at my favourite scene because it’s a huge spoiler in the series, revealing something that the readers have been itching for since the very first book. But it’s the epilogue of my third book, Resilient Love and involves one of the most liked characters of the series, Marshall.

What did you do this summer, JC?
I spent the summer back home in Texas with my family. It’s a family tradition since my husband enlisted that we go back home for a long visit each summer.

How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on liking the way it sounds or the meaning?
 Names are very important. I usually use names I like, or people I like, or use a derivative of a friend’s name. I do like nicknames because I use them myself all the time.
I usually base names on liking how they sound, however a few of my side characters are named after some of my close friends.

What can we expect from you both in the future?
In the next year I’ll finish out the Navy Love Series, then I’m planning to start a spin off of that series (it won’t be necessary to read the Navy Love in order to know what’s going on in the new series). And I have plans to write at least one stand alone, second chance romance as well. After that, I’m not sure!
I’m currently writing Lia’s story from TFTC. She is Jane’s best friend and her love interest is a hot, younger man.
I’m also working on a project with my writing partner. It’s a hate to love story with a Taming of the Shrew influence.

What do you think is the best writing advice you’ve been given?
Don’t ever trash anything. There have been many times that things just didn’t ‘fit’ in a particular spot in a story, but luckily, after hearing that tidbit of advice multiple times, I learned that it’s better to just save it to another document to be revisited later.
Just write what you want, not what you think will be popular

What is your favourite holiday, Jen?
My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving (total American answer). I love it because it’s all about the food. You don’t have to worry about gifts, it’s solely a food holiday and I can totally get with that!

Your books is being made into movies, what music would you use as soundtracks?
Music is a really big influence on my writing. I listened to a lot of Adele while writing Too Far to Care and I listened to a lot of beach music, Sia and Neil Diamond while writing The Tide is High
I actually have a soundtrack for each of my books. Top song from Inevitable Love is Yours by Russell Dickenson. Top song from Love Unexpected is Confession by Florida-Georgia Line. Top song from Resilient Love is How you Love Me by 3LAU.
All of my playlists are on Spotify under the book titles.

So, it’s time to relax! What do you do?
Read, go to the beach, paint.
Read! If I decide to indulge in TV, it’s normally trashy reality shows! Lol

Pets... do you have pets?
I have an eleven year old beagle/dashuand mix. My husband and I have had him for the last 10 years and he’s spoiled rotten. We got him when he was a hyper puppy who constantly destroyed our first apartment and now he’s a little old man who does nothing but lay around and sleep most of the time.
We have a dog named Buster. He’s the sweetest, most timid dog. We rescued him in January and he’s 2 yrs old. It’s amazing to see him come out of his shell in the past year.

JC, when did you last sing to yourself or to someone else?
Lol. I sing to myself daily! And I usually sing to my kids a couple times a week. I took years of choir in jr and high school, so I don’t think I’m a terrible singer! (Not that I’ll be entering any singing contests anytime soon!)

Were you ever in a school play, Jen?
I was in both choruses of Oklahoma and Bye Bye Birdie in middle school and I loved every minute. I also still know all of the songs 30 some years later.

What is your biggest fear?
Something happening to my husband and daughter
That I won’t be there when my kids need me. They are my life and I don’t ever want to disappoint them in any way.

And finally... What are your favourite books?
This changes all the time but the most consistent one is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I just love Elizabeth, she’s such a strong and unique character. All of the Bennet’s are.
Ahh, that’s such a hard choice. I have so many favorites. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover and Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan are some romance books that come to mind. The Promise me series by Paige Weaver is another one i could reread over and over again. And I love the Harry Potter books as well as the Hunger games and No Easy Day by Mark Owen.

Thank you JC and Jen for joining me today.

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Books by Jen Luerssen

The Tide is High

Everyone loves to go on vacation. It’s been so long since Kara has taken one she doesn’t remember what it feels like. That ends today. Kara is headed down the shore to her friend’s house for the week and she is ready for relaxation and freedom. She doesn’t have a lot of that in her day to day existence. Work, school, and family take up all of her time. She needs this vacation, she deserves it.

Dan loves the beach. He is looking forward to a week of rest and rejuvenation at his cousin’s beach house. As a lawyer, he has a busy life, and after a nasty break-up he needs to have some fun.

Kara and Dan have an instant connection. When Dan’s car breaks down, he gets a ride from Kara and is immediately smitten. Who is this mysterious woman, and why has his cousin never introduced them? Dan is adorable, Kara is hooked. A little beach fling is just the thing she needed.
Kara is gorgeous. Dan is smitten. A sexy beach romance is just what Dan needed.

The week does not go as planned.

Remember how it felt to have a beach romance? Two people suspended in time, quick, intense feelings, and warm, breezy nights. Tides ebbing and flowing, low and high. Dan and Kara bring those feelings back, with humor and some twists.

Standalone, HEA, 18+ for sexy times.

Amazon | B&N | Goodreads


★★★★★ So amazing!!
I loved this book! Dan and Kara are fantastic and so is Suzy and Jake! It was funny, hot, sad, and heartwarming. I loved all the emotions that you get out of this book. Dan and Kara's relationship starts fast, but that doesn't mean they don't have obstacles to overcome. Boy do they ever. There are lots of ups and downs and a certain part that made me cry that we won't talk about! But you should definitely read this because it's amazing!
Meaghan Royce

★★★★☆ Good Beach Read!
This was the first book I've read by Jen Luerssen, and I'll definitely read more!
One of the things that drew me in was the setting; I love a good summer beach romance. Kara needs a vacation since she spends most of her time working, getting her master's degree, and helping with her disabled older brother. Dan needs a break after a pretty nasty breakup. They meet at Kara's best friend's (and Dan's cousin) beach house and they spend the week getting to know each other. Until the ex comes back.
I really enjoyed the plot and the characters. At times, they came across as a bit immature, but as the story unfolded, they seemed to grow up.
I'll definitely read other books by this author. 
Susan C. Vallese

★★★★★ Luerssen's books are such fun reads! 
Ms. Luerssen's books are such fun reads! At turns funny, sad, heart-warming, so much is 100% relatable. This book in particular reminds us that sex is great, love is real, and we are all capable of being good to one another.
Amazon Customer

Too Far to Care

Jane Prior is a bike messenger in San Francisco. Cute, driven, fun but horrible at relationships. When Jane puts her heart out there she gets an unwelcome response, and is crushed. A day later, she meets someone who heals her heartbreak. She and her best friend TJ attend a wedding together and both meet the possible "ones." The only catch is that they both live thousands of miles away in Ireland.

Niall is a charming, handsome pub owner who's very loyal to his family and country. He and Jane have instant chemistry, lust and laughs.

They decide to try a long distance relationship.

Can Jane and Niall make a really, really long distance work?

Have they fallen far enough?


★★★★★ What a Fun Read!
What a great read! I breezed through this adorable novel in 2 sittings. The author has a natural and easy voice, the story just flows and the characters are both believable and more importantly, likable. I found myself pulling for the protagonist as the plot propelled itself towards the final scenes. Fun, energetic, sarcastic and a touch of naughty. The whole thing simply worked. Spend an enjoyable few hours reading Jen Luersson's debut, you won't regret it.
Ali H

★★★★★ Jane The Bike Messenger Is a Girl I Totally Identify With
We are talking a five star, laugh out loud, please pass the kleenex because now I am crying, experience. Jane the bike messenger is a fabulous character and I, for one, hope to see more of her. Ditto her friends who make up the cast of characters in this fast paced and funny romance. The trials and tribulations of a long distance, cross cultural romance make for .a high energy, fast and very very funny read. Try it. You'll like it. I promise.
Susan C. Vallese

★★★★☆ Light and funny read
I needed humor in my life and this story had just what I needed. The storyline is refreshing and overall the plot was unpredictable. All of the characters are wonderfully quirky and engaging. I suspect Lady Jane will stick with me for quite awhile and I will enjoy the company.

#FAA2 Day Four

Spotlight on Resilient Love by JC Santo

Title: Resilient Love
Author: JC Santo
Series Navy Love Series Book 3
Publication Date: July 6, 2016
Genre: Military Romance

How much hurt can one love go through?

An ill mother, a devastating secret and depression. These are now daily battles Joanna Fuentes deals with.

She sat on the sidelines and watched her friends find love, even the ones who weren’t searching for it. J.C. was meant to be a distraction from her mother’s illness, something for fun to pass the time. She never expected him to be her happily ever after.

Jared Collins enjoyed the single life. Yes, he’d always had the hots for a fellow sailor and friend, Jo, but he never thought he’d act on those physical feelings. And he damn sure didn’t think she’d be a game changer when he finally gave into those feelings.

What started off as two friends and a couple drunken nights, escalated into something more; Love. But secrets, unspoken feelings and one huge fight has caused a riff in the once unbreakable friendship of J.C. and Jo.

Will J.C. be able to repair the damage not only to their friendship but also their future relationship? Is he able to be the man Jo needs to pull her out of the depths of despair she’s fallen into?

One thing is certain, it will take a resilient kind of love.


Please, dear God, open the door.
Jo isn't a typical girl. She's tough as nails and  hard as any man we work with. She's confident, independent and fucking radiant.
I don't know what's going on , but I saw a difference in her today. She wasn't that typical Jo we all know and love.
For her to shut herself away from all of us, I'm sure something is wrong. That's why I'm here. Yeah, I could have gone to the bar, or stayed over at Tessa and Hunter's longer, but I wanted to check on her.
When she slipped out quietly this evening, all eyes went to me, expecting me to know, or perhaps, be the cause of her sadness.

The Author:

JC Santo is a true southern girl born and raised a in Central Texas. Until her husband's Navy career sent them to Norfolk, Virginia. That's where she has been for the past 5 years being a wife and stay at home mom to 3 boys.

In the rare occurrences she gets free time it's usually spent reading a good book. Three things she will never turn away are tattoos, cupcakes and arbor mist!

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Theodora by Christina McKnight

Friendship, loyalty, and honor above all.

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Title: Theodora
Series: Lady Archer’s Creed
Author: Christina McKnight
Genre: Historical Romance Romance
Release Date: January 17, 2017


Lady Theodora Montgomery departed Miss Emmeline’s School of Education and Decorum for Ladies of Outstanding Quality to attend her first London Season—her three dearest friends by her side. With her sharp wit and skill on the archery field, Theo is far more interested in winning a large purse prize than securing a husband. But when she is unmasked on the tourney grounds, her face exposed to all, she fears her identity and days spent gallivanting around London will cause not only her undoing, but the downfall of her friends as well.


Mr. Alistair Price, heir to the elderly Viscount Melton, arrived in London with his eight younger siblings in tow. He is charged with keeping his family name above reproach until the Season starts and his sister, Miss Adeline Price, is presented to society—though that proves far more difficult than Alistair ever expected when he discovers his rebellious sister climbing down the side of their townhouse and scurrying off to Whitechapel for an archery tournament. His focus remains on saving his family from the certain ruin and disgrace Adeline’s actions invited—until Alistair catches sight of another female archer, her arrow connecting with far more than the center of her target.

And honor above all…

With Theodora’s future—and that of her friends—in jeopardy, will she agree to a marriage devoid of affection, or risk everything for the man who won her heart?

Pre Order available at: 

The Author:

Christina McKnight is a book lover turned writer. From a young age, her mother encouraged her to tell her own stories. She’s been writing ever since.
Christina enjoys a quiet life in Northern California with her family, her wine, and lots of coffee. Oh, and her books…don’t forget her books! Most days she can be found writing, reading, or traveling the great state of California.

Follow the reveal and enter to #win a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card

Spotlight on The Tide is High by Jen Luerssen

Title: The Tide is High
Author: Jen Luerssen
Publication Date: July 3, 2016
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Everyone loves to go on vacation. It’s been so long since Kara has taken one she doesn’t remember what it feels like. That ends today. Kara is headed down the shore to her friend’s house for the week and she is ready for relaxation and freedom. She doesn’t have a lot of that in her day to day existence. Work, school, and family take up all of her time. She needs this vacation, she deserves it.

Dan loves the beach. He is looking forward to a week of rest and rejuvenation at his cousin’s beach house. As a lawyer, he has a busy life, and after a nasty break-up he needs to have some fun.

Kara and Dan have an instant connection. When Dan’s car breaks down, he gets a ride from Kara and is immediately smitten. Who is this mysterious woman, and why has his cousin never introduced them? Dan is adorable, Kara is hooked. A little beach fling is just the thing she needed.
Kara is gorgeous. Dan is smitten. A sexy beach romance is just what Dan needed.

The week does not go as planned.

Remember how it felt to have a beach romance? Two people suspended in time, quick, intense feelings, and warm, breezy nights. Tides ebbing and flowing, low and high. Dan and Kara bring those feelings back, with humor and some twists.

Standalone, HEA, 18+ for sexy times.


The doorbell rings and I open the door to find a fresh-faced gorgeous brunette standing there. Kara Whitman. She is not what I expected, she's hot, in a very traditional, girl-next-door way. She has long, chestnut hair, clear blue eyes, and a beautiful curvy body. Just my type, crap. Jillian was decidedly not my type. Reed thin, blonde and tall, she is a beauty but I tend to like a lot more woman to my woman.

"Hi there, cousin Dan!" She says enthusiastically. "Suzy sent me to rescue you. I'm Kara Whitman." She throws out her hand to shake.
"Dan Fletcher, nice to meet you." I take her firm and warm hand in mine.
"Oh, we've met, Dan, we've met. You could say we are pretty close friends evn"
I gape at her, confused. Still holding her hand.

The Author:

Jen Luerssen grew up in New Jersey and then lived for 20 years in the San Francisco Bay area. She has held various jobs in her adult life. Some examples are nanny, waitress, receptionist, dispatcher, caterer and finally teacher. She spent the past 8 years teaching 4th and 5th graders, until she felt the call to write. It’s been plaguing her thoughts and dreams for years, and those thoughts finally fought their way out.

Jen loves to read, obsessively. She has an unhealthy attachment to her e-reader and is rarely seen without it. She’ll read anything, but especially loves a good smutty or a post-apocalyptic young adult book.

After “retiring” from teaching, Jen sat down and wrote a book and it was the most fun she’s ever had working. She is self-published even though she’s not sure how it works and hopes that people like her stories.

Jen is back in her native New Jersey and lives with her husband and daughter, enjoying suburban life.

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